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Rock’n Roll – movie 2016

January 1, 2016

on VOD

2h 03min

Guillaume Canet


Guillaume Canet,
Guillaume Canet

Guillaume Canet,
Marion Cotillard,
Gilles Lellouche


2.7 7289 ratings including 867 reviews

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Guillaume Canet, 43, is fulfilled in his life, he has everything to be happy. On a set, a pretty 20-year-old actress will stop him dead in his tracks, teaching him that he is not very ” Rock”, which he has never really been, and to finish it off, that he has dropped a lot in the “list” of actors we would like to have sex… His family life with Marion , his son, his country house, his horses, give him an old-fashioned and not really sexy image… Guillaume has understood that there is an urgent need to change everything. And he will go far, very far, under the dumbfounded and helpless gaze of those around him.

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LIVE - Guillaume Canet is Rock'n Roll

LIVE – Guillaume Canet is Rock’n Roll

Rock 'n Roll:

Rock’n Roll: “The rhythm of comedy is not innate to me”



“The French do not have a lot of self-mockery”


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Published on February 25, 2017

“Rock’n Roll” puts the package in every sense of the word! Guillaume Canet stages himself in a terrible, disconcerting, funny and very caustic autobiographical parody at the same time… And up to this point, you had to dare to push the satire to such extremes and the best of the best is it’s frankly successful… Putting his own life, his own existence in the limelight was an original bet and an exercise…

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Published on February 16, 2017

What madness in this film! We completely follow the delirium of Guillaume Canet who goes very far, without inhibition. Marion Cotillard is thoroughly and plays the game without hesitation, we enjoy ourselves despite a few lengths. The pieces of bravery follow one another, as do the brilliant lines and we easily forgive the slightly weaker scenes. This incredible festival is much deeper than it seems, in short, a big congratulations, the …

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Published on February 18, 2017

Rock’n Roll, a new film by Guillaume Canet who is also the main actor in this story in which he plays on his own star image. After his commercial failure of Blood Ties, he returns with an original and squeaky comedy! Indeed, the actor-director makes his promotion in an intelligent way to know how to put images and videos on the social networks in which the actor swung files to his wife…

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Alain D.

Alain D.

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Published July 3, 2017

Crazy comedy directed by Guillaume Canet. It offers us a slew of epic sequences, hard-hitting dialogues, action and a lot of rhythm. In a light, offbeat, funny and full of self-mockery tone, the screenplay addresses the midlife crisis; he paints an uncompromising portrait of Guillaume Canet made by Guillaume Canet (GuiGui for those close to him). The success of this comedy is not only due to …

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Guillaume Canet once again surrounds himself with his film family for Rock’n Roll, his fifth film as a director. Alain Attal still producing, actor Philippe Lefebvre (with whom he co-wrote Mon Idole and Tell No One) back to the script and in front of the camera, and of course, his partner Marion Cotillard and his friends Gilles Lellouche and Maxi
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Collaboration across the Atlantic

According to Marion Cotillard in an interview with AlloCiné, Xavier Dolan would have himself participated in the adaptation of dialogues in Quebec for a Rock’n Roll scene. The actress says she worked a lot on her accent and on the text of this scene. Guillaume Canet confides with amusement: “We have been living together for nine years and sometimes I have experienced quite surreal situations when I saw her immerse herself in this
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Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard had fun playing the quirky promotion card for Rock’n Roll, notably by posting unflattering Instagram photos of themselves.

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  • mickmarc

    Surprising the viewers rating at 2.7? It’s a good film, well acted, funny and full of self-mockery

  • Cowboys from Hell

    Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard are extras in this excellent, refreshing comedy with a lot of self-mockery. 4/5.


    #Rock’N’Roll. When the midlife crisis turns into comic drama, it’s just fun! I did not expect Guillaume Canet in this kind of role. It is truly breathtaking. With a fictional biopic side, the film allows a dive behind the scenes of cinema, on the passage of time and the roles which, over the years, have become increasingly rare. The sequence with Johnny Hallyday, much uncomfortable now (especially with the presence of his wife), is still cult. He who had no humor (according to his scoundrel friends), handles the second degree perfectly. In any case, Guillaume Canet’s final transformation is extraordinary! Just for that, you have to see this film.3.5/5 👍.

  • FrankieMachine

    It was rather successful but too long. It made me think of Grosse Fatigue by Michelblanc.

  • Fufu89

    I loved… Surprising film and treated with so much self-mockery, all sprinkled with frankly successful twists. I will see him again with great pleasure. Thank you William!!!

  • Simon L.

    The film exploits the theme of refusing to age in a refreshing way. Self-mockery joins the criticism of the artistic and cinematographic milieu without victimization or heaviness. A funny, sensible and successful film.

  • lilybelle91

    A rather funny more or less autobiographical comedy where Guillaume Canet & co. makes fun of himself and those around him to the point of total delirium, it’s daring and often funny! But past the first half hour, due to a scenario based on an idea for a short film: I’m not rock enough, the film slips into navel-gazing and self-mockery quickly turns in circles! In the end, even if this comedy is rather nice, we unfortunately say that the film does not tell much!

  • dinosaur jr

    Totally failed, the mayonnaise does not take. Too bad because some scenes are really funny.

  • Tchi Tchaaa

    Besides, we really wonder what you’re still doing here… that you’re noting anyhow, it’s one thing but that on top of that you want to let it be known, that, I can’t manage to get used to it. It’s silly but that’s how it is. It’s a co(n)bat between me and me!…

  • Tchi Tchaaa

    A good delirium! I had a good laugh until the end. I wasn’t expecting that at all because I didn’t really see the promo and was pleasantly surprised, especially the second part which goes live and that’s good. From Canet, you had to dare, you had to have kids! Between Malay humor, caricature, parody, cynicism, self-mockery, rock & roll of Johnny and the final Crocodile Ranger on the copy of Magnum’s zik with Bogdanov’s head, I say yes for a 4/5.

  • Tchi Tchaaa

    But it’s not for you! You’re not trained for that You have no humor, even less taste You’re just funny when you put bubbles in all the movies (almost all, excuse me!) It’s not made to make YOU laughYou’re not developed as it should be to laugh or to appreciate anything, what do you want?! Mr. First Sinister…

  • Nassou Peace

    well honestly I find your comment funnier than the movie lol

  • stallonefan62

    alibi is a real comedy that makes you laugh!!

  • stallonefan62

    As much as the beginning is nice and funny at times, it gets heavier and heavier towards the end!! Guillaume Canet shows a lot of self-mockery but that is not always enough!! 2/5

  • Evelyn R.

  • Mary B.

  • Elthib7

    This WTF film! The first part is very nice, the second a little less, a little too long… Canet’s physical transformation is in any case impressive… On the other hand, I want to see the Crocodile Rangers series! it looks great! Go a little 3/5 for originality

  • CC30

    Mind-blowing 2.7 stars! It deserves 3.5/3.7.

  • rachida dida

    The first part of the film is very good… this is not the case for the second which is much too long and above all too heavy. It makes the movie way too long.

  • Helena L.

    I laughed a lot 🙂 a very good movie. Marion Cotillard who works on her roles is excellent (made me think a little of Dikkenek) Guillaume Canet is touching and the subject of the film made me happy because as I approach the age of 36 I am a bit in this kind of questioning and problems … Attal and Lellouche also provide. Most of the actors are great. I liked it a lot and this film made me feel good. Thank you Guillaume <3

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