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Pébéo-Fluctuart Urban Art Prize 2022: meet Williann, winner of the 3rd Prize ex aequo

On the occasion of the 6th edition of the Pébéo-Fluctuart international urban art competition, dedicated to emerging artists from the street art scene, we met the artist Williann, winner of the 3rd Prize ex aequo. It is exhibited, along with the 24 other finalists, on Fluctuart until August 20.

Can you introduce yourself and your artistic practice?

Graphic designer by training, it is especially in the illustration and the mural fresco that I like to fulfill myself. My tools are varied: brushes, rollers, acrylic paints, paint sprays, stencils, collages… I was able to experiment and acquire various techniques as my work progressed. From small walls to large murals, from ladders to nacelles and scaffolding, my illustrations have gone from the streets to hotel rooms, from abandoned wastelands to festivals, from France to Cambodia via the Netherlands and Croatia …

My artistic universe is a mixture inspired by black and white cartoons from the 20s and Pin-ups from the 50s, omnipresent in my work. I like to play with a limited color palette, like screen printing techniques or old advertisements. All of my illustrations, both retro and modern, require taking the time to observe and examine their representations as well as their details. I like to represent strong women, always mischievous, accompanied by a touch of humor with animals that are often crossed out. The comic book-inspired universe speaks to all generations, and every detail depicted demands that we take the time to discover them. Like an illustration book without text, I invite people to shape their own story from what they see and understand from my artistic approach.

© Williann

What do you want to express through your work?

Despite my very cartoonish and very colorful universe, I try above all to convey feminist messages. It is often frowned upon to represent a sexy, desirable and seductive woman (sometimes in postures defying the laws of physics to show all parts of their anatomy!). What I want is for my characters to not only be inspired by pin-ups (who in the end were strong, independent, and belonged to no one and at the same time to everyone), but that they give off a personality strong, determined, who shows by her gaze that she is far from letting things go. In a society where the fight against patriarchy has never been so present (and it was time!), it is important to give hope to women and give them strength, whatever the means. I go through the image.

What are your sources of inspiration as an artist?

This character has followed me for years. I don’t know where she came from, but she evolved with me, grew with me, and will continue to live with me. My inspirations are so vast that it would be impossible to name them all! Everything inspires me: a sign in the street, old porcelain, furniture, art from other countries, comics, cinema and even music (on the other hand, I never watch music videos that I likes because I get an idea of ​​the music that is unique to me).

Is there an exchange or an encounter that particularly marked you during your career?

I like to meet people, artists, humans when I travel to festivals, whether in France or abroad. The encounters there are always super rewarding and you come out changed each time, in your vision of things and of the world.

What prompted you to apply for this Urban Art Prize?

I had seen many talented artists go through this award. I had submitted my application a few years ago and having had the opportunity to create a canvas with a Pébéo product, I saw it as a sign to participate!

Can you tell us about the piece presented as part of the Prize?

I wanted to revisit the tale of Little Red Riding Hood to echo what many women experience on a daily basis, just by going out on the street. We see the Little Red Riding Hood urban version who is about to go out and graffiti. She is surrounded by wolves. We do not know if they are deceitful, morons or allies. This is the question that every woman asks herself when she meets a man. Here Little Red Riding Hood remains armed and ready to fight if the Wolf turns into a Big Bad.

© Williann

Which products from the Pébéo range did you use for your work?

This is the Pébéo decorative mix, a glue specially designed to stick the sheets to be gilded.

Discover the artist’s work on instagram

[Source : Pébéo]

You will be able to discover the works of the 25 finalist artists of the Pébéo competition in a new exhibition until August 20, 2022 on Fluctuart.

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