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Opinion and review of the concert of Orelsan, Metronomy, Sleaford Mods, Skunk Anansie, Cannibale, Goat Girl, GusGus (Festival Beauregard 2022) on July 9, 2022, Hérouville-Saint-Clair Domaine de Beauregard, by Lebonair

This July 9 is the big day at the Beauregard festival, we will see 7 artists out of the 11 offered that day. So we start early and it’s hot. We arrive just before 3 p.m. and the doors open. We are on a desert site, like a kind of privilege.

Cannibal 3:20 p.m.-4:10 p.m. Beauregard stage

It was the concert not to be missed as we love their three albums and above all, we had never seen them live. It was then high time to make up for this shameful delay. They are Normans and yes, there are not onlyOrelsan who is regional of the stage on this edition and in addition, they have more than 40 brooms, are unknown, but damn, what talent they have. ask our friend the Mad who almost consider it the best band in the world. 50 minutes later, despite the bastard hour, a stage that was too big (even if they played in a tight row) and a small audience comprising the brave, the curious, connoisseurs and a few amateurs, we really enjoyed it.

The formation offers unclassifiable music that mixes garage rock, reggae, funk, afrobeat and so on. It’s cool and fun music par excellence that makes us happy, intoxicates us and obviously makes us travel around the world. We dance, we smile, we swim in happiness (it changes from the current slump) and we discover that Cannibal easily passes the test of live. We recommend their last one released a few months ago, “Life Is Dead”, and the two previous ones of course, because with them, everything is good. In the dining room, if they pass near you, don’t miss them otherwise they’ll kick you in the ass, or they’ll call them to come and eat you alive.

Goat Girl 4:10-5:00 p.m. John stage

It was while looking at the festival program two months ago that we discovered their name for the first time. We listened to the two albums of the 4 Londoniennes and we liked it. It reminded us of another group of girls, the remarkable warpaint, especially on their second album “On all Fours” released in January 2021. Indeed, an atmospheric and planing pop-rock color was added to a music a bit more nervous than we found on the first disc. It therefore takes a little time to enter their universe, but it is due to the brightness, the sun, the time of passage even if we manage to be in the shade as soon as we approach the scene .

Little by little, the music of Goat Girl enters the brain and the pleasure arrives. The sound is embellished with a live keyboard: the only guy in the group lays down a nice warm topping, he is accompanied by a bass player with a hypnotic sound. The lead singer and guitarist has a very pretty voice that fits perfectly with their music. Vocal level, it is supported by the second guitarist who also plays the keyboard and takes the lead vocally at times. Unquestionably and given their young age (just over 20 years old on average), we say to ourselves that this is a group to follow.

Sleaford Mods 6:05 p.m. – 7:05 p.m. John stage

As always with the Sleaford Mods, we took a good beating. We always think we’re going to be pissed off listening to them and seeing them on stage given the minimal configuration of the line-up. And each time, we get off on it. It must be said that they are not exciting to see, because there is nothing to look at, but rather to listen to, minimalism is juicy in them. The Grand Dadet Andrew Fearn who wears shorts, a cap and his long beard plays the sound of each piece on his laptop, but dances, waddles nonstop unlike the last time we saw them (Trianon, Paris 2017) and it’s a real surprise, because it was more fun and funny than seeing it planted there, like a static picket.

Their electro punk music pulsates us, drives us because the guy who puts us on the ass, it’s necessarily Jason Williamson, the possessed singer who speaks at very high speeds with devilish energy. A real English punk as we like. We were next to him for a while before going on stage, he seems as gentle as a lamb, but once on stage, he’s not the same man because he’s so angry. Him, he lugs around his experience in the slums of England and we love it. The public is jubilant, some are surprised, but everyone is having a blast. Sleaford Modsit is political and fantastic.

Skunk Anansie 9:20 p.m.-10:20 p.m. Beauregard stage

In the 90s, Skunk Anansie was one of our favorite groups, we still remember the monumental concert given at the Zenith in Paris in 1999. At that time, after 3 albums, the English were at the top. We also remember the masterful entry of skin (Deborah Dyer) who wore a boxer’s hooded bathrobe for her arrival on stage that evening on the opening track, the smashing and fabulous “Charlie Big Potato”, memorable. We discovered that day a real beast of the stage and an exceptional group then had 32 brooms. Twenty-three years later, Skunk Anansie, after reforming in 2009, having since released 3 new albums and a live album, made the same entry on the occasion of the “Celebrating 25 Years Tour” postponed several times and finally started last March: this time, Skin is in a Mephistophelian, demonic and diabolical costume, there is the same intensity, the same emotion and we thus take the same slap. Except that our panther, who still enters the stage like a ring, is now just 55 years old, breathtaking!

