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Roscoe releases “Folds”, an album that exudes maturity: “We always want to reach a Belgian-style consensus”

Since you defend the album, you seem particularly relaxed when it can be stressful times. Where does this serenity come from?

Pierre Dumoulin: “It’s the experience and the fact of being on the third album. In the logic of things, it’s the least stressful because we’ve already presented ourselves and we’ve already had the pressure of having to confirm. Here we arrive in flip flops and approach the exit saying that everything that happens is a bonus. »

Why did you take so long before making your return to the front of the stage?

Pierre: “We kind of figured out what we wanted to do after the second album. We wondered if we still had things to tell. On top of that, we spent a lot of energy on the band between 2012 and 2017, so there was a desire to settle down and go look elsewhere. We waited to have something to say again to meet again.

Manu Delcourt: “The perception of the time that has passed is necessarily distorted by the Covid-19, because we had started to work again two years after the start of our break. But it also helped us to reunite, because we confined ourselves to the studio. It gave us a chance to rework our songs a lot, which benefited our music. »

Have you thought about never coming back?

Pierre: “Personally, I’ve thought about it, but it only concerns me. I wondered if we were going to find the synergy we had had in the past. Managing a daily group of five is very energy-intensive and we are on all fronts. In the end, the music got louder and we started seeing each other again. »

Manu: “And fortunately, because it’s really not a good reason to stop…”

Can we talk about contemplative music to describe your style?

Manu: Yes, it has always been rooted in the group’s identity, we try to do something very visual with sound. It’s also a very horizontal music, which stretches. These are ultimately layers that stack on top of each other. »

Pierre: “I see our music as a road trip (laughs). »

Each of you arrived in the studio presenting two tracks to the other band members. Preserving this balance is essential?

Pierre: “For us, it’s essential, and it’s also what can make the creative process slow and complex. On each piece, we always want to arrive at a Belgian-style consensus, and as in the Belgian administration, this can take time. Everyone is involved in each track. »

Manu: “Everything happens very naturally and we often come to an agreement very quickly. There are rarely oppositions, also because we are friends first and foremost. Roscoe is something very comfortable for us, very family. »

When we know that you waited seven years before coming back, it’s probably premature as a question. Do you already know what you want next?

Pierre: “We haven’t talked about it between us yet, but I personally want to relaunch something very quickly. I put my finger back in the gear, now I don’t want to take it off. It doesn’t have to be an album right away, but why not a few unreleased ones. »

Manu: “We could also launch into something more substantial, namely a film soundtrack. We have the impression of already doing it and it wouldn’t change our way of working much, so I’m curious to discover this world. Notice to amateurs… »

Roscoe will be performing:

18/06 at the Music Festival (Marchin)

20/07 at the Francofolies (Spa)

In a few lines

There are no other words than the journey to describe “Folds”, which is an experience in its own right. The members of Roscoe know each other better and better musically and a strong artistic identity emerges from the album. It remains to be said that the disc can be listened to without moderation and that the people of Liège fully deserve to be (re)discovered on stage during their next performances. 4/5


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