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“Now is when the work begins”

We met him in June 2020. Specy Men, a Toulouse rapper has since evolved a lot. Three albums in three years, artistic construction and more recently appearances in festivals, the skinny body once again opened the doors of its studio to us for an interview. Ambitions and confidences, an interview signed aficia.

Since his 16 years old, How much of Bottles by the sea, Specy Men has he cast for the fulfillment of his dreams? Probably as many as its number of jeans with holes abandoned to the tumults of a Dance floor Toulouse, or its innumerable cigarettes consumed in the light of neon lights of one hotel night shared with Roxane. Maybe it wasn’t Not easybut today it is with the Smile that the good bad boy profile Behind the scenes a promising ascent.

Specy Men the interview…

We saw each other at the release of your first album, ‘Corps Maigre’, today you have just unveiled ‘Tout Moi’, your latest project. First of all, how are you? How do you feel about the evolution over the past three years?

Well, I’m doing very well! As well as someone who has just won the bet he made three years ago. It was a lot of work, perseverance, sleepless nights, coffees, cigarettes and doubts, but I’m relieved we made it. This development I am proud of, not many of us have offered such consistency so early in a career. I feel as proud humanly as professionally, it’s a page that turns. This beautiful showcase is in place, we will continue. It’s now that the work begins, I almost want to say.

Your news is therefore this trilogy which closes with all me.
This project in a few words?

“This is the album of maturity” (laughs) ! Beyond the cliché of this sentence, this is also what I feel. This album is just a summary of what I do best. It is the most successful, it is rather a good sign. It is the continuation and conclusion of a trilogy about me, my city, my relationship to music and the stories of a music-loving wanderer.

“Moving forward as a group is a strength. I am very well surrounded”

We feel a more intimate, wounded atmosphere, was that desired?

The album is aptly named, it’s the closest project to what I am. We find there the emaciated Specy of the first opuses, but little by little, he heads towards happiness, escape through musical passion. This intimate trait is completely voluntary.

A title that is particularly close to your heart?

Hard to choose just one. But, for the record, I would like to talk about “Roxane”. For many, and I understand them, it’s a happy title, with playful sounds. Still, it’s probably one of the saddest tracks on the album in its history. I really liked playing with this contrast. I could also mention this intro which was originally supposed to be an interlude. It perfectly represents the colors of all me. It was my team who, after listening to it, told me that it was more of an intro. A sound that reminds me that moving forward in a group is a strength. I am very well surrounded!

More and more controlled rock influences, present, how do you work this dough, do you plan to keep it for the future?

It’s funny, I hear a lot about rock. I must say that I play a lot. But when I chant to the public that they all have rockers, I’m mostly talking about attitude. Rock is more an aura that accompanies me than a specific artistic direction trait. I always grew up with it, so sometimes it says “Neons” “Superstar”. But as during the explosion of “Last attempt”, I refuse to be categorized as a Sadrap, or a rock rapper. I make music that’s all. I follow the desires of a project and I bring the parts it needs.

After listening to these three projects with very singular souls, we have in mind featurings that could fit (Zed Yun Pavarotti, YouvDee, Sopico…). Are we dreaming too much?

The names mentioned are very interesting. I can’t say too much, but respectively, these artists do work that I admire. I find the work of the vulture particularly avant-garde…

“Twenty or a thousand people in front of me, it will be the same show”

Recently, we had the opportunity to see several of your stage performances (Larsen, Garorock…). With your backer Price, you give off real energy, a unique performance. How do you approach the Specy Men experience on stage? There is added value to be heard all me live ?

This is something that I wanted to defend quickly. Twenty or a thousand people in front of me, it will be the same show. As an artist, I really care about live performances. We worked hard for months. The goal is for live to be a completely different experience than listening to the project with headphones. We have precise sleights of hand, phases or Price rap straight. I didn’t just want my last words heard echoed. We come back to this notion of team, but we move forward together. Specy Men is also a whole support team. To prepare all me was also an opportunity to understand my body, my image in clips… Live is a very specific part of a project and it deserves to be treated as much as the rest. It’s nice to hear that the work is noticed, we evolve!

Finally, there is the title “The end” which concludes the project, almost in a cry of farewell. You said in a story, not long ago, that you were going to retire to write the sequel. Do you know more about the color that will take the rest of the adventure? Or will you let yourself be carried away for the moment?

I want to throw myself fully into something else. The trilogy that I created closes well all that I had to say about my life in Toulouse, my childhood, my evolution. I have in mind something complex but exhilarating. We will indeed isolate ourselves to do that, but we will do it well. I don’t want to disappoint those who have placed their trust in me. I have the cards in hand, we will assert ourselves now.

Discover all methe last album of Specy Men:

Specy Men, Price, Garorock 2022, “Forest Stage” ©LucasLaberenne

Lucas Laberenne

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