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Our top 5 wireless headphones for traveling this summer in peace

A bubble of tranquility for a few moments or a long time. Increasingly effective and affordable, wireless headphones with active noise reduction are becoming popular and almost all consumer audio players have launched one or more models. We experienced about ten of them in real noisy travel conditions: plane, train station or public transport. While listening to music or watching our favorite shows on tablet or smartphone. Here is our summer selection so as not to be mistaken.

The Bose QC 45, a safe bet

These on-ear headphones isolate noise well.

A moment of relaxation at the beach or a musical break in a comfortable seat… The Bose QC45 headphones will be used in all scenarios where silence is made and appreciated. Lightweight, compact and comfortable, these on-ear headphones tick all the boxes for a premium wireless audio product. A pioneer in this technology, the American manufacturer keeps the bar high with excellent active noise reduction. He added his typical sound signature with a nice touch of bass and a generous sound on all musical styles. A good part of the outside world disappears but its Attentive mode makes it possible to remain aware of it. Convenient when you have to navigate in a station or an airport. Its ease of use also makes it a device to put on novice ears. Its autonomy in Bluetooth mode borders on the full day, yes, we are talking about 24 hours. You can then always switch to wired mode with the Mini Jack cable. The price may make you tick, but this model will delight your ears for at least 3 to 4 years.

> The Bose QC 45, on sale from 270 euros.

The efficient and affordable Sony WH-XB910N

The Sony WH-XB910N offers excellent active noise reduction at a compressed price.
The Sony WH-XB910N offers excellent active noise reduction at a compressed price.

Listen to these headphones from Sony, the WH-XB910N. It is one of the least expensive among the most effective models in terms of active noise reduction. Ultra-comfortable to wear with its circum-aural format, it is inspired by Sony’s famous WH-1000XM4 reference, but at a much lower price. At this price, we are satisfied here with a construction structure made of plastic and not metal. Inside, everything is there. Like its big brother, it offers adaptive noise reduction control. Everything is controlled via the “Headphones” application (iOS and Android), ultra-precise in various settings. Whether on a train or a plane, the system can automatically fine-tune these settings to keep the user as cut off as possible. Tested on numerous journeys by RER and in the Paris metro, the technology is particularly responsive and efficient. So immersive that we tend to completely forget what is happening around us. Another significant advantage, which will be appreciated by travelers on very long trips: sobriety worthy of that of a camel with up to 40 hours of autonomy in noise reduction mode.

> The Sony WH-XB910N, on sale from 139 euros.

The Technics EAH-A800, 48 hours of battery life!

The Technics EAH-A800 rivals the tenors of wireless audio.
The Technics EAH-A800 rivals the tenors of wireless audio.

A little-known Japanese audio brand, Technics hits hard with these EAH-A800 headphones, which come close to the high-end references on the market. Its Active Noise Reduction effectively erases intrusive voices and noises. No more baby cries or neighbor snoring either. Beautiful finishes and comfort of use accompany it. On the audio side, the music is elegantly rendered in all the styles experienced. The sound of a film or a series also becomes very immersive. A last effort could be made on the control buttons which are not always easy to find. The application to personalize the experience shows itself, finely developed with a very practical equalizer. Its last unstoppable argument: a monster autonomy that flirts with 48 hours. You won’t regret cutting the holiday budget a bit.

> The Technics EAH-A800, on sale from 350 euros.

Huawei’s FreeBuds Studio, best value for money

The FreeBuds Studio covers the ears well for passive noise reduction supplemented by a software part.
The FreeBuds Studio covers the ears well for passive noise reduction supplemented by a software part.

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has recently converted to accessories and has put all the power of its engineers into action, particularly in audio. While it doesn’t outperform the Bose or Sony competitors on first try, the FreeBuds Studio gives you what you pay for with convincing active noise reduction and class-leading sound performance. Comfortable on the head for several hours, it also convinces in the richness and balance of the sounds diffused. The autonomy of the helmet at full speed, almost two days, will ensure you peace of mind even if you love a trip around the world in stages. Its quality/price ratio will be enough to satisfy the most demanding in search of good deals.

> Huawei’s FreeBuds Studio, on sale from 150 euros.

Marshall’s Monitor 2 ANC, the ultimate for music lovers

Marshall's model incorporates the aesthetics of famous electric guitar amplifiers.
Marshall’s model incorporates the aesthetics of famous electric guitar amplifiers.

For Rock’n’Roll fans but not only. The iconic amplifier brand Marshall declines its know-how in headphones whose design makes it stand out from the crowd. It has a great advantage: a “noise reduction” feature that allows you to make the most of the nuances of your music tracks, drowning out external disturbances. The roar of the car and the incessant purr of the plane are now just a distant – and faint – background noise when the headset is turned on. Comfortable, the helmet adjusts easily and is light to wear, and its configuration is done in just a few seconds. Keep in mind that the size of the helmet makes it impractical on the move unless you store it in a backpack. The carrying case is not provided either, you will have to be content with the jeans pocket.

> Marshall’s Monitor 2 ANC, on sale from 300 euros.

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