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Opinion and review of the concert of Rivals Sons, Liam Gallagher, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes (Festival Beauregard 2022) on July 8, 2022, Domaine de Beauregard, Hérouville-Saint-Clair, by Lebonair

The 12th edition of the Beauregard festival closed its doors overnight from Sunday to Monday after a 41st concert. He’s the famous French DJ Martin Solveig who was responsible for closing the festivities with his electro music that has been stirring the crowds for so many years. After three years of absence due to the health crisis and 5 days of music, a first in the history of the festival, attendance will have broken all these records with more than 147,000 spectators. Three days will be sold out with 30,000 people on the site (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday) and two other days (Thursday, Friday) around 28-29,000. displayed with a big smile the organizers Claire Lesaulnier,Paul Langeois and their team by this total enthusiasm on the part of the public who will have massively supported an event to which the Normans, who constitute 50% of the spectators, are very attached. It’s even a relief for the festival team after 3 years of nothingness. The public did not let go, because many of them bought 5-day passes well in advance and without knowing the program. It’s totally deserved. The 2023 edition is also already scheduled for July 6 to 9 and over four days, the classic format, but who knows, if a major event can happen, the duo will not forbid anything. After a special opening day Muse this year, why not dream of Bruce Springsteen for the 13th edition?

Indeed, for a first for us at Beauregard, after a few editions at Musilac in Savoie and at the Eurockéennes de Belfort during the same period, we can be very happy to have chosen the Beauregard festival this year for several reasons. To begin with, we greatly appreciated the setting of the Beauregard estate which belonged to the stronghold of Colbert. Located on the banks of the canal from Caen to the sea, there is the Château de Beauregard, property of the town of Hérouville-Saint-Clair since 1977. Its style is a mixture of Renaissance and Gothic architecture influences. . We will therefore spend, excluding Wednesday and Thursday, 3 days of this 12th edition which will mark the return to life in a wooded park of 23 hectares. Before talking about music, we really liked the welcome we received, the great encounters with certain security officers and a few photographers, the good general atmosphere, the spacious, relaxing and lively media stand, the sun and the temperature. ideal, water cannons to act as foggers and entertainment stands.

On the other hand, we liked the lack of grass much less and therefore necessarily too much dust at times, but not all the time and especially the price of drinks, beer in particular (8 euros per pint of 50cl) without being really high quality in most cases, the cost of food at an exorbitant price which meant that you could easily crack 40 to 50 euros per evening (for festival-goers, that’s a real budget, especially if they come with their family). In their defense, we underline the great initiative of the GOs to offer free tickets to children under 12 years old. For us privileged people, we would have liked to find a fast-food given the intense days that we live in festivals and to be able to eat like a warrior of good, fat and hot. Because the aperitifs and the classy restaurant offered as catering in the space dedicated to partners and guests of all kinds, correspond more to socialites who like to drink their glass of champagne and show themselves off. Finally, we didn’t see too much of a crack at the costuming level according to a festival-goer, but we will remember a couple with blue buoys of funny birds and three friends in fur coats.

And if we were talking about music now…

Before arriving on Friday, two days of festivities had already passed. Wednesday for the opening was a special Muse day because only two groups had played before the English trio, we can even say as a first part, Bafang at 6 p.m. and the French geniuses last train at 7:45 p.m. A day dedicated to the group of Matthew Bellamy who saw a horde of fans come to the site from all over France, even from abroad. Thursday, for the return to normal, is the least busy day in number with eight posters instead of 9 to 11 for the days that we will cover. Note the passage of Turnstile, Izia , madness, Clara Luciani andDJ Snake among others. Here we are, finally, it’s Friday, it’s 7:15 p.m. and we’re off for 13 concerts that we will live in total, finally 12 and 1/4 (thank youLiamhead of c…)

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes 7:15-8:15 p.m. Beauregard stage

On the biggest and immense stage called Beauregard, which is also equipped with a scenic projection (brilliant idea), we see the group tumbling Rattlesnakes in front of us then the immensely sympathetic and beast of the stage Frank Carter singing. The former frontman of Gallows hasn’t stopped climbing the steps since he formed with his guitarist friend Dean Richardson this new group. Since 2015, they haven’t been idle with a fourth album released last October, the aptly named “Sticky”. In one hour, they will swing us in the mouth during a dozen titles of energetic, direct and exciting rock.

Like he usually does, Frank Carter put on the show by giving it their all. He throws himself into the crowd hot as embers, is carried while singing like a damned and even allows himself to do a handstand. These companions are not to be outdone by puking energy and their punk attitude and full throttle gives us crazy energy. Visceral and enjoyable, their music comes into its own on stage and gives us a good spanking. At the time of the accounts, one of the best concerts that one is seen and moreover, it was the first of the series.

Rival Sounds 8:20 p.m.-9:20 p.m. John stage

We moved quickly to move from one scene to another and not miss the opportunity to take photos of the Californian group. Indeed, the second stage, large but not as imposing as that of Beauregard where we come from (it does not have stage projection like its big sister, is lower, less deep and less wide) takes us through the whole Park. We won’t tell you all our secrets, but we have a way to get from scene to scene without getting into a crowd. Phew, we are ready to take our second injection of drugs with a formation that we love so much Rival Sounds. The last time we saw them was in November 2019 at the Olympia in Paris and we literally loved it, it was so brilliant. In festivals, in a shorter format, they are always a little less horny and therefore a tone below.

It doesn’t matter, it’s still a fucking band that has a formidable weapon, its singer/guitarist pair Jay Buchanan (dyed blond this time) and Scott Holiday. Buchanan still has a fantastic voice but less monumental than at the Olympia and holiday as usual, he will release his panoply of guitars which he will change with each piece. The three other musicians (bass-drums-keyboard) are still as good as ever and we enjoy ourselves despite the heat and the air that throws dust at us. It’s not the Californian desert, but we’re fine. In about ten titles, we savor as usual their famous rock revival because in the genre, they are the best. Can’t wait for a new album, which we hope will be as tasty as the previous ones, including the last “Feral Roots” released more than three years ago now.

Liam Gallagher 11:40 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. in theory (12:00 a.m. in fact) Beauregard stage

Liam Gallagher, a small turn and then goes away… I arrive complaining (the cries and the applause of the public not being powerful enough for my taste) and I leave in stride. I come back, I sulk, I start to sing and I stop in the middle of a song. I complain about the microphone, change it, resume, continue, stop again on another song and change the microphone again. I resume without envy, I ask to dim the light and I sing again (false) in the dark and I leave definitively to slip away in front of my dumbfounded musicians. The fans are flabbergasted, the guy scuttled himself and we don’t care. Balance sheet, 5 tracks and 20 pitiful minutes at 300,000 euros per performance, Beauregard has the evil eye, the rake of the century so not sure that he is getting the other half of the fee which is still not paid. The duo Jungle who took over at short notice an hour earlier than expected, opposite on the stage John will say before starting his show “We, we are Blur and we’re going to play until the end”. The next day,Metronomy and Orelsan will winnow well Liam, the quack. At 50 brushes, the Englishman has not changed. The next day he will apologize on twitter saying he had stopped due to laryngitis. We, in the front row, is not at all what we saw. Only regret of the day, to have missed Junglebut sorry, we were tired of the trip, the day and yes, we didn’t see Vianney and the rap groups that were offered to us, shame on us.

Pictures : Jerome Agier

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