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Musical radio audiences: What scores for the last mornings of Manu Payet and Elodie Gossuin?

The flagship appointments of music stations are doing well. And this in a context of a wave of Médiamétrie audience marked by a decline in this category of stations with 161,000 loyal followers lost in one year, for a total of 17.4 million. In the morning, between last April and June, Manu Lévy had almost twice as many audiences as its main competitor radio station, Nostalgie. “Manu dans le 6/10” is listened to by 624,000 listeners, up 10,000 pairs of ears over one year. But on Nostalgie, Philippe and Sandy have not said their last word. The duo conquered 39,000 additional souls compared to April-June 2022, the largest increase in this top 10.

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Audiences access 8 p.m.: “Le 19.45” by Ophélie Meunier at an excellent level on M6

The duel is then tight between Bruno Guillon and Difool. The Fun Radio host narrowly wins with a community of 293,000 faithfulversus 292,000 urban music fans. But between the two men, it is David Massard, alias Difool, who is progressing the most (+23,000 listeners).

In the middle of the table, on RTL2, Grégory Ascher and Justine Salmon, who officiate in “Le double espresso”, are recovering and can boast of an increase of 20,000 listeners in one year. RFM’s morning show, which will change at the start of the school year in part with the arrival of Caroline Ithurbide, is losing momentum over a year (-28,000 listeners) but is gaining followers compared to the wave of audience at the start year (+39,000).

On Virgin Radio, between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., mayonnaise still does not take for Manu Payet’s “Virgin Tonic” team with the evaporation of 31,000 listeners in one year, for a total of 210,000 irreducible. The music station, which should soon be renamed Europe 2, will welcome a new team in the morning from the start of the school year with the arrival of Guillaume Genton who will take over the destinies of “Morning without filter”. On Laughs & Songs, Bruno Roblès’ program has won 19,000 humor fans in one year and brought together 85,000 French each morning.

The classification of musical mornings

1. NRJ (6am-10am), with Manu Lévy (624,000 listeners /+10,000 over one year)
2. Nostalgia (6am-9am), with Philippe and Sandy (322,000 listeners / +39,000 over one year)
3. Fun Radio (6am-9am), with Bruno Guillon (293,000 listeners /+19,000 over one year)
4. Skyrock (6 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.), with Difool (292,000 listeners /+23,000 over one year)
5. RTL2 (6am-9.30am), with Grégory Ascher and Justine Salmon (252,000 listeners /+20,000 over one year)
6. RFM (6am-9.30am), with Albert Spano and Elodie Gossuin (227,000 listeners / -28,000 over one year)
7. Virgin Radio (6am-10am), with Manu Payet (210,000 listeners / -31,000 over one year)
8. Chérie FM (6 a.m. to 9 a.m.), with Alexandre Devoise and Sophie Coste (164,000 listeners /+34,000 over one year)
9. Rire & Chansons (6 a.m. to 10 a.m.), with Bruno Roblès (85,000 listeners /+19,000 over one year)
10. M Radio (6am-10am), with Vincent Cerutti and Tiffany Bonvoisin (63,000 listeners /+11,000 over one year)

In the evening, Skyrock is always ahead of the competition. The road is still long for Brak and Louis on NRJ, but the young duo is now listened to by 62,000 people, up by 8,000 onlookers over one year. Failure on the other hand for Cartman on Fun Radio, which only brings together 20,000 fans between 9 p.m. and midnight, a drop of 15,000 people compared to the same period last year. On Virgin Radio, Mikl is ambushed with 18,000 followers to complete his first season.

The classification of musical evenings

1. Skyrock (8 p.m.-9 p.m.), with “Planète Rap” (136,000 listeners /+28,000 over one year)
2. Skyrock (9 p.m. to midnight), with Difool (109,000 listeners /+30,000 over one year)
3. NRJ (9 p.m. to midnight), with Brak and Louis (62,000 listeners /+8,000 over one year)
4. Fun Radio (9 p.m.-12 a.m.), with Cartman (20,000 listeners /-15,000 over one year)
5. Virgin Radio (8pm-12am) with Mikl (18,000 listeners /-3,000 over one year)

Source: 126,000 Radio Médiamétrie April-June 2022. Average quarter-hour audiences. Monday to Friday. The comparisons expressed are over one year (April-June 2021 vs. April-June 2022) and over a wave (January-March 2022 vs. April-June 2022).

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