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Music festival in Caen: atmosphere, concerts, dances… Back in pictures

Caen celebrates music on Place Saint-Sauveur, and in many other places. Overview. ©Mathieu Girard

From the Abbaye-aux-Dames to Place Saint-Sauveur, via Boulevard Leclerc or the port, Caen (Calvados) music party this Tuesday, June 21, 2022. The journalists of Freedom were in the streets of the city to share the atmosphere with you on this first evening of summer. Under the sun, of course…

9:20 p.m.. This is the end of this live. Thank you all for following. And above all, happy music day.

9:10 p.m.. Critik atmosphere the bar-restaurant L’Hydropathe:

Critik at the 2022 Music Festival in Caen.
Critik at the 2022 Music Festival in Caen. ©Mathieu Girard

8:59 p.m.. Within the walls of the castle, the party is in full swing. Several concerts on the menu throughout the evening. Salle de l’échiquier, Querebrune, a spontaneous choir accompanied by a barrel organ, performs until 11 p.m.

8:49 p.m.. Proof that there are people in town, the queue to order a kebab at Magic Beau Gosse, the most famous restaurant of its kind in Caen. Basic.

magic handsome caen
In front of Magic Beau Gosse on a Tuesday evening… ©Mathieu Girard

At the Café Mancel, a folk ball orchestrated by La Boîte à Bois is offered from 9 p.m. to midnight.

8:46 p.m.. The streets of the city center are crowded with people. Especially in rue Écuyère, rue Saint-Pierre and rue Saint-Sauveur. Caen is well and truly celebrating.

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Caen music festival
In the rue Saint-Sauveur. ©Mathieu Girard

8:41 p.m.. Nice evening to enjoy Caen, right?

On the castle lawns.
On the castle lawns. ©Mathieu Girard

8:30 p.m.. It’s a new animation that amuses more than one: distribution of water guns on the Place Saint-Sauveur.
8:31 p.m.
. The bagpipes were heard a few days ago, on the occasion of the commemorations of the 78th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy. Here they are back in downtown Caen. Bagpipe players also celebrate music at the foot of the Saint-Pierre church:

8:17 p.m.. Very family atmosphere, in the four corners of the city. The beautiful season is here. Caennaises and Caennais benefit from the many animations. The program can be found here.
It should be noted that the dance animates this evening three large squares of the city center until 11 p.m.: place Courtonne (salsa, kizomba, bachata, tango…), place de la République (rock) and place Saint-Sauveur (rock, swing… ).
8:15 p.m.. Local rock bands are of course in the game. Illustration with Rockstar which offers a mixture of rock and metal. The group settled in the middle of the street, at the junction of rue Saint-Pierre and rue Ecuyère.

caen music festival
Rockstar presents its repertoire to the Caennais. ©Margaux Rousset

8:10 p.m.. A first good surprise of the evening… DJs have set up at the foot of the ramparts of the Château de Caen, in the moat. And it’s already hot…

Then we dance ? At the foot of the castle ramparts. ©Mathieu Girard

8:06 p.m.. We also dance on the Place de la République. More rock atmosphere with the association Accro d’rock which does not lack spectators for its performances!

7:45 p.m.. On this same Place Saint-Sauveur, the group from Lechanteur College, school of rock, sets the mood. There’s nothing like live music on a summer evening to have fun.

7:42 p.m.. On Place Saint-Sauveur, throughout the evening, Rock’n Go Swing offers demonstrations of lindy hop, balboa, shim-sham and rock, interspersed with moments of free dancing. A pleasant appetizer before a great swing and rock ball which will begin at 9 p.m.

7:34 p.m.. The heat goes up a notch on Place Courtonne with no salsa proposed by The Timba :

Afro-Caribbean animation proposed by the association La Timba. ©Margaux ROUSSET

7:32 p.m.. On the Quai Vendeuvre, Latin atmosphere with a succession of dances. Place for the tango:

7:15 p.m.. Very family atmosphere in the park of the Abbaye-aux-Dames. In this setting, the program is packed for the evening: Molina Unit (jazz and improvised music) until 7:35 p.m.; Bison Chic (pop) from 7:35 p.m. to 8:20 p.m.; Mes Souliers Sent Rouges (song, folk) from 8:20 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.; Dye Crap (pop) from 9:30 p.m. to 10:15 p.m.; Lotti (rap, hip-hop) from 10:15 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.; Jyeuhair (rap, hip-hop) from 10:45 p.m. to 11:15 p.m.; and Fakear (electro, DJ set) from 11:15 p.m. to 12:15 a.m.

In the grounds of the Abbaye aux Dames in Caen. ©Margaux ROUSSET

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