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NEWS | Bourgie Hall announces a record season of 122 concerts

Bourgie Hall 2022-2023 programming.

Bourgie Hall will present around 100 concerts in 2021-2022 (Photo: Bernard Fugère)

Yes, you read that right: Bourgie Hall will present 122 concerts as part of its season in 2022-2023. This is a last programming for the artistic director Isolde Lagace before his departure in December. She explains the main principles that guided her choices.

“The reason why we present so many concerts is that during the pandemic, we postponed many events because I wanted to respect our commitments towards the artists, she says. So we ended up with a huge season. It’s my biggest since the beginning, but it’s exceptional. »

Among its guidelines: to have a fair proportion of artists from here and international artists.

“I want at least half of the artists who perform in Bourgie to come from here. We have exceptional musicians and I consider that it should be the mission of Quebec broadcasters to present our artists. If we’re not there to support them, we’re missing the boat. And it’s also important to have musicians of all ages, young and old, to present newcomers and make room for the next generation. »

The artistic director also thinks a lot about the distribution and balance of genres and eras of music: early, baroque, classical, romantic, jazz, world music and family concerts.

Finally, quality remains the main guiding principle.

“I want it to be a guarantee of quality to play at Bourgie Hall,” she said. Whatever the genre, it’s always of a very high artistic level. »

MMFA exhibitions and Bach cantatas

Ten concert programs have been designed in conjunction with three exhibitions at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, namely At full volume, Basquiat and the music, Music from the Cold: Inuit Art, Song and Danceas well as Feminine design.

The complete Bach Cantatas, a vast project dear to Isolde Lagace will continue until its conclusion, with ten Quebec and international ensembles performing 34 cantatas in 13 concerts. Everything will begin on September 24 and 25 with musicians from the OSM under the direction of Rafael Payare.

“I am extremely proud to have made it to the end of this integral,” she said. It was a complex exercise because of all the postponements and cancellations. Year 8 of the integral begins with the OSM and ends with OM. Through this project, I wanted to involve the whole community, and I succeeded. Between the first concert, in 2014, we heard 27 ensembles, including three Americans, seven Europeans, seven Quebecers, 33 conductors, 63 programs, and I think this is the only time such a project has been presented in Canada. »

artistic director of Arte Musica.  (Photo: Pierre-Etienne Bergeron)
Isolde Lagacé, artistic director of Arte Musica. (Photo: Pierre-Etienne Bergeron)

Ten great must-haves according to Ludwig van Montreal

  • The inaugural concert: of course, the first concert of the season is a must. This year, it honors the outgoing artistic director, with Isolde Lagacé, a life in music.Whim set under the direction of Matthias Mauteas well as Magali Simard-Galdes (soprano), Melisande McNabney (organ) and Ilya Poletaev (fortepiano) will perform works by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Avison and Mozart, who accompanied Isolde Lagace since his childhood. It’s a date September 18. DETAILS AND TICKETS
  • Hervé Niquet directs Charpentier. Notice to the baroque: the French chef directs harpsichord in concert in the Te Deum by Charpentier with a fine cast of soloists, including Myriam Leblanc, Catherine Saint-Arnaud, Philippe Gagné. September 30. DETAILS AND TICKETS
  • From October 13 to 20, Louis Lortie finally completes its complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas, postponed three times due to the pandemic. DETAILS AND TICKETS
  • Anne-Sofie von Otter and Kristian Bezuidenhout. Two great international artists in a program including, among others, pieces by Fanny Mendelssohn, Franz Schubert. November 7. DETAILS AND TICKETS
  • Charlie Brown’s Christmas. A Bourgie Hall classic with the Trio Taurey Butler, whose tickets generally sell out in a few hours. Be quick! December 15 and 16. DETAILS AND TICKETS
  • Andrew Wan and Charles Richard Hamelin. The two friends meet again, this time for sonatas for violin and piano by Brahms, Franck and Medtner. February 1. DETAILS AND TICKETS
  • The King’s Singers. The famous British vocal ensemble for Valentine’s Day, who says better? February 14, 2023. DETAILS AND TICKETS
  • Jean Guihen Queyras and Alexandre Tharaud. What to say? We love them, and they love us too. When two of the best French musicians play together, we travel to hear them. Schubert, Poulenc and Marais are on the program. April 1, 2023. DETAILS AND TICKETS
  • The Philip Glass Ensemble. For this concert entitled Exploration in Theater and filmwe will hear in particular Koyaanisqatsi, Glassworks and Einstein on the Beachin addition to the Canadian creation of Music in Eight Parts50 years after its composition. May 24, 2023. DETAILS AND TICKETS
  • The King’s Violins and Marc-Andre Hamelin. An unusual meeting to conclude the season under the direction of jonathan cohen. Marc-Andre Hamelin will play, among others, the formidable Concerto for piano and strings by Schnittke. A work to hear at least once in your life. June 2. DETAILS AND TICKETS

Bonus: Caroline Rodgers’ picks

Through this vast offer of concerts, apart from the essentials mentioned above, I have already spotted what tempts me. Here are two very personal suggestions:

  • My friends know I’m not Schumann’s best friend, but if it’s about the mythical Children’s scenesand that in addition to the same concert, we can hear Philip Sly in The loves of the poet, I’m all ears! With John Marchand (piano) and Jana Miller (soprano). October 5. DETAILS AND TICKETS
  • It is no exaggeration to say that Pascal Amoyel is an absolutely phenomenal artist. His show The pianist with 50 fingers, where he paid homage to Cziffra, is one of my fondest memories at Bourgie Hall. He comes back with In the footsteps of Beethoven. If our first experience is to be trusted, it will surely be memorable. February 22. DETAILS AND TICKETS

In addition to these 122 concerts for the season, there are 39 concerts by guest presenters, for a total of 161 concerts, as well as the rounds of the Concours musical international de Montréal.


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