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Live session x 2 with Tunisians Ÿuma & French harpist Isabelle Olivier

Our first guests are the Tunisian duo Ÿuma, for the release of the album Hannet Lekloub (French Flair) #SessionLive

Hannet Lekloub is the third album of the Tunisian duo Ÿumamade up of Sabrine Jenhani (singing) and Ramy Zoghlami (vocals, guitar). After chura in 2016, self-produced album, and Stardust in 2018, Hannet Lekloub offers eleven titles chiseled in terms of the originality of the forms. And if it is necessary to put a label, it would be, says Ramy “that of the indie folk”. Sung in Tunisian Arabic, Hannet Lekloub is part of the fertile hybridization of the contemporary world.

Made by the Dutch Jo Franken and Pieterjean Maertens (Tamino, Milow) Hannet Lekloub was born in the Audioworkx studio, in Hoogeloon, in the south of the Netherlands. That this generically Tunisian album was born in one of the epicentres of dance music is no coincidence. Because if this album develops a folk sung à la Peter, Paul and Mary, and adorned with the Orient, it is underpinned by sounds and rhythms specific to northern European electronics.

Ÿuma. © Burak Kac

Passion, patience, maturity: “This album is one of reconciliation, of reunion”, explains Sabrina. After the release of Stardustand an international tour, the duo has “paused, distanced. Our artistic journeys were dissociated for a time, and then the nostalgia of separation fell on us. This is what the song Denia Dour evokes, which describes doubt, disarray”. With a musical lightness all in grace, the acoustic guitar in front line and chiseled words: “And then if I reconnected with loneliness/Since you left, the days are dark and the nights are sleepless/And then if my silence speaks volumes/And people have spoken for me/And time has aggravated the things/And I ended up unpacking everything/But as the saying goes/The wheel turns“.

– Denia Dour Live RFI see the clip

– Wahan Kbarfrom the album Hannet Lekloub see the clip

– Sugar Live RFI see the clip.

Ÿuma. © Laurence Aloir/RFI


– Sabrine Jenhani, vocals

– Ramy Zoghlamiguitar vocals

Sound: Benoît Letirant, Fabien Mugneret.

Directed by: Jérémie Besset.

Then we receive the harpist Isabelle Olivier in the #SessionLive for the release of her 11and album Smile (Yellow Bird Road).

Isabelle Oliver.
Isabelle Oliver. © Piero Ottaviano

To celebrate her 30 years on stage, the harpist Isabella Olivier released their eleventh album SMILE in tribute to Charlie Chaplin. The title Smile is the starting point of this luminous project. Isabelle Olivier explores new textures with her harp mixing acoustics and electronics to create an elegant, bewitching and radiant universe. Ten original compositions rub shoulders with covers by Charlie Chaplin, James Blake and Cannonball Adderley. 15 years after his first solo album Island #41 nominated for the Victoires du Jazz, Isabella Olivier find the solo harp. Navigating between Chicago and Paris since 2012, Isabelle Olivier conceived this new project at the PianoForte Foundation in Chicago during a creative residency in 2020. She composed music with multiple jazz, pop, electro, hip-hop, Cuban influences. , Celtic… If most of the titles are solo, she has surrounded herself, on a few pieces, with guests who come to bring their touch and their sensitivity: Kristiana RoemerGerman-American singer, who magnified Hope on a text by Emily Dickinson and Freedom, Tom Olivier Beuf for his remarkable touch on the accordion on Light then his piano solo with a Cuban tribute Cuban Smile, Raphael Olivier for his beautiful presence on the guitar on aroma and Cuban Smile and its electro production on Harmony, Smile electro and You’re too precious of James Blake, and finally the drummer Ernie Adams with a remarkable groove on One for Daddy Oh and Cuban Smile. Founding anecdote of this project: in 1991, Jean-Louis Chautemps, jazz saxophonist, met Isabelle Olivier for the first time during a concert of his group “Océan” and said to her with a smile “jazz musician, it’s the first 30 years that are difficult. Then you’ll see it will be much better”.

Isabelle Oliver.
Isabelle Oliver. © Piero Ottaviano

Isabelle Olivier, biography

Jazzwoman and harpist with a strong musical personality, Isabelle Olivier brings a wave of freshness and novelty to the international scene by revealing a surprising and original instrument. She develops a very recognizable style from the first notes of her fascinating and rare instrument. She has composed, arranged and recorded 10 discs and a DVD. Composer evolving at the borders of jazz, Celtic and contemporary music, she is in demand in the world of cinema and live performance. She has traveled to 25 countries to present her musical creations. For 9 years, she has been developing a Franco-American project. She thus produced a jazz opera, Don’t worry, be haRpy, free adaptation of Perched Baron of Italo Calvino with American singers and French musicians. She is now pursuing a project on both sides of the Atlantic with musicians, dancers, visual artists, poets and actors. She was commissioned in 2017 by the Art Institute of Chicago, to compose a one-hour performance in connection with the exhibition Gauguin, the alchemist which was presented there in July 2017. Winner of the Prix de la Villa Le Nôtre at Versailles in 2015, she is the first composer in residence at the Potager du Roi. She is currently an ambassador for the new Salvi “Rainbow” electro-acoustic harp worldwide. She had the chance to collaborate with exceptional personalities such as Peter Erskine, Didier Lockwood, Ernie Adams, Mitch Haupers, Paul Wertico, as much in the musical field as in other disciplines. They allowed him to trace a magnificent artistic path from music and to realize the potential of orchestral alchemy and interdisciplinary encounters. Since 2018, she has been an associate composer at the Théâtre de Guyancourt, in a residency supported by the Ministry of Culture and SACEM. She created 7 live shows over two seasons and continues her work of creation, distribution and cultural actions. Isabelle Olivier released her tenth album in 2019: a project co-directed with guitarist Rez Abbasi, supported by the FACE foundation, ADAMI and SPEDIDAM. In 2020, she won the call for projects “Les Habitants ont du talent”, in partnership with the Federation of Social Centers of Essonne. This inclusive and unifying artistic project revolves around the theme of “Smile”. It will feature volunteers who will be invited to sing in their native languages ​​and will be presented in May 2021. Isabelle Olivier thus wishes to give back to music its function of transmission, by making it a revealer of ethnic groups.

Isabelle Olivier, David Paycha and Tom Olivier-Beuf at RFI.
Isabelle Olivier, David Paycha and Tom Olivