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Luong Tô Nhu and his “encounter” with classical music | Culture-Sports

The pianists Luong Tô Nhu and Trân Gia Quang. Photo: NVCC/CVN
Hanoi (VNA) – Luong Tô Nhu, pianist and former student of the Boulogne-Billancourt Regional Conservatory, will soon launch her second personal concert, Monday June 27 at the Municipal Opera of Ho Chi Minh City. A great event for lovers of the country’s classical music.

In Vietnam, if classical music concerts have been almost in “hibernation” since the outbreak of the pandemic, there is a young pianist who dares to organize, not only one but two personal concerts, in order to delight the public in love with this genre. of music.

Born in Hanoi, Luong Tô Nhu then studied piano in London and Paris. She returned to Vietnam in 2016, and since then has been performing classical music concerts. Vietnam is her native country but also her destiny: where she met her husband, her students, and finally found her own listeners. So she dreamed of organizing her own piano concert, by and for the Vietnamese.

And she dared it! In January 2021, at the height of the epidemic waves, Luong Tô Nhu held his first personal concert at the Hanoi Opera House. Entitled “Improvised Journey”, it delighted music lovers in the capital, who had been thirsting for cultural events for several months.

Now that the country has lifted almost all of the epidemic restrictions, Luong To Nhu is proud to present her second personal concert, “The Meeting”.

A musical encounter

“The Meeting” will take place on Monday evening June 27 at the Municipal Opera of Ho Chi Minh City, with the participation of the young virtuoso Trân Gia Quang, the Hanoi Saigon Chamber orchestra and its conductor Honna Tetsuji.

Luong To Nhu and his Rehearsal of Luong Tô Nhu with Japanese conductor Honna Tetsuji. Photo: NVCC/CVN

On the menu for an hour: renowned pieces such as Schubert’s “Fantaisie F-Moll Op. 103”, Chopin’s “Ballade N°4”, Chopin’s “Polish Heroic Op. 53″ and even the ” Keyboard concerto N°2 & N°4, BWV 1053″ by Bach.

“This is the first time that Trân Gia Quang plays in front of the general Vietnamese public, hence the idea of ​​a ‘meeting’ since he and I treat the same melodies from different points of view”, underlines Luong Tô Nhu. “Seven months ago, I played for a VNSO concert in Hanoi. This one was postponed 3 times due to the pandemic. This does not discourage us, on the contrary, it forges solid patience in us , with which, we await the resumption of activities in joy and confidence”.

And above all, we cannot forget the conductor Honna Tetsuji, who is also artistic director of the National Orchestra of Vietnam (VNSO). The Japanese artist is also a close friend and adviser to all of Luong Tô Nhu’s projects in Vietnam.

Overcome difficulties

Classical music in Vietnam is experiencing an aging of its public, in other words, young people are not interested in this musical genre, despite the efforts of professionals. The situation worsened during the two years of health crisis, because public gatherings were not authorized throughout the territory.

However, these difficulties did not encourage Luong Tô Nhu to abandon his mission: to encourage new generations to listen to and play classical music. “It’s always been my main objective, namely to present classical music to younger, more modern listeners”, insists the young pianist.

And “The Meeting” is the fruit of this patience, since Luong Tô Nhu chose Ho Chi Minh City for his 2nd concert. “Organizing such a concert is super complicated. I have to manage in each step: the performance, the artistic direction, the search for sponsors, the communication, the sale of tickets”, she says. But the young pianist is happy since everything is going well as planned.

“Organizing two personal concerts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City – the two megacities of the country – is the dream of all artists. My concert series seeks to present young talents from Vietnam and around the world, in order to diversify the musical tastes. In the long term, my ambition is to open my own recording and performance studio”, she confides. – CVN/VNA



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