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Opinion and review of the concert of Warmduscher, Kelley Stoltz, Chocolat Billy, Lumer (Super Cathedral of Binic 2022) on July 22, 2022, Pointe de la Rognouse, Binic, by Pierre Andrieu

After a great introduction the day before with Tramhaus, Reptiles, Crack Cloud, Lumer and The Bobby Lees, the Super Cathedral of Binic continues to welcome loyal fans of rock and roll, blues, garage & punk (even more if affinities) on July 22, and this still on the brilliant site of Pointe de La Rognouse bathed in sunshine.

On this Friday there are more people than on Thursday, the prog is classy (Lumer, Kelley Stoltz, Chocolat Billy, Warmduscher, among others), the beer is good, the public is made up of very cool enthusiasts… According to all likelihood, everything should be fine!

light up

In good shape last night at the end of the evening under the marquee of the Super Cathedral, light up repeats the same kind of very sharp post punk show at the opening of the second day, from 5:15 p.m. in the middle of the dodger on the big stage, please. Despite the rays of the sun which hit hard on the musicians (and therefore on our ginger redneck neck, not easy to protect ourselves!), the young English people give everything they have (even a little more) by blasting their songs electric and close to the bone. These guys really have the faith and the rock and roll fiber necessary to play their very belligerent titles, but sometimes tinged with blues with sexy moods.

To recover from their emotions, the Angliches go to cool off on the Corps de Garde beach where they are found very friendly and talkative, shortly after during the lunch break. The palm of the cool goes to the Francophile singer, who carries around in swimming trunks after having taken advantage of the invigorating water made in Brittany. We don’t push the envelope as far as swimming, but these interludes at the water’s edge with a beer in hand at sunset in the middle of a festival are priceless.

Kelley Stoltz

As casual as he is ultra-gifted, the singer, guitarist and songwriter Kelley Stoltz brings a touch of pop to the evening program, offering a complete panorama of the extent of his rather protean talents. The guy is also at ease with pop rock, indie rock, power pop and garage, even disco and afro (little snippet of “Soul Makossa” by Manu Dibango) to conclude his set. With his very beautiful deep voice, his innate sense of the melody that slaps and the arrangement that kills, the brilliant Californian jack-of-all-trades can flit about between his different fixations, always being relevant, and fascinating, it’s should be noted.

In a slightly better world, this not very young American musician should be a superstar. Instead, it remains too little known, light years away from the general public. It’s a shame, but it will allow the public of Binic to take a second installment the next day, since Mister Stoltz will perform under his alias Willie Weirdto be sure to confuse the tracks even more.

Chocolate Billy

It’s 10:15 p.m., everyone is now very warm, head to the marquee to take a masterful slap with the very high perches Chocolate Billy, a French gang producing free rock tinged with funk, garage and afro pop. The goal of Jo Burgun, Armelle Marcadé Magermans, Ian Saboya and Jordan Pirozzi is simple: patiently whip up a very spicy and salty mayonnaise in order to propel the audience into a kind of pleasurable trance. These people (hum hum) put such conviction, such energy into their dizzying jam sessions, that gradually the whole audience is on fire, reacting with a snap of the fingers to each of the rhythmic injunctions concocted on stage. Normal, the Chocolat Billy are truly untenable and do not stop throwing oil on the fire with their ultra dancing compositions with surreal texts. In short, it’s the track to the stars under the marquee with four musicians in a state of grace and an audience that slams, yells and applauds wildly! See you tomorrow on the big stage ladies and gentlemen…


Always ready to play live, the unstoppable Warmduscher then tumble onto the big stage to screw up the big mess of which they have the secret. The recipe, already proven many times in France to our great joy (the last time at Rock In The Barn in… 2020), is as simple as it is effective: a band of killers unrolls a soundtrack that is both punk rock and groovy while a singer/rapper looking like a crazy preacher – and loaded like a mule – harangues the crowd with “Come on motherfuckers!”.

It works to death because the bass/drums rhythm section would make a dead man dance, the guitarist (who also officiates in Fat White Family) throws out riffs that are perfect for freaking out, the synth manager adds a layer and the leader/guru officiates freely at the microphone with unrivaled know-how. It’s great for partying, poking, slamming, throwing each other, or yelling into the mic at the singer’s invitation. And, of course, the public, white-hot, of the Super Cathedral of Binic does not hesitate.

In short, as expected, all the “Lovely motherfuckers” gathered in front of the stage to see Warmduscher live get off on their feet and end up on their knees, or even on the rim. Mission accomplished for this second day of the festival, now well underway and which will continue the next day with a day of anthology… On the program: human tide of festival-goers on the site and parade of ultra-significant groups on stage: Stiff Richards, Beige Banquet, Willie Weird (aka Kelley Stoltz), Mr Quintron & Miss Pussycat, DER and Chocolat Billy!

Pictures : Titouan Masse,,, (except Corps de Garde beach: Stephane Perraux…


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