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News from Celine Dion, Dua Lipa and Maneskin’s new album postpones its tour… All the music news!

Dua Lipa confides in her new album: “It even has a name, which I’m already thinking about”!

His album Future Nostalgia, unveiled in March 2020, is a hit around the world. As she prepares to continue with a huge world tour which will begin in a few days in the United States, the British singer revealed thanks to her title Be The One seems on all fronts. The proof, in addition to music, the young woman is also the muse of several fashion and cosmetic brands including the famous perfume Libre de Saint Laurent. A global visibility that seems to go hand in hand with its success in France. As proof, the SNEP (Syndicat National de l’Edition Phonographique) confirmed a few months ago that Dua Lipa’s latest album was certified double platinum with 200,000 equivalent sales, of which 50,000 come from physical copies. It is also useless to recall the success that the latter met with the release of Fever, in collaboration with her friend the singer Angèle.

While one would have thought that the overloaded schedule of the star does not leave him much time to work on a new project, it was without counting the recent confidences that she made to the Wall Street Journal Magazine. “I did a lot of the writing: It’s starting to take shape; I recorded a large part of it”, she specifies. “He has a vision. It even has a name, which I already think of. Words that immediately aroused the curiosity of millions of Dua Lipa fans around the world. However, the latter prefers to warn that this new project will be a little different: “I will always make pop music, but it has its own unique sound, which is exciting and something like a movement of Future Nostalgia. It is still in its infancy, we will see how it evolves. »

Måneskin postpones his European tour and his concert in Paris!

Thanks to raw, energetic and distorted sounds, Maneskin has been able to respond perfectly to the contemporary tastes of the public and bring rock back to the top of the international charts. However, a few years ago, it is very far from the prestigious scenes that they cut their teeth. Indeed, from 2015, the members of the group sing in the streets of Rome. Driven by mad energy and unfailing ambition, Maneskin will in a few years become one of the first Italian bands to export their music all over the world. If their success has increased sharply in recent months, it is mainly their victory at the 2021 edition of Eurovision that has propelled them into the spotlight. A great platform for this original and talented quartet which plays hits at high speed and which was in the Virgin Radio studios for an exceptional session on October 13th!

Expected for next February 21 at the Zénith de Paris as part of the LOUD KIDS ON TOUR ’22 tour, Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Ethan Torchio and Thomas Raggi announced in a video posted on social networks that many concerts would be postponed due to the still unstable health situation. A real disappointment for their many fans who were impatiently awaiting this first big concert in France. However, as specified on Maneskin’s official website, a new date will be offered to ticket holders for the previous event. Information that should be provided before March 1, 2022. Visibly very disappointed not to be able to go on stage, the members of the quartet wanted to write a few words to their fans: “Thank you for your patience and your support, we are all together in this situation so we just have to hold on, but we’ll be back, we swear, and it will be even better. Ok guys, we love you! “.

Celine Dion: Paris Match unveils the first shots of the star in two years (PHOTOS)

Don’t forget, on July 13, 2023, Celine Dion will be the exceptional guest of the Vieilles Charrues festival in Carhaix, Brittany. A Virgin Radio event not to be missed under any circumstances which, after two cancellations, should finally be able to delight the thousands of festival-goers who have reserved their places. In the meantime, the Canadian singer had planned to end her American tour started before the pandemic and to follow up with a new residence in a Las Vegas casino. Only then, it seems that the fragile health of the star was right in his last concerts in North America. An absolutely heartbreaking decision that the interpreter of For you to still love me shared a few days ago with his community on Instagram: “I was really hoping to be ready to go back on stage now, but I see that I have to be more patient and follow the recommendations of my doctors. Our shows require a lot of organization and preparation, so we have to make decisions today that will affect plans two months from now. I will be so happy when I get healthy again, the pandemic is behind us and I get on stage again. In the meantime, I have been very touched by all the messages of encouragement you have sent me on social media. I feel your love and support and it means a lot to me. »

As for her projects in France, the French are impatiently awaiting the return of the singer. Initially scheduled for June 2020 and then March 2021, the star’s shows at Paris La Défense Arena should finally take place in September 2022. At least, that’s what is stated on her official website. Six concerts which are already sold out and which, if they are canceled, would definitively destroy the hopes of the hundreds of thousands of fans who are waiting to applaud their favorite artist. While rumors are rife about Celine Dion’s fragile health, no snapshot of the star had leaked for almost two years. But that was before the publication of the last issue of Paris Match in which the editorial staff unveiled photos of the singer leaving the dentist in Las Vegas on January 19. In an article entitled “The photo that worries”, the magazine specifies that “We see him standing, emerging from his car. (…) We are surprised to find her there, walking”. It must be said that some uninformed sources claimed that the latter suffered so much that she could no longer move from her bed. So it would seem that she has enough strength to accompany her twins to the doctor. Paris Match specifies all the same that “Céline has white hair, no makeup, tired eyes”. Not enough to panic his fans who know their idol simple and very far from the obsession of youth that reigns in the middle!

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