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[Report] End Clap For The Chorus Festival 2022

It’s already Sunday and, like all good things, the chorus festival is coming to an end. The opportunity for us to take you to the last concerts of the weekend to take full advantage of the richness of the program.

Laeti, a rising star of Rap

Laeti was present for this last day of the festival. The star rapper of the second season of Validé played a few songs from the Canal+ series. The opportunity for the artist to present himself in another way to an audience that is necessarily acquired at the base, but who will finally let himself be won over. Even if many have discovered it within the framework of the Chorus, we have only one desire, it is to quickly find it on stage.

BEN Plg, back to the Chorus

A face already known to the festival since he honored us with his presence last year at the Chorus prize, BEN plg is making a comeback on the Chorus stage for a rap show as we like them. A concentrate of kicking, energy, gestures, but also sincerity and humor (he is even surprised by the energy of the public when “the guys are under Ramadan” he underlines with humor). The opportunity for BEN plg to thank his childhood friends present in the front row, but also to promote his latest EP, Reality Rap Music Flight. 1.

Camélia Jordana, a sweet voice that enchanted the festival

As soft guitar chords rise in the air from the main stage hall, we are surprised to recognize the lyrics of the song that marked our year 2010, “No, no, no (Listen to Barbara)” . And the trip to the end of nostalgia does not stop there since Camélia continues directly with “Moi c’est”, still from her first eponymous album. In a sumptuous setting where the softness of the pink spotlights goes hand in hand with the softness of her voice, Camélia plays songs from her latest album easy x fragile and old hits, offering us a tailor-made “love shot” and captivating our attention throughout the show.

Credit: Vincent Corrion

Hey Jan

The Armenian pop group was also part of this edition of the Chorus. For almost an hour, the group was able to lead the room to the rhythm of covers of Armenian classics, an energy reminiscent of that of the Dutch group Altin Gün. The atmosphere is festive, we easily let ourselves go to the rhythm of the songs where we have the impression of being part of the group of friends having fun on stage.

LUD8019 scaled
© Ludivine Pelissier, Instagram: @ludpellissier_musicphoto

LUD7960 scaled
© Ludivine Pelissier, Instagram: @ludpellissier_musicphoto

We also take advantage of the quiet spaces of the festival such as the video game lounge where you can sit quietly while playing video games, or enjoy the mild temperatures on the deck chairs on the terrace.

Zola, a rapper who makes the show

Whether you know Zola or not, it is impossible to remain indifferent to such a show. Barely heard the first notes that the public goes into a trance, to finally be in total synergy when the rapper arrives on stage, all cadenced by a bass that stirs you deep in the guts. It’s a rap concert, but it felt like attending a rock concert with an audience shouting the lyrics from beginning to end, and a show punctuated by the different pogos.

LUD8560 scaled
© Ludivine Pelissier, Instagram: @ludpellissier_musicphoto

Aurus, a sincere artist

7:25 p.m.: as we prepare to enter the Riffx club, we realize that the crowd gathered in front of the room is there for Aurus. So we all end up entering an Olympian silence, in a subdued room where only instruments are lying on the stage for the moment. Then the light finally lowers and arrives on the stage Aurus, dressed in a black tunic and a golden sun mask, announcing his entry by a capella vocalizations. Following these solemnities, the percussions and the melodies ring out, dragging us into an orchestra led by Aurus and his remarkable stage presence. But beyond the dramatic character of the show, Aurus appears as a sincere, even teasing artist. A mixture of tribal music, pop, with symphonic accents, in short, Aurus asserts himself as an artist whose music is universal and accompanies his audience without knowing where he will be taken. You can also find our interview with Aurus on the occasion of his show at the Chorus.

LUD8527 scaled
© Ludivine Pelissier, Instagram: @ludpellissier_musicphoto

La Fève, a young rapper bursting with energy

If La Fève is one of these still emerging rappers, we would have thought the opposite when we saw the long line in front of the small stage hoping to be able to attend the 8:15 p.m. concert. We were thus part of the lucky ones who were able to interfere in the room where we found an audience more than ready for the arrival of the young rapper. The serious atmosphere of the scenography with the thick fog above the stage and the blinding white lights appeared as a setting for the artist who knew how to involve his audience without too much effort, like a guru. Result: a room full to bursting, an inexhaustible energy and a perfect osmosis which confirms the status of La Fève as one of the hopes of French rap.

Yseult, a diva with an exceptional voice

Like the expectation of the La Fève concert, the auditorium room was also packed for Yseult. Expected and recognized, the singer sings divinely well on stage. On just a few songs in an hour, some of which a cappella, she offers the public interpretations worthy of the greatest voices that can exist. During the recital hour, Yseult asserts herself as one of the voices without comparison with the rest of contemporary French song. The a capella songs follow each other and transport us, the diva performs, lives her songs, and we want more. The silence is broken only by applause between songs, with several standing ovations lasting several minutes.

VINCECORLY Chorus 2022 2 scaled
credit: Vincent Corrion

The atmosphere is in full swing at the musical Seine and nothing, not even the results of the first round of the presidential elections, seems to alter the energy that reigns there. It dances at the DJ set, it eats, it laughs, it sings out of your voice at karaoke on Garou, in short, we have a great time!

Guy2bezbar, An artist who moves us

Always in the fiber hip-hop, Guy2bezbar turned the parvis of the musical Seine. Both heir to 1990s rap and a modern figure in the current musical landscape, Guy2Bezbar handles words and melodies with care by offering a performance for lovers of urban music or not. The formula is effective, everything is addictive, you find yourself very quickly among the crowd dancing and flex on the rapper’s legendary gimmicks.

VINCECORLY Chorus 2022 4 scaled
credit: Vincent Corrion

To end the evening, we decided to go to the second passage of the multi-instrumentalist who had taken refuge in the rodin hall of the festival. We thus arrive at the set where a crowd of fans had gathered to enjoy the show, and provide support to said Stéphane who will decide to extend the duration of the concert. By diverting objects to design its productions, the show was under the sign of creation, love and sharing which knew how to conquer the hearts of its public.

LUD8799 scaled
© Ludivine Pelissier, Instagram: @ludpellissier_musicphoto

Article by Jacques-Emmanuel Mercier and Nawel Meliani

Photo credit: @ludpellissier_musicphoto (

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