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Ludivine Issambourg, the trail to the stars

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She has something of Karole Rocher ” writes Jazz News.

Like the actress of Braquo and Poliss, Ludivine Issambourg has a hoarse voice, flint-cut features and a sensuality that defies genre norms, especially when they are musical… She is the kind flautist, composer and gifted producer, whose talent seduces the greatest artists , such as Wax Tailor, Eric Legnini, Chassol, Emmanuel Bex, Angélique Kidjo, Laurent Coulondre, Stéphane Huchard, Dominique A, ASM, Christian Escoudé, Catherine Ringer…

Her instrument is an extension of her body, sculpted by years of classical dance. From his transverse flute escapes the volutes of a new sound, reflecting his many influences. Between his lips, jazz, hip hop and electro-funk explode like a supernova (explosion of a star), the name of his latest opus. This “Supernova” is an ambitious project, for which Ludivine Issambourg finds her group Antiloops, Timothy Robert (low), Julien Serie (battery) and Nicolas Derand (keyboards), a group she created in 2012 and with which she released two remarkable albums (“Electroschock” in 2015 and “Lucid Dream” in 2017).

The music of Antiloops cultivates the ambiguity between electro / hiphop / trap productions and the organic sounds of instruments sometimes under effects. A sophisticated score mixed with improvisation, generating a massive groove that leads to trance. Capturing three guests of choice, Theo Ceccaldi on the violin, DJ Greem for the scratches and the singer Ellinoathe “Supernova” by Ludivine Issambourg and Antiloops sounds like the soundtrack of a film we dream of seeing and which propels us into a musical galaxy waiting to be explored.

58 mins

Born in 1983 in Bayeux in Normandy, Ludivine Issambourg discovered the flute at the age of six. Thanks to a rigorous apprenticeship, at fourteen she recorded three discs with an amateur Big Band. After a double classical and jazz course at the Conservatory of Caen and Cergy-Pontoise, she joined the Orchester de Flutes Français directed by Pierre-Yves Artaud. Together, they recorded the disc Jindrich Feld in 2005.

Spotted by hip-hop producer Wax Tailor, she has performed in the most prestigious halls and festivals (Olympia, Glastonbury, Les Vieilles Charrues, Jazz à Vienne, New Morning, Jazz sous les Pommiers, Hip Opsession… ). The group Antiloops, which she created in 2012, is recognized as one of the best on the French electro-jazz scene. Mixing jazz, funk, electro and hip hop, Ludivine won with this group the trophies of the Sunset (jazz club emblematic of the Parisian scene) and then toured throughout France.

In 2014, she produced a first album “Electroshock”, which will even be the subject of a “Re-mixed” edition with the collaboration of the cream of hip hop producers such as the beatmaker Dj Greem. In 2017, with the album, “Lucid Dream”, she chooses to explore the voice of the machines, to absorb them, giving impetus to a new driving force. 2020 marks a new turning point in Ludivine Issambourg’s career, since she is releasing solo “Outlaws”, revisiting and appropriating the work of legendary American flautist Hubert Laws. Hailed by the master himself, in France and internationally, this audacious project in homage to the golden age of jazz funk in the 1970s brings together a 5-star cast: Eric Legnini on production and Fender Rhodes, Stéphane Huchard on drums, Laurent Coulondre on keyboards, Julien Herné on bass and Chassol as a special guest. Before returning today to Antiloops with the release of “Supernova”.
(excerpt from the press release)

Where to listen to Ludivine Issambourg

  • HAS Paris (75) Wednesday, June 15 at 8:30 p.m. New Morning for the publication of “Supernova”

Ludivine Issambourg (transverse flute)
Nicolas Derand (keyboards)
Timothée Robert (bass)
Julien Sérié (drums)

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