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Miles Kane: “When I was younger, I wanted to be number 1”

Last January, Miles Kane returned with a new solo album, “Change the Show”. Passing through the Europavox festival, the Liverpuldien confided in his past, his sixties influences and his future ambitions.

You were born in Liverpool, what was your musical education?

As a child, I was rocked by the musical tastes of my mother and my grandmother. There was a lot of music at home, like Diana Ross for example, or the Beatles, T Rex It had a big impact on me. That’s what I still listen to, I never grew up musically speaking! Good sure II had certain phases, in particular teenager jlistened to Oasis a lot, but my musical tastes remained the same. Then my aunt bought me a guitar when I was 13, my cousins ​​had a band and they taught me the basics. I started my own band when I was 16-17. But I didn’t think of music as a profession. Even if I dreamed of it, of course.

Success came with The Last Shadow puppetswas there a specific moment when you felt a real change?

I was able to leave school with my band The Little Flames. Then there was TLSP. But I kept telling myself “go find you a real one gig”. And I tell myself again! I always have the feeling, believe it or not, that I’m starting out and I’m far from my goal.

Do you have a specific goal?

I think a lot in terms of an album. So there I I’m already thinking about the next one, even if I just released the previous one. And I wonder how I can improve everything, I always want to be better. Making music that makes you happy is the most important thing. I think that as long as I manage to do that, to do concerts, it doesn’t matter that they be intimate or huge, I will be happy. When I was over young i thought in terms of success, number of albums sold, the opinion of others. I wanted to be number 1, I was almost obsessed. Now this happened to me, I think I’ve aged (laughs). I’m more comfortable with myself, and if someone doesn’t like me it won’t get to me like it used to. Of course reading a bad review is not a pleasure, but it no longer calls my whole life into question!

You released your first solo album in 2011, you wanted to try the experience for a long time?

I was about 20 at the time, I had this opportunity and I think if I didn’t seize i wouldn’t be here today. Even though it was hard back then, I was in The RascalsI lived in Liverpool, I had the impression of leaving my comfort and especially of abandoning everyone. It was scary but I knew I had to.

How did the composition of the fourth solo album go?

The writing took me two or three years, it’s always the hardest part for me, but once I have the songs everything bECOMES easier. It’s like an interview, once you have your questions you are more comfortable. But the confinement was not an easy period. I mostly played PlayStation. Then I grew (laughs). It was not my greatest period of creativity… But I got resumed I reassure you! Now, he there is tour, with dates in France, and this is surely the country where I feel most at home with England. I kinda feel like I’m at home.

This new album sounds a bit like a return to the influences of the 1960s, but at the same time with very contemporary lyrics, was that desired?

At the level of the lyrics, they sound contemporary because I write about my feelings and experiences over the past few years. I try to write as if I was talking to someone about my questions, my concerns. But I don’t live in regret, I just have no problem talking about the bad times. If I am pissed off i am pissed off, if I am sad i am sad. In my life I’m like that, so I try to make it feel in my music. I’m a pretty transparent person.

Do you have the impression that this album is more personal than the others, more introspective?

yes I think. It’s even a pretty selfish album lyrically. But that to me seemed the thing to do was a need.

In an interview, you explained that the title “Exchange tea show” referred to following one’s ultimate goal by avoiding obstacles around, ie?

I find we have so many distractions around us that it’s easy to drown. We hear everyone’s opinions, all the time. It’s sometimes hard to focus on our personal desires. You can quickly get trapped and pursue someone else’s goals, feeling exhausted. I just wanted to say “what whatever your deep desire, follow her”.

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