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Malestroit. Au Pont du Rock: the last 11 groups and artists of the 2022 edition

The Rock Bridge

Posted on April 22, 2022

Here is the 2nd and final delivery of the poster for the 2022 edition of the Au Pont du Rock festival. Eleven new groups that have been added to the first 13 presented on March 31 and that you can rediscover by clicking here, including Lodofora and IAM. The association Aux Arts etc… presents these artists and renews its promise of a different festival…

See you this Friday evening at 6 p.m. to discover the program for each day of the festival

” We don’t give up ” ! It is our state of mind. After a 2021 edition that will remain etched in our memories with memorable concerts that made us smile and a photo exhibition of outdoor and indoor artists retracing our long history, the oldest associative and independent rock festival of the summer in Bretagne will electrify Malestroit over 3 days this year on August 5, 6 and 7. Three days of rock, garage, post-punk, metal, punk-rock, pop, hip-hop, rap, electro, soul music and more, three days of celebration where the generations mix, three electric days surfing the head in the clouds, three days of sharing on a redesigned site that we want to be more welcoming, more user-friendly and on a human scale. It’s a new project, redesigned, where the always more gives way to the search for a global and artistic balance, in the spirit of rock and the eclecticism that has characterized us since 1989. Some headliners still accessible that we like to confirmed groups, favourites, discoveries or young groups in the making, the AU PONT DU ROCK festival does not let go of anything out of passion and love of music!!! »

Association Aux Arts etc…, organizer of the Au Pont du Rock festival

The last 11 GROUPS or ARTISTS

Because the festival wouldn’t be what it is without guitarist ROCK bands
are happy to welcome for the first time at the festival LOFOFORA pillar pissed off and not
formatted rock, punk, metal, French hardcore since 1989 (date of birth of
festival !). “Vanités” their 10th album (!) proves that the group has lost none of its rage and
of its relevance!

Our Bretons from DARCY will also be there. Six years after their first album “Tiger”, they have just released “Machines de Guerre” a punk-rock rant full of energy including a title “Rediaboliser” for the occasion! The big guitars and committed texts give you an appointment at Malestroit! Rock in all its states sung in English, it will also be discussed with very beautiful discoveries to listen to urgently.

The post-rock, garage or post-punk of WE HATE YOU PLEASE DIE from Rouen to the east
a. It is one of the most exciting groups in France, as evidenced by their 2nd album
“Can’t Wait to Be Fine” and their live performances.

Pogos in shambles and slams there will also be some with FABULOUS SHEEP who sing of the disenchantment of a youth who nevertheless still have ideals. Originally from Béziers, this quintet has just released the excellent “Social Violence” produced by them and Jim Diamond (American producer of The Whites Stripes and The Sonics). A rock and post-punk manifesto, of ten songs, like photographs of the current Western world.

Another exciting discovery, GWENDOLIN which has just been released “After it’s goblet! »,
album of the month in Rock’n’folk, is a duo-anti-heroes from the Indé-Rennes scene! Loosers
sensitive and blasé of the start-up nation, Micka and Pierre shape their own style,
a dark shlag wave in a percussive and poetic sing-speak with drum machine
jackhammer, fire alarm synths and Echo & The Bunnymen style guitars. Between
fatalistic texts, self-mockery, sarcasm and bitterness of the mediocrity of the world, their
heartfelt coldwave is the symbol of a disenchanted youth and the perfect soundtrack to

Finally, still on the rock side, we will find on the edge of the Oust the Breton quartet
SHADY FAT KATS which arrives with its millimeter pop punk, ready to embark on
their whirlwind of solar hits and melodies. Powerful like a Pacific wave,
bright as a Venice Beach sunset, their infectious energy will know
make you travel at high speed towards sunny lands.

California you say? After SVINKELS, LUJIPEKA and LUV RESVAL already announced, the hip-hop and rap scene is expanding with the pioneers of the genre, the mythical IAMs ! We no longer present them as they are known and recognized, including rockers! From their first album in 1990 to the cult “L’école du micro d’argent” in 1997, from the recent “Revolution” 2017, “Yasuké” 2019 to “Essential Rimes”, accumulation of 4 self-produced EPs, in December 2021, they are still there, 32 years later, without losing either their soul or their musical inspiration.

Young rapper who is already at the top of the bill, ZOLA will come to present his new album to come before the summer after “Cicatrices” and “Survie”! Kore his producer says of him that he is “more in the choice of flows than in the choice of words”.
The dancing pop-electro scene has not been forgotten! SYNAPSON’s duo Alex & Paul who have
toured the world several times to carry their music following the success of their
album “Convergence” and “Super 8”, have been going back to basics since 2020 with a project that includes new sounds and collaborations from all over the world!
Their live promises to get you moving!

MAGENTA (ex-Fauve) will not be outdone to come and set the festival stage on fire. They are today the cantors of a French touch in French with their thrilling 1st album “Monogramme”. A music between two waters, joyful, positive, but with a background of fragility and melancholy.

Finally, with its new formula, FIGHT invites us into his CLUB: without limits, without borders, without gender, without stages or pits, and where freedom is total. The party is combative, we mingle with it, we are free to be whoever we want, however we want. Musically, the five members remain faithful to their love for the chaos of internet music, music that makes the body dance and the subs vibrate, we go from rap to baile funk by allowing ourselves detours by “happycore” with texts where one always shouts the love and the pain of the
present time.












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