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Quai des Arts unveils its program for the 2022-2023 season

Theatre, music and text songs, humour, young audiences…Discover the 35 shows that will punctuate the next cultural season.


Published on July 21, 2022 at 10:01.

The next cultural season at Quai des Arts already promises to be enticing with varied shows for all audiences. The box office will open on September 19.

Theater to laugh, think, feel

Scheduled this summer at the Avignon festival, with a film adaptation as a preview of the Angoulême festival in August, and already performed on stage more than 400 times, the show A love story by Alexis Michalik will be a highlight of Quai des Arts on Thursday, December 8, an intense concentrate of emotion and melodrama in tune with the times, capable of both laughing and crying. Rightly rewarded with a Molière this year, The Stork Metamorphosis by Marc Arnaud, alone in a funny and moving scene where a man confronted with his fears and questions is about to make a donation to conceive a child in vitro, will be performed on Tuesday March 7. Spectacular, The Necessary Imbalance Of Things will go back to the source of desire and passion in a duo of actors accompanied by a string quartet and puppets on Friday April 14. Adapted from Fabcaro’s novel, the comedy The speech will take us on board with a touching thirty-something named to make a wedding speech on Thursday, November 17. LUCA (in English “Last Universal Common Ancestor”) of Cie Eranova will go back in time in search of our ancestors on Wednesday, November 30. Normalito will play the superhero who makes all people “normal” on Saturday, January 7, and The French Lesson will dissect the words in a masterful language lesson on Tuesday, April 4. The contemporary fable buffaloes by Cie Arnica will stage puppet performers, where wooden animals and masks will come alive in search of a lost Buffalo child on Tuesday March 21, and finally Incandescences will place 9 young people facing their destiny by letting them talk about love, desire and sexuality on Tuesday, February 7.

Humor on stage and in music

The Quai des Arts season will be punctuated by comedy shows in various forms. The comedian Alex Vizorek will play down the taboo subject of death with tact and playfulness in his show Ad Vitam on Saturday February 25. Camille Chamoux will provide the audience with delicious laughter therapy in his show The time to live co-written with Camille Cottin and directed by Vincent Dedienne, Thursday March 23. Offbeat adaptation Why didn’t Romeo end up at Midas? beautiful artistic performance where the staging is created live in front of the public will trigger laughter on Friday, October 14. This time in music, the off-the-wall humor of the musician-singers of Les Fouteurs de Joie will strike the zygomatics in Dark Foliage Friday, December 16. 2 plays of musical and humorous theater will be on display: The slap by Fred Radix on Friday, February 10, and My Father is a Variety Song by the Company The tool of Resemblance Friday, March 10.



Songs and music from around the world

Quai des Arts will live an autumn in music with two shows scheduled in October: the Cie Anaya will weave its melodies of distant freedoms on Saturday October 15 in its show Azadi to the sound of piano, oud, n’goni. In a completely different register of songs to text, the author-composer Florent Marchet, whose album Garden party was released last June, will take the stage on October 21. Double happiness on Friday February 3 with Marcia Higelin and Yves Jamait, one of the most beautiful feathers of the song. The group Lupoa spoken word and musical rap duo formed by Loic Lantoine and Marc Nammour will announce the arrival of spring on March 17, followed on March 31 by a grandiose ode to nature with the ethnic instruments of the musician shepherd. Alain Larribet and its 5 musicians. Two young shoots from the local scene, Zaho of Sagazan and the Nantes group Ko Ko Mo will close the season on May 5. Also note the traditional meetings with the orchestra of Saint-Nazaire on December 3, the symphony orchestra of Saint-Nazaire on Sunday March 12, and the festival With Two Hands Of course! Friday, November 25, which will offer for its 4th edition the dance show “9”, with the story of Cai Glover, deaf and dancer, on the rhythms of Beethoven’s 9th symphony,

Shows for young audiences

8 shows for children of all ages are scheduled this season: 2 musical tales from 6 years old, The Legend of Tsolmon March 8 and Tournepouce February 22. The ONPL will give a grandiose concert with an actor-storyteller in the adventures of Peter Pan on November 20, 2 circus shows will turn Quai des Arts upside down on October 25 and November 25, the shadow and puppet theater Sonya and Alfred will talk about friendship and loneliness in a touching and poetic tale on Wednesday February 1, the BD opera The Cherry Notebooks will combine theatre, music and video on Saturday April 8 to tell the story of a little girl with an overflowing imagination about the adults she meets, and the play Whoop! will immerse the public in a historical epic shared by a little girl and a Cro-Magnon man on Tuesday, January 17.

Quai des Arts • 2 avenue Camille Flammarion • Pornichet


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