We start on the thundering “Yes It’s Fucking Political” and we will never go down emotionally during these 60 minutes far too short. From the second song, skin goes down in the public to live a pogo respectful of his person and his immense charisma. It sets fire everywhere and those who don’t know it are flabbergasted, captivated by this tornado coming from another galaxy. Behind, these faithful accomplices beat and play admirably. Their enthusiasm is also a pleasure to see. cass on bass, Ace on guitar and Mark Richardson on drums have aged but are still as biting.

When we release a panther such as skin on stage, you have to follow and hang on. And it is indeed the case. We are ko standing, stunned and moved by hearing in particular the hit ballad “Hedonism”. Her voice is always exceptional and her intense gaze captivates even those who do not know her. The younger ones are very upset, the older ones are still in love and the public is hit by a tidal wave by this desired and expected earthquake. Skunk Anansie, by this high-flying performance, defeated the Norman land. By our musical tastes, because we have seen and heard, by the general atmosphere, this will ultimately be our favorite concert out of the 13. We are happy to fall in love again…

Metronomy 10:25 p.m.-11:25 p.m. John stage

By staying at the end of the end of the tornado skin and his friends, we didn’t arrive too late to take pictures of the English (again) from Metronomy, but we didn’t miss any of their performance. We were a little afraid of finding their performance too calm and bland. In the end, we had a good time with an ideal set-list offering their flagship titles and songs from their 7th album “Small World”, released last February. The rhythm is pleasantly removed and we want to dance and have a good time. Their electronic and alternative music goes very well on stage, because it is fun and without headaches. At the time, we loved their 3rd album, “the English Riveira”, a masterpiece of the genre.

Orelsan 11:30 p.m. – 12:50 a.m. Beauregard stage

No official photographer will be authorized to shoot the performance of the child king of Caen and Normandy. Looking at the shots filmed on the two giant screens and in the background, particularly at the end where we see a credits scroll that will project the names of the musicians, producers and various thanks, we say to ourselves that this very special evening in the heart and soul ofOrelsan is going to be the subject of a documentary-concert on a famous platform which could be broadcast in the near future. Indeed, we really wouldn’t be surprised by that, because usually, the artist and his staff allow photographers. Clearly, he is with the family tonight and of the 30,000 people present, more than half know the lyrics by heart. Time has therefore stopped because even the employees of the food stands no longer work and watch the show, impressive. Orelsan talks a lot to his audience and despite the emotion, he is like a fish in water. This is the third time he has come to play at the festival, but this time he is at the peak of his popularity, as he has become a major artist on the French scene with his latest album. Orelsan is not really a rapper, rather a singer who talks about his life, our lives, his memories that we all more or less lived. We listen to his lyrics (also quite funny) with joy and his music is rather pleasant. It was really the special moment of this edition of Beauregard, so much the osmosis was incredible between him and his family, finally his public.

Gus Gus 12:50 a.m. – 1:50 a.m. John stage

In a few minutes, we go from the last row to the first row, because it is one of the formations that we absolutely wanted to see and for good reason. We have so much to be forgiven for we are full of remorse. Indeed, since 1995, date of the release of their first album, we have literally missed it. We vaguely remember having listened to their second album “Polydistortion” but it’s so far away. For two months, after seeing their name on the bill, we listened to it over and over and we loved it. In addition, their 11th album “Mobile Home”, released a little over a year ago, is a real success. We are now in the middle of the night and pass right after Orelsan is not necessarily the best niche. No matter, a hundred people are already present at the level of the barrier, but they obviously know who this UFO is, the legendary GusGus. Biggi Veira the collective dj in high heels settles behind these machines and quietly launches the rhythms.

The atmosphere will rise crescendo and it is only when the public will be numerous enough that he will let go of the bass. Unquestionably, he knows how to adapt and feel the crowd Daniel and the newcomer Margret will appear before us. During the set, they will take turns singing or mixing their voices. Their music is danceable, soaring and totally hypnotic. The Icelanders, who are more accustomed to playing in clubs or electro & techno festivals, see the somewhat drunken public of Beauregard, more into rap, variety or rock, having fun and really tripping. We take a lot of pleasure and the liberation is total. It’s already 2 o’clock in the morning, we’re tired but so happy to have made up for lost time.

Pictures : Jerome Agier

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