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Quiz Culture G, geo and blind test to keep busy with colleagues, our selection

Update of 01/08/2022 – The summer period often rhymes with holidays and, depending on the sector, a drop in the volume of work. This is an ideal time to get to know your colleagues better and set up activities to strengthen group cohesion. With the aim of motivating a healthy friendly competition between colleagues (although it also works with family or friends), we have selected for you 7 sites and applications to compete against you. Geography, general culture, blind test…here is our selection of the best quizzes of the moment.

Geography Games

This website, accessible from any device, offers many little games to test your knowledge of geography in many areas: countries, flags of course, but also mountains, lakes, rivers, cities, regions… A selection extremely complete games to highlight your knowledge and share screenshots likely to make your colleagues jealous in a Discord channel, Microsoft Team or any other chat room.

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General quiz, video games, film music… Blinest will allow you to compete with your colleagues and relatives on a multitude of music categories. You earn points when you find the artist, the music or the film according to the rules. You can also register if you want to have distinct nicknames from your colleagues. A game that will hit the mark every time.

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Do you know Timeline? Well Wikitrivia is the same. A card with a time marker automatically assigned to you at the start of the game. Your goal is to position all incoming proposals before or after this cue point. The game tolerates 3 errors before the game over. Solo, you can compare scores with your friends or try to play as a team to place as many cards as possible.

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Logo Quiz

Brands and logos are part of our daily lives and we are exposed to them daily. With more than 2,500 different logos and different game modes (guess the brand or add the right colors), this application will allow you to test your knowledge and challenge your loved ones. Little more, the application offers a description of the company and a link to Wikipedia to expand your knowledge and quench your thirst for knowledge.

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World Geography

If your major is geography, Atom Games Ent. Offers its quiz game: World Geography. With more than 6,000 questions and 4 difficulty levels, you can test your knowledge of different countries and strengthen it. Maps, flags, capitals, population, religion, language and many other topics are covered in this comprehensive application.

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Quiz Planet

Quizz Planet is a general knowledge game that will test your knowledge in 19 different categories, from History to Science to Peoples. Very complete, it allows you to face your colleagues directly and displays a ranking.

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A daily challenge: Worldle

Worldle offers one challenge per day (which will avoid spending too much time on it at work). It displays the “silhouette” of a country. You will then have 6 tries to find the correct answer. In order to help you, it displays, in the event of a wrong answer, the distance separating your answer from the targeted country and an overall direction. Simple and fast, this game will allow you to set yourself a non-time-consuming daily challenge. Think, during your first passage on the site, to click on the red question mark which summarizes in some examples the operation of the site.

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