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LoL: Pokémon, K-Pop and Ratatouille… MSI songs!

The ballot boxes have spoken and all the teams of the MSI now have a song designated to serve as an anthem. The procedure took place in two stages: first the teams (G2, T1, EG, Order…) selected 4 songs that were close to the hearts of the players, then in a second stage a Twitter vote did the rest . This participatory vote allowed everyone to get involved but above all it offered a few surprises! Diversity is the key word and if we find melodies that are very League of Legends (Imagine Dragons), we also had the right to a few surprises! Among them, from Pokemonof the K Pop and even cartoon Pixar !

The 11 anthems of the MSI teams: some things we know, some we don’t

Some songs are very close to the League of Legends universe. We can cite in the first place those of Order and Saigon Buffalo which both have music by Imagine Dragons… The group is intimately linked to the universe of MOBA, its song Warriors is the anthem of Worlds 2014 and it also composed a sound for the animated series Arcane (Enemy). G2 did even more corporate by selecting their homemade song “Our way“. We find various artists but also the CEO of the team (Ocelote) and the players of the current roster. Released 3 months ago, it received rather positive feedback even if we cannot really say that it has become iconic… In the event of G2’s victory at MSI 2022, we imagine that it would help to push this song to a higher level of recognition!


Our Way/G2




追梦赤子心 / GALA


Industry Baby/LilNasX



PSG Talon

Pokemon Theme Song


Believer/Imagine Dragons

Team Aze


Red Canids

The Feast/Ratatouille

Istanbul Wildcats

Roar/Katy Perry

saigon buffalo

Warriors/Imagine Dragons

But after the very familiar sounding music, there are other totally WTF surprises! We will quickly go over those that are a bit main stream and without much flavor (Roars by Katy Perry and Industry Baby by LilNasX) to which could be added the K-Pop sound of BTS (Dynamite). However, we want to stop on the choices of:

  • PSG Talon inherited the pokemon song ! We don’t know if it’s the English version or the Mandarin version, but the rhythm remains the same and it brings back very good memories. A player, I will be the best player in LoL, I will fight relentlessly… I will do everything to win and win the challenges!
  • The Brazilians chose a French song with Feast from the animated film Ratatouille ! We don’t really have any explanations and we don’t know if the players understand the lyrics, but it’s very funny. Let’s hope that this song allows Red Canids to find the right recipe to do well internationally.

We narrowly escaped some madness!

The 11 votes gave their final results and we observe that some teams reacted more than others. Among the good students, we must mention T1 with over 53,000 responses. We note, however, that the Chinese of RNG were not widely followed, with only 20,000 votes… It must be said that Twitter is not really used much in China. It is even prohibited, unless you use a VPN.

There is no need to repeat history, but we took pleasure in seeing the craziness that passed under our noses!

  • Bella Ciao Tito mix : we are rather a fan of this remix of Bella Ciao, but he had to bow to the song made-in G2 (34.7% against 54.3%).
  • The national anthem of Vietnam : the Vietnamese are proud of their country and it shows. The official anthem was almost chosen (44.9% against 46.7%). We are rather relieved, since we would have found it a little cringe and less nice.
  • The Time Is Now (John Cena) : And his name is John Cena! We almost had the right to a banger to remind us of the good wrestling evenings on NT1. Pokémon is very good for the PSG Talon, but music to pass over the third string would also have been beautiful! (27.5% versus 62.5%).


Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski is an LEC manager and has already represented Europe on numerous occasions in international tournaments. In addition to being strong on League of Legends, the veteran has a lot of feedback and he responded beautifully to the trash talk of jojopyun (EG).

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