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One hour with Stephan Eicher

Do you want to escape for a meal or find a dish that comes from your home or remember a dish that you may have tasted on vacation? This selection of take-out restaurants will allow you to discover or comfort yourself with flavors from Asia, Latin America, Europe or Africa. Here is a small guide of addresses to test and even re-test?

Last Sunday, my girlfriend inspired me for my column by wondering if Latin restaurants existed in Lausanne. Sometimes, certain flavors allow you to find comfort whether you are near or far from home. So, this week I went to discover take away restaurants to find or discover dishes from around the world in Lausanne. However, I have selected these addresses with the following criteria:

  • Budget 15 to 20 CHF maximum
  • no chains
  • The aesthetics of the place should not influence my choice

Here is my selection to get away from it all during your lunch break!

Latin America

EL GAUCHO, Boulevard de Grancy 44

Having a mother of Argentine origin, I am very curious to taste addresses that offer Argentine dishes. Often associated with meat, Argentinian cuisine has many more interesting dishes that are also shared with other Latin American countries! A dish common to almost the entire continent is the empanada. Those del Gaucho are tender, tasty and are eaten with the traditional Chimichurri sauce, a delicious sauce made with olive oil and raised with a mixture of herbs such as basil and parsley. Hot sandwiches like el Choripan, a hot dog with pork or beef sausage, al lomo sandwich. For delicacies, it is absolutely necessary to taste the alfajores de dulce de leche!


FRIDA, Avenue Vinet 26 bis

A delicatessen that sells food products mainly from Mexico and also from Venezuela. You can enjoy empanadas and tamales to take away.

Price of an empanada= 5 CHF


CONDOR COMIDA AND BAR, Rue du Petit St. Jean 7

Small Chilean dishes and flavors located on Rue de Petit Saint-Jean behind Place Pépinet. Empanadas, hot dogs called El completo.

Price of an empanada: 7.50-8 CHF

Price of a hot dog: 7 CHF


LE SHANTI, Avenue de la Gare 10

This restaurant offers at noon one of the best prices at noon. For 12 CHF for a take-out dish, you will eat delicious Indian cuisine! This address has become one of my favorites due to the proximity to the radio studio, but it is also a charming setting if you decide to eat inside or on the terrace in summer.

Flat price to take away = 12 CHF


BIBIBOWL, Place Grand St. Jean 2

Bibimbaps as a lukewarm dish, of course you will tell me that bowls have been booming in Switzerland in the last two years. But this is Korean cuisine and the most enjoyable dish to eat! The smile of the managers, the reduction when you bring your own container and the Kpop music brings a charm to this establishment.

Vegetarian takeaway price without its own container = 15 CHF

Price dish with meat without its own container = 18 CHF

Main course to take away with meat with its own container=17 CHF



A lounge where you can have a quiet tea in the city center of Lausanne. And that’s where you can learn about the art of tea, like taking part in origami workshops! Treat yourself to a break on the spot or to take away to digest your lunch meal. Traditional Japanese pastries are also offered here.


Middle East

LE LEVANT, Rue de l’Ale 22

Eating Lebanese to lick your fingers! The great classics of Lebanese cuisine such as falafel, labneh, mezze, or even desserts with more interesting flavors than each other, I came across an orange blossom flan this summer.

Price of a sandwich/Lebanese bread= 6-7 CHF

Price of a mezze/plate= 15 CHF



THE BLUE NILE, Avenue de Villamont 17

Currently on Avenue de Villamont, this restaurant serves Ethiopian specialities. You will find injera pancakes with lentils, chickpeas with spices or Kifto (Ethiopian steak tartare) and why not for dessert a mango or coconut mousse. The flavors are already dreaming, there is a menu to take away and one to eat in. Take-away meals can also be served at the table but with a supplement of 2 CHF. I tasted 4 pieces of injera pancakes stuffed with lentils and a mango mousse for dessert all for 11.50 I was very happy and full!

Price of 4 injera patties= 8.50



IL FORNO, Avenue de Rumine 7

This caterer was recommended to me by colleagues and I did not regret going to try this address! The world of Italian caterers in Lausanne is a very pleasant experience. And we must admit that Il Forno brings you 2 advantages, heat, flavors, great quality and creativity in their dishes and desserts. And the proximity to the park of Mon repos. A real nice lunch break awaits you!


Restaurants to test that I have not yet been able to taste before the publication of this article:

El RANCHO, Rue de la Barre 8

In the former premises of Harper’s and Liberta, is the one and only 100% Colombian restaurant in the city! The great classics of Colombian cuisine are served there, such as Sancocho, bandeja Paisa, el Tamal Colombiano, Ajiaco, etc.


THE SEMAPHORE, Avenue d’Ouchy 7

A café restaurant that offers two menus, one with Ukrainian specialties and a second with more famous European dishes.


“The best trip is the one we haven’t taken yet”, Quote from Loïck Peyron, French navigator

Following this experience of eating at a different address every lunchtime, we must admit that it remains a luxury. So cooking yourself is still more advantageous. And yet offering myself the luxury of exploring addresses made me feel like an adventurer in taste. So, thatIt is sometimes worth breaking out of your habits to taste the flavors of the world. And maybe walk a little more, to discover a place where you would not have thought to land… Finally a bit like when you travel.

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