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MUSIC IN BRIEF – Rocking and lifting the crowds

Every two weeks, Maze journalists offer you an overview of the albums and EPs that have made the music news.

November Ultra – Bedroom Walls

He is one of those heart-warming discs that reassures and knows how to touch the soul at the right place to soothe it. The new disc of November Ultra Bedroom Walls is one of them. After a handful of singles, multiple acoustic sessions on Instagram and a maxi Honey Please Be Soft & Tender released in 2021, she unveils her very first album.

With Bedroom Walls, November Ultra opens the doors of its room and its secrets to us. An ode to intimacy, to areas of shadow and inner light that flows into the ears like magic nectar. The album navigates between several musical genres, R&Nb, folk, musicals: like a patchwork of sounds and influences stuck on a page of a diary. For this project, she surrounds herself with an entourage of producers like Felower (Monomania) or even Raphaël Herrerias of the group Terrenoire (Nostalgia/Ultra) and even ventures into autotune. In a rosy melancholy, always sweet, never sad, November invites us to get on her magic merry-go-round where each song is a lullaby that consoles as much as it comforts.

Released April 8.

Favorites : over & over & over, soft & tender, monomania, nostalgia/ultra, September

Pauline Pitrou

Muddy Monk- Ultra Dramatic Kid

Boy in the moon, handyman of spatial sounds: since his first record Long Ride released in 2018, Guillaume Dietrich aka Muddy Monk composes the soundtrack of his nostalgic wanderings. After a few projects, including an EP Ultra Tape released in 2020, Muddy Monk returns with Ultra Dramatic Kida radical new record that flirts with stars and comets.

For this new album, the artist goes a little further in futurism and in the affirmation of his inspirations. french touch (Daftpunk). Still with this youthful fragility that has set him apart since his debut, Muddy Monk alternates between cosmic ballads and electronic flights.

With Ultra Dramatic Kid, he walks us with him in his fallen dreams, lost loves and other deep nostalgias that never cease to haunt him. In Muddy Monk’s aerial world, machines, like hearts, seem to know how to cry, dance and explode.

Released April 1.

Favorites : Heads or Tails, Soldier Boy, Slow

Pauline Pitrou

Father John Misty – Chloë and the Next 20th Century

The famous croon American operates a throwback on his last album. To alleviate the ills of our society, he suggests digging into our past: heading to the Roaring Twenties of the post-war period, between amorous euphoria, feathered costumes, society life and piano bars… Track after track, the timelessness of the disc surprised. The tracks are skilfully chosen and their arrangements almost trick us: is it a dusty vinyl found in the attic where a live on Broadway?

Father John Misty vogue and monopolizes the codes of the greatest musical classics without falling into cliché and caricature. Chloean ode to American musicals, opens the album, which closes with The Next 20th Century, with provocative cynicism. A real journey through time, the record strikes with its modern, paradoxical disillusion alongside a musical and iconographic history borrowed from the Americas of yesteryear.

Released April 8.

Favorites : Chloë, (Everything But) Her Love, Olvidado (Otro Momento), Goodbye Mr. Blue

Robin Smith

Dead Myth- Shores

In a period that is quite anxiety-provoking, we either need comfort or let off steam as much as possible to release this rage that haunts us. Dead Myth offers us the possibility of moving frantically on a vigorous post punk. If the sounds of the titles of the album Shores could make us think of the Irish Fountains DC or the French Structures. Dead Myth brings a more melodic and dancing touch, almost indie on industrial sounds, for example on titles Silly Village and take me down. But the group tackles a very shoe gaze and noisy on other pieces, which would make us feel the incessant movement of the swell.

We land on the vaporous and sinister shores of the Norman group. A fiery maritime touch, Dead Myth makes us discover their mystical and cold universe.

Released March 4, 2022.

Favorites : Desperation Move, Living Hell, Swing Into The Light

Eva Duke

Antenna – A. Bogoliubsky, Dog.

What ? You don’t understand the title of this EP with its incredible name? It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to know how to pronounce it to be able to appreciate its content! Like the music of the Lyon trio Antenne.e, A. Bogoliubsky, Dog. is a collection of six surreal tracks. Their music could have been part of the DADA manifesto, this current of the last century which made poetry out of words, having fun composing them. Antenn.e, they play with musical sounds. The three friends make musical puzzles, colorful collages.

