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Musical journey, this Saturday evening in Bourges, with Duplessy & The Violins of the World

With Guo Gan (erhu, Chinese fiddle, vocals), Aliocha (nyckelharpa, Swedish fiddle, vocals) and Epi (morin khuur, Mongolian fiddle and Mongolian overtone singing), Mathias Duplessy, on guitar and vocals, becomes Duplessy & The Violins of the World. In French, Duplessy and the violins of the world… Of course, in Berry, the fiddle is well known.

Music and audiences from around the world

But the hurdy-gurdy from Berry (with two “l”) is a hurdy-gurdy. Mathias Duplessy, multi-instrumentalist musician and world-famous composer (compositions on guitar and film soundtracks), admits that it is not the type of fiddle that interests him the most, although “the nyckelharpa looks like it”. It must be said that he has already learned a large number of fiddles and other instruments from around the world.
The group had already performed during the Belété in Bourges, in August 2018. This Saturday evening’s concert will be their only date in Berry, before touring France and Italy, and even the United States, where most of their most loyal audience comes from, assures the musician.

This will be their first tour in this country, which they are looking forward to, after concerts in Australia, Japan or India. They find, everywhere in the world, a mixture of public of initiated and curious, which represents well the diversity of their instruments and their music.

“Musicians are the last soldiers of love?”

Mathias Duplessy promises a concert of just over an hour with songs from their three albums (including the last, Brothers of string, released in 2020). Like their albums, the spotlight will be on European classics, but also on the cinema of Ennio Morricone (in particular The good, the bad and the ugly) and original compositions. All without genre or label limits.

Burlesque theatre, jukebox caravan… L’Estival du Luisant will be a show!

Mathias Duplessy says that the group draws its inspiration from nature: the horse and its gaits, or the flight of the heron, a traditional Chinese figure. A melodious and very colorful music, to be seen as “postcards”. A way to travel while staying in the same place, close to home.
In addition to great sensitivity and new sounds for some, expect “energy, humor and virtuosity” this Saturday evening.

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Beyond the music, the group wants to mix the cultural contributions of each community. Mathias Duplessy concludes with a phrase he says he borrows from Stevie Wonder: “Musicians are the last soldiers of love. In an uncertain period, where wars and tensions between countries and communities are intense, it is a strong image of union and living together that Duplessy and the violins of the world offer us.

Practice. Duplessy & The Violins of the World, free concert at Square du Cardinal-Lefebvre, this Saturday evening, at 9 p.m.

Maelle Fauvet


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