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Record releases of April 23, 2021 & playlist

The Magic playlist of April 23, 2021 releases includes excerpts from the first records of ER Jurken or Brisebard, new Field Music and Niki Demiller, or even a massive reissue of John Lennon.


I Stand Corrected is the first real (and remarkable) album from Illinois songwriter ER Jurken, seven years after a self-produced debut. The man is capable of releasing beautiful pocket symphonies, alone with his guitar, the partner who helped him out of bad times, in his late thirties. It is the first signing of the Country Thyme label, distributed by Drag City.


Like many, Field Music experimented with music in a confined, scattered file-based world, which led the Brewis brothers to realize, with Flat White Moon, a simpler and more direct album than the average of their discography. The two Brits detailed their work process for us.


The digger, beatmaker and sampler Degiheugi, Jérôme Vildaer à la ville, releases his seventh album, Foreglow. A great journey disconnected from the heaviness of this world: colorful, rhythmic, optimistic.


Glass of Blood (“glass of blood”) was written by Lisa Li-Lund between Sweden and Paris. This is his first solo project for five years, on the borders of his natural scene, the anti-folk, and a now better assumed pop writing.


Project of the co-founder of the young Reims label Source Phonique Records, Alex Labart, Brisebard releases the maxi Asses and Chair. Welcome to the club of demanding and accessible pop lovers.


Between pop and variety, between melodies and talk over, the French musician Niki Demiller publishes Autopsy of the man who wanted to live his life (visual at the top of the page), musical object in the form of a story of an existence – his own – passed between a musical dream, a promising career in commerce and the return to an artistic vocation which now carries everything. Also listen on podcast.


Bring Backs is the fourth album by London-based MC, musician and producer Alfa Mist, the first on Anti-. An anthology of musical influences – jazz, rap, groove, soul – which have made him one of the artists who have put London back on the map of musical innovation for the past four years.


The whole is, as expected, very chubby, but the Sweep It Into Space arch-classics Dinosaur Jr does not lack an energetic spontaneity which gives it an old-fashioned charm.


The Swiss sextet The Green Flamingos brings out In The Witching Hourfour years after his first record, The Southern Oracle, which gave its name to the label of the formation. Connected to the issues of our time (omnipresence of social networks, feminism), The Green Flamingos beautifully defends a catchy pop of classic style.


Live in the Flesh by Shame was released earlier this week on digital platforms. It’s simply the sound version of a documentary (more like an improved live Shame) released on YouTube last month, with seven tracks played live in the wake of Drunk Tank Pink. Stage beasts, among those most lacking at the moment.


After meditations and wailingSufjan Stevens loose in the wild ten Revelations which form the third chapter (out of five) of Summonsthat is 2 hours 30 minutes of composed abstractions to document the mourning of his biological father, who disappeared two years ago.


Bylur is the debut album by Icelandic pianist Eydìs Evensen, released by XXIM, Sony’s new division dedicated to innovative music. Rich, even erudite, the music of the young woman, very cinematographic, feeds on her intimate emotions and the harsh snowy landscapes in which she grew up.


Published almost five years after half of the Suicide duo died, Mutator cannot, despite appearances, talk about the virus you know, because it is a “lost” album by Alan Vega, recorded between 1995 and 1996. It is the first disc in a series carried by the project name VegaVault. Mutator, an archival series to be released on Sacred Bones Records and piloted by his longtime accomplices Liz Lamere and Jared Artaud.


Parisian label Cracki Records celebrates ten years of record activism with the third volume of its compilation Memoirs of Elephant. 28 titles, some that have marked the history of the label, others by artists gravitating around this house of taste, sensitive to an innovative and generous electro-pop – here that of Agar Agar for example.


Ascetic, on Michel Records, is the first album of TDA, aka Samuel Gougoux, multi-instrumentalist from Quebec, notably seen on drums in Montreal (VICTIME, Corridor, Jonathan personne…). At the borders of the indus and the no wave, TDA produces an experimental music ” to testify to the stories that we invent in relation to the contexts that we have he says.


After Conceived last year, Plastic Ono Band in turn benefits from a maximalist eight-disc reissue, under the title The Ultimate Collection. John Lennon’s most intimate solo album, just after the Beatles broke up in 1970, here it is with an infinity of publicly released takes, and a record full of ” evolution documentaries », In other words, montages that give an idea of ​​the evolution of the creative process around a piece. The whole is as unimportant as it is perfectly moving – these songs remain incredibly powerful half a century after their release.

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