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-M-, Kiss, Dropkick Murphys, La Femme, Turnstile, Broken Bridge, Arka’n Asrafokor on 19 July 2022, Nyon, by Lionel Degiovanni

To start this report on the Paléo Festival of Nyon 2022, we have to talk about some new features… There are two new stages for this edition: the Vega stage, which replaces the Arches stage in a way, and a stage electro special, the Belleville stage.

Broken Bridge

To start this new edition, back to a small stage, the Tent club, where I could see some beautiful nuggets! Here I discover Broken Bridge, a band that does garage rock, a scruffy version in the style of punk bands from the 60s. On stage, they are completely inhabited by a very crazy fury, a little dilapidated too it must be said! A beautiful energy emerges from the live and the public, to start this Pléo, adheres. On the guitar, Don Saltamontes tortures his electric guitars, Redd Knee beat the barrels like a handsome devil, and Nikolai shakes the stage with its fuzz. The succession is assured !

Arka’n Asrafokor

After this somewhat rock and roll start, I discovered a very surprising group. This is a Togolese metal band that plays at the Dôme. It is Arka’n Asrafokor, a combo that brilliantly merges the vodoun universe with metal. In Ewe, French or English, the quintet relies on percussion and shouted or rapped singing to talk about social problems or spirituality. Except for the drums or the gakokoé bells, everything recalls the powerful brute of metal: the distortion of the guitars, the feverish solos and a rage that definitely transcends borders. On stage, the musicians give everything and are very surprising. They give off a crazy energy and the public feels it!


For the rest of the discoveries, I’m going to the new Vega stage. Here, I discover a kind of hardcore punk music with devastating fury! It is Turnstile, a group from the United States. The guitars howl, the drums get angry, the lyrics are cathartic and the singing wakes up the trolls, as they say here! This group intends to make Baltimore the new epicenter of a resurgent hardcore punk scene. The American quintet with an inclusive and progressive ethos resurrects the hardcore soul by spitting out all its lungs and entrails its fury and envy, bringing new letters of nobility to the style. A raw sound as we like them. And above all, real stage beasts. The singer jumps everywhere as well as the bass player. Real musicians mounted on nuclear batteries! The show is very impressive, the Paléo loves it.

Dropkick Murphys

Back to the main stage to discover a band that’s a bit cooler but still has energy to spare. It is Dropkick Murphys which plays a kind of restless Celtic punk. Imagine The Dubliners sharing a pint of stout with the Pogues. You will then have an idea of ​​the hardness of the Dropkick Murphys. If the superb sextet is totally inspired by the Irish folk tradition with a lot of banjo, accordion and bagpipes, it turns it on its stomach with the raw energy of punk, delivering a Finnegan’s Wake that is more uppercut than the pleasant refrain. It’s with I’m Shipping Up to Boston, borrowed by Scorsese for “The Infiltrators”, that the Dropkicks touch the heights. That evening, the group gives us a great demonstration of their talent and it rocks on the big stage! it’s like being in Ireland and the Paléo audience is dancing!


After this concert, I find an artist that I saw last month and who is eagerly awaited here, at Paléo. It is -M-. No need to introduce Matthieu Chédid, this time he is playing on the Véga stage. Guitar hero, rock star, stage beast, -M- is all of these. Split-end hair, slicked-back locks, sequined suit, disco glasses and guitar pegged to the body: the show can begin. His “flamboyant pop” trend rock capsizes on funk tunes of electric intensity and relentless groove. With his treble voice, he will make us all the great standards: Which of us , I say loveetc… The light show is assured and it will also make its small passage among the public which will raise the temperature!


Return to the main stage to discover a living legend, the famous group Kiss. There it’s heavy, it’s American, everything is bigger, bigger, stronger! Around the stage, large statues are present, everything is gigantic. It’s legendary hard rock, we are in the presence of the rock gods! For the concert, the riffs are punchy, the hooks pop and coated by a furiously excessive show, the real highlight of the show. Make-up, costumes, boots with ultra-compensated soles, pyrotechnics and high aerobatics: how to make it more mythical? We have in front of us rock eccentricity itself. Throughout the concert, it will be a series of planetary hits, all Paléo vibrates with the cries of the musicians! We will also be treated to a mini fireworks display during the concert, the stage is on fire and Paléo too…


To end this first day of Paléo, I discover the French group Wife on the vega scene. They make pop, there are 4 of them. Everything sounds rather cold in terms of sounds, I find it average, or let’s say I’m not very attracted to this kind of music which I find bland. That said, the public adheres, it must be recognized. For those who are fans of this kind of music, which sounds a bit late night, clubber, why not? Go for it!

And finally, a little video showing the best of this Tuesday!!

Pictures : Lionel Degiovanni

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