Having fun with the language, the ways of singing and the rhythms, each piece of music could be an infinity and a unique jewel. What is certain is that with Antenn.e you never get bored, there is no question of making a loop of the same chord, we prefer experimentation. So in the continuity of a release that is becoming essential, here is a second art-punk album that will make you lose your head and thus make you capsize.

Released April 8.

Favorites : Fire, Mustard, Flowers, Cheers

Eva Duke

Wet Leg – Wet Leg

A true international phenomenon, Wet Leg comes straight from the Isle of Wright, a tiny British islet of barely 150,000 inhabitants. Presented as the musical revolution of 2022, the group was quickly signed to Domino Records, the prestigious label ofArctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand. A hit later (Lounge Chair), the duo has concocted an energetic and exhilarating album.

The opus is influenced as much by the current post-punk as by the folk that rocked the two friends. Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers had written songs before and it was Dan Carey, the genius behind DC hits Fontaines, Squid and Goat Girl who arranged them to fit the current aesthetic. The songs have this dough that makes the comeback of post-punk as it appears anachronistic in 2022.

Whether it’s the throbbing and tubesque Lounge Chairthe sexual WetDreamthe hater Angelicaand even the sweet ballad Loving You, each track exudes rock energy. The identity of Wet Leg is this phlegm, common in England but rare when it comes to rock. The lyrics, the intention, the way of singing and playing, everything seems to transmit this nonchalance as to what is happening around. The real baptism of fire will be the live but with a few glimpses already, we know that Wet Leg will return to the Eurockéennes and the Elysée Montmartre in the coming months!

Released April 8.

Favorites : Ur Mom, Wet Dream, Deck Chair

Basil Herve

Jack White – Fear Of The Dawn

After the brilliant and first solo album that was Lazaretto released in 2014, the second Boarding House Reach acted as too much musical experimentation and greatly disappointed. Back to basics with fear of the dawn, this new and third opus. Aggressive drumming, an overly saturated guitar sound, choirs full of reverb and an almost screaming vocals, that’s what made the musician’s success. Jack White has learned to use his machines and can finally deliver an excellent, long-awaited album. electrifying The White Ravenhip-hopist Hi-De-Ho until the unclassifiable Eosophobia, Fear Or The Dawn advances rock, innovates and lets off steam. Against a backdrop of catchy and hard-hitting riffs, Jack White declaims his lyrics without really singing them, harangues the crowd and makes his guitar scream.

As its name suggests, the album prefers the reassuring darkness of the night and strives to develop an electric and distressing rock. largely self-sufficient, Fear of The Dawn is however only a first part since Entering Heaven Alive will be released on July 22 and will complete the diptych. Announced as more acoustic, the opus will therefore be the front of the electric back. Two sides of the same coin, of the same Jack White, still as creative despite the years.

Released April 8.

Favorites : The White Raven, Eosophobia, Taking Me Back

Basil Herve

Confidence Man – TILT

To make the crowds dance with their audacity on stage and their house and vintage electronic music, Melbourne’s Confidence Man are always there. With TILTthe Australian group will once again stir up the crowds.

Known for their presence on stage as well as for their arrogance in magnifying the beautiful, Confidence Man invites us to accept our deepest desires as on toy boy where we talk about the buttocks of a toy boy as the 8th wonder of the world. But here we also advocate the strong position of women with the house of Woman. This new opus invites us into the roots of dancing which is specific to the group thanks to the captivating songs What I Like, Luvin U Is Easyor Break It Bought It. Then the hip-hop breaks of Kiss N Tell and the very funky à la Lizzo Angry Girl will make you nostalgic for the early 2000s. Then the album explodes on the final title Relieve The Pressure to afro-beat rhythms and didjeridoo sound, a piece where the sublime Janet Planet raises the temperature by singing in French.

You, fans of Scissor Sister, CSS, Lcd Soundsystem, as well as Madonna or Ace Of Base, this second effort will drive you crazy. Moreover, Confidence Man is clearly a group to see on stage for their unusual choreographies and their moves indecent and sexy. A sunny and dancing which will inevitably be part of the soundtrack of your summer.

Released April 1

Favorites : Feels Like A Different Things, What I Like, Toy Boy, Luvin U Is Easy, Angry Girl, Break It Bought It.

Thomas Soulet

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