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Martinican singer Kalash returns with his “best album”, “Tombolo

It is the singer himself who says it, “Tombolo” would be his “best album”. Released a few days ago (April 29, 2022), this sixth opus by Kalash is creating a buzz as it is appreciated by fans.

At Le Lamentin, Ducos or even Schoelcher, your eyes must have crossed the 4×3 announcing the release of Kalash’s album. This is his sixth opus called “raffle“. A nod to the sandbank that connects Ilet Sainte-Marie to the town.

Released on April 29, 2022, the album has 21 tracks (including an outro). The clip for the first single, “rafflealso, posted on April 1, 2022 on the video-sharing platform, racked up over 5 million views in just a month.

The second clip, “Punani Imperial” in duet with Prince Swanny exceeds the million in one week.

In this album, we find all the facets of his musical personality. He is an artist who has often been described as extremely versatile and who suddenly had difficulty on his previous albums in satisfying all his audiences in one project. Its public, to caricature, hexagonal-rap-French, that of the Caribbean which likes the festive dancehall and also its female public which wants sounds of love a little more sensual. So there is all this in one and the same project.

Specta, creator of musical content and presenter of the program “Fun System”

As for the title “Mada” on his previous album “Diamond Rock“, the singer seems to want to highlight his island. He also values ​​the talent of his compatriots. On this latest opus, in addition to well-known artists such as Damso, Gazo or Wejdene, Kalash collaborates with several names from the local scene.

List of tracks from the album “Tombolo”.

©Capture Facebook Kalash

This is the case on “laptop” with the Martinican singer Maureen. As a reminder, its title “Tic“was chosen by the Haute Couture brand Thierry Mugler for its spring-summer 2021 show.
Already at the time, Kalash had shared the extract on his Social Networks.

Since the beginning, Kalash is an artist who encouraged me a lot as well as ClaraKata and we talked from time to time. They are the ones who took the step for this duo project. It is very important between artists, especially during a featuring that there is still a good vibration and there was already that. When he sent me the production with his part, I didn’t sleep because it was “heavy”. After I left for France, we saw each other and we did a studio session. I was super happy that he asked me to be part of his project.

Maureen, singer and dancer

For “laptop” and for “Everybody Falla“, featuring with Bounty KillerKalash’s favorite Jamaican artist, he chose the Martinican beatmaker DJ DigitaI.

It was a surprise, he hadn’t told me anything! I sent him the production, he listened and told me to leave it to him for his album. I didn’t think he was going to pose with another artist, I thought he was going to sing alone like for “Lambis” or “Manigance”. It was when the album came out that I discovered it. I didn’t have the words and I still don’t know what to say.

Kalash and his favorite Jamaican artist, Bounty Killer, share a duet on the album “Tombolo”.

©Capture Facebook Kalash

Kalash is a Martinico-Martinican artist. He repeats all the time in interviews that the place where he is happiest is on his island. I think that catches up with him in his creation and that we find this symbolism in his albums. There is always Creole. And then, he wanted to bring back this new wave of artists. There has been a kind of artistic revival in Martinique in recent years, with artists like Kima, J-Kevlar who exploded into trap with “Bien cours”, Maureen. I think he wanted to dub this new generation and give them a little boost.

Specta, creator of musical content and presenter of the program “Fun System”

Kevin Valleray spent his childhood in Martinique and it is also on the island that he cut his teeth in music by participating in “sound systems”.

Let it burn“, “4 crosses“, “Bando”, “Taken”, “wasted moments” or “Mwaka moun“, the successes of the artist can no longer be counted. Between 2010 and 2022, he released six albums, four of which were on the national label.

He obtained awards with national label, in particular with the title “You know” with Gazo was certified platinum single six months after its release.
The album “Diamond Rock“is gold record like”Kaos“. The title “Taken” is certified gold single.
As for “Mwaka Moon“, the album is certified platinum and diamond for the single of the same name.”Red and blue“, in duet with Booba and “koussi koussa“duet with Niska are respectively platinum single and gold single.

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