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Record Store Day 2022: 24 essential references (1/2)

On the eve of a second round announced under tension, the Record Store Day invites you on April 23 to elect the most beautiful records of a finally “normal” 2022 edition.

The music writing of Unbreakable has already cast her vote. Here is the first part of the 24 essential references.


In the 70’s (1 purple and pink vinyl and 1 blue and yellow vinyl) – LMLR

A group with multiple (re)incarnations, perched high in the acid-free-space-kraut-prog nebula, Gong reached its peak during the 1970s. effervescence of this splendor decade by mixing live recordings (including Om Riff, a fulminant 8-minute firebrand), snippets of rehearsals (some from the sessions of Electric Camembert, flagship album of 1972) and other rarities (for example Blues for Finlay, hallucinated trip 13 minutes).


antelas (1 vinyl) – Bam Balam

In four tracks that form a suite giving its title to the disc, Heldon installs something from another era – which remains eminently relevant. Resulting from the reformation of the group in 2019, this disc puts into perspective the telluric beauty of the compositions of Richard Pinhas, soul of the group and very active musician of the experimental scenes, noise or drone. Antelas can be heard as an appendix to the great post-psychedelic and committed albums of the 1970s, with an always implicit link to the theories of Pinhas’ mentor, the philosopher Gilles Deleuze. For both, reality is often a question of folds: for Heldon, these emanate from the guitars and their muffled, always buzzing harmonies.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Live Seeds (2 vinyls, including 1 engraved red vinyl) – Warner

For the 20and anniversary of Live Seeds, finally available on vinyl, Mick Harvey oversaw the remastering of the disc, split into two volumes taken from the From Her to Eternity (1984) and Henry’s Dream (1992) tours. The opportunity to listen to some essential classics like The Mercy Seat, Jack the Ripper, Tupelo, The Good Son. This summer, Nick Cave is going on a world tour again with his Bad Seeds… for ever more electric, galvanizing and often memorable concerts.

Happy Mondays

Uncle Dysfunktional (2020 mix) (2 pink vinyls) – Because

To everyone’s surprise, Happy Mondays released Uncle Dysfunktional in 2007, which sealed the reunion of singer Shaun Ryder, dancer Bez and percussionist Gaz Whelan, under the leadership of producer Howie B. Fifteen years after the release of this fifth and last album, the incredible Mancunian group publishes a new mix of it on double pink vinyl. And Madchester is the center of the world again.

Beth Orton

trailer park (2 vinyls) –Sony Music

In the spring of 1996, a young singer from the county of Norfolk and signed to the Heavenly label (Saint Etienne, East Village) breathed new life into English folk. First noticed alongside William Orbit or Red Snapper, Beth Orton was rocked by the records of Terry Callier, Nick Drake or Carole King. His first album, Trailer Park, breathes these woody strings (I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine), these hemmed arrangements (Whenever, finally available on vinyl), all carried by an immediately familiar golden voice (Live As You Dream) . Her next album (Central Reservation), also reissued for this Disquaire Day, will see her sing a duet with her hero Terry Callier.


Paradigms (Supplements) (1 vinyl) – Idol/The Other Cast

A year after the release of their excellent third album, Paradigms, the merry band of Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée offers an additional version, made up of ten unreleased tracks and alternative versions. With generosity, La Femme has no equal in delivering potential singles (Plaisir (XV), I’m daydreaming, Too much pain with a children’s choir) and songs in a foreign language (Disconnection, in English and Spanish, Go in Russian). After the maxi Runway / Me follows at Disquaire Day 2021, our La Femme discographic collection is growing nicely!

Phil Lynott

The Philip Lynott Album (1 color vinyl) –Mercury

In 1982, the singer and bassist of Thin Lizzy, an unforgettable hard rock band from Dublin, offered himself a second beautiful escape with this patronymic album, now remastered at Abbey Road studios and packaged in a black and gold sleeve reproducing the original work. . We will hear Phil Lynott’s recognizable voice among a thousand in the register of an orchestral pop (The Man’s a Fool, Old Town, Yellow Pearl) which was also part of the range of his repertoire.

The Cure

Pornography (Picture disc) –Polydor

While it was thought that all of The Cure existed in one way or another in the craziest formats, Pornography had never been released on picture disc, except in pirated editions, which sounded more than bad. This new edition is therefore a first, and not only for the fetishists of the group: it allows the rediscovery of this great black, cold, drugged – and extremely influential album. In addition to the redesigned design, the disc assembly is different, redone at Abbey Road under the direction of Robert Smith. One more birth, therefore, for an inexhaustible classic.

Taylor Swift

The Lakes (red single) – Island Def Jam

A triumphant figure on the contemporary music scene, the American Taylor Swift, who oscillates between country, folk, pop, appears as a singer-songwriter with golden fingers and a silver voice for millions of people in the world. world. Very mobilized in favor of independent record stores, this year she is taking on the role of ambassador for Record Store Day. For the occasion, is offered exclusively a 45rpm with two versions of The Lakes, a song featured on his magnificent album Folklore (2020) produced by Aaron Dessner (The National).

Maria Callas

Pure (1 red vinyl) – Warner

Legends live long, and that of Maria Callas has lasted so many years that it is now part of the global soundscape. We hear her everywhere, from series to television shows: her voice haunts everyday life, making her the typical example of the opera singer who is both diva and cursed, mixing glamor as much as mystery. Revealing the mysteries of her voice and her recordings, Pure makes us hear her at the height of her power and at the closest of her delicacy, the time of extracts from various works such as those of Bizet or Puccini, Verdi or Cilea.

Patti Smith

Curated by Record Store Day (2 vinyls) – Sony music

Record Store Day puts Patti Smith in the spotlight by bringing together fifteen tracks released by the artist between 1974 and 1996 on a rich double vinyl. The mythical ones rub shoulders there Gloria, Because the Night, People Have the Power, Dancing Barefoot, but also Land, About a Boy, or even the mystical and still as current Ask the Angels. A great way to immerse yourself in the poetic and striking writing of the one who will never stop admiring Rimbaud.

Lionel D & Dee Nasty

InéDee (45t) – Maquis

The profits from this vinyl, only 300 copies of which were drawn as part of Record Store Day, will be used to maintain the grave of Lionel D. Two years after the death of the pioneer of rap in France, his former sidekick, Dee Nasty, pays tribute to him with this single containing two previously unreleased tracks by Lionel (Les Mots, les mals and Pris de Vitesse), the credits of the Deenastyle show, that the two friends hosted on Nova, as well as a 1984 mix, broadcast at the time on RDH, free radio based in Rosny-sous-Bois, where the Grand Master officiated between 1983 and 1985.

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