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Orelsan and Clara Luciani, big favorites of the 37th Victoires de la Musique

Orelsan and Clara Luciani dominate the nominations of the 37are Victoires de la musique, revealed Monday, January 10 in the evening. The trophies will be presented at a ceremony a month later, on February 11. The rapper, 39, and the singer, 29, compete in the categories artist (male and female), album, song and audiovisual creation.

In this last category, Clara Luciani is in the running with the clip The rest while Orelsan is nominated for never show that to anyonethe documentary series event on his career, proof that this type of support – broadcast in his case on the Amazon Prime Video platform – becomes a checkbox in an artistic journey. “We can see that the perception of the music-image combination is changing, ranging from short one-and-a-half-minute formats on social networks to longer creations, as Orelsan, Angèle or Bigflo and Oli have done”analyzes the president of Victories, Stéphane Espinosa.

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The two artists are closely followed by Juliette Armanet and Feu! Chatterton, cited respectively in three categories. But, to sum up the debates, Orelsan appears as the essential of the period between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, surfing on its success with the public and the critics.

Social Chronicle

Civilizationreleased in November (the same day as the album 30 by the British Adele), is the best-selling album in France in 2021 (more than 335,000 copies), according to the classification of the National Syndicate of Phonographic Publishing (SNEP).

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The opus sticks perfectly to the time. The title The smell of gasoline imposes itself as the soundtrack of the excesses that bristle the debates around the presidential campaign. And his art of social chronicle still illuminates Manifesta seven-minute piece of bravery on a demonstration that goes wrong, with beautiful cinematographic writing.

The album is not just an acid observation, but it is crossed, as Orelsan recently told Agence France-Presse, by a big question: “What are you going to pass on to your children? Civilization, it’s the society around me and what I can contribute. » Will Orelsan do better than in 2018, when he won three Victories during the same ceremony? In any case, the artist makes the titles of his previous albums lie – Lost in advance (2009) and The party is over (2017) – reaching a wide audience, well beyond the rap circle.

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Dance and messages

With Heartreleased in June 2021, Clara Luciani, for her part, signed an ideal album to celebrate the deconfinement which was then taking shape for the summer of 2021 (11and sales in 2021 with more than 155,000 copies). Without forgetting some strong messages. “I never wanted to choose between serious and dancing, it was already the case with The grenade [tube du précédent album, devenu un hymne féministe] », she developed then. The author, composer and performer always puts forward this “need to dance to exorcise”.

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The ceremony of the 37are Victoires de la musique will take place at La Seine musicale, in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), and will be broadcast live on France 2 and France Inter. This event is scheduled while current music artists are once again affected by health restrictions, in particular the ban on standing concerts until the end of January. “It’s especially super complicated for developing artists, who don’t have the opportunity to expose themselves on stage, emphasizes Stéphane Espinosa. It is important that the Victories are held, especially for them, so that they have a first TV. » With the revelation categories (male and female), the general public will discover artists like Chien noir, Myd, L’Impératrice or Silly Boy Blue.

In 2021, the Victoires had consecrated Benjamin Biolay in the queen categories (doubled with the trophies for the male artist and the album for Grand Prize) and Apple (female artist).

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