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On a bike tour, the Ensemble Correspondances will stop in Saint-Pierre-en-Auge

The Ensemble Correspondances will perform its program “La voix des anges”. ©Virginie MEIGNE

Sébastien Daucé, you direct the Ensemble Correspondances, which is in residence at the Théâtre de Caen. How was born the idea of ​​the bike tour which will stop on Sunday July 24, 2022 in Saint-Pierre-en-Auge (Calvados)?

We have a lot of very punctual trips. You can arrive in Toulouse one day and take the train to be in Berlin the next day for example, or long distances for short times of presence. The idea of ​​the bike tour is to offer the musicians a slower pace, a bit like Molière with his troupe in the 17the century. We go from village to village by bike, the most suitable means of transport, the most ecological, the most able to make us enjoy the landscape. We play each evening in a different village, on average 50 km from each other. It’s a way of offering musicians the opportunity to do their job a little differently and the public to meet musicians in a context different from the usual classical music concert.

So far, has the weather been kind to you?

Extremely lenient! In 2020, we had the heat wave. In Normandy, honestly, it was a very pleasant heat wave, with enough air to feel good. Last year, we had a little drizzle on one day but we were always incredibly lucky.

We play each evening in a different village, on average 50 km from each other.

What brought you to the harpsichord?

When the public comes, we meet lots of children. That’s exactly how I fell into this instrument, by chance. One day I heard the harpsichord, it completely fascinated me and I decided that I would play this instrument. Arriving in a church, a village, is also a way to meet people, and even children, who will perhaps have the revelation for this instrument.

For its third edition, the Normandy cycling tour of the Ensemble Correspondances takes place over nine dates from Saturday 22 to Sunday 31 July.
The third Normandy cycle tour of the Ensemble Correspondances will take place from July 23 to 31. ©Virginie MEIGNE

For Sunday, what program do you plan?

With six singers, we offer a program that evokes the music that there was in places very reserved for the XVIIe century and that we visit today, the convents, the abbeys. At the time, in these places, there was an extremely rich musical life because the nuns sang, the young girls who came to study learned music there. There were usually very high level music masters. But it was a somewhat secret musical life. Some foreign visitors, especially Italians, have come to France, had the chance to slip an ear and still talk about the “song of the angels” about these intertwining female voices. It is this music that we are going to make for this tour, including the date in Saint-Georges.

What we do locally in Normandy or what we do on the other side of the world in very large concert halls is absolutely complementary.

Internationally, what are your latest and upcoming projects?

In April-May there was the three and a half week tour of the United States, from the east coast to the west coast. We also traveled across Canada. We start to play in very big European theaters, like in Madrid and Brussels. We are going to play in a few weeks at the Cologne Philharmonic and in Utrecht. For me, what we do locally in Normandy or what we do on the other side of the world in very large concert halls is absolutely complementary. We need these two aspects of encounter with the public.

On the recording side, what are your news?

In two months, we are going to release an English opera on the story of Psyche, a totally unknown work that has already been performed at the Théâtre de Caen and at the Opéra de Versailles. We recorded it two years ago and it will be released in September. And we are in the process of recording the next disc which will be released in two years.

Sunday July 24, 2022, at 3.30 p.m., in the church of Saint-Georges-en-Auge, in Saint-Pierre-en-Auge. Free. Reservations on The concert will be followed by a bike ride that will leave from the church of Saint-Georges-en-Auge. (Helmet and fluorescent vest recommended)

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