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Playlist: return to the extraordinary career of Iggy Pop in ten major titles

We have never waited so long for the end of confinement. In just one month, venerable rock and punk figure Iggy Pop will be releasing a box set titled The Bowie Years.

We will find there his first two marvelous albums, The Idiot and Lust or lifeproduced by the ubiquitous David Bowie, as well as live and unreleased albums.

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This is an opportunity to rediscover the career of an artist with a thousand facets who began with the Stooges. Here are ten of his most important titles.

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1. I Wanna be your dog

With the Stooges, Iggy Pop exceeded the Rolling Stones in savagery and invented punk.

2. TV Eye

The Stooges’ second album, fun houseis the sonic equivalent of a molten lava flow.

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3. Search and destroy

The first title of Raw Power is a declaration of war on humanity.

4. china girl

An alternative version of this piece made famous in 1983 by David Bowie. We will find it in the box The Bowie Years.

5. Lust for life

Try to resist this piece. Impossible.

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6. The Passenger

One of the most beautiful titles of Lust for lifeIggy Pop’s second solo album.

7. Real Wild Child

One of Iggy Pop’s only real mainstream hits. He even appears in the movies Crocodile Dundee II and Pretty Woman !

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8. candy

This duet with Kate Pierson of the B 52’s is his only commercial success in the United States.

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9. Gardenia

Back in artistic form in 2016, with the help of Josh Homme, from Queens of the stone age.

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10. Family Affair

A new and funky new title appeared last week on YouTube.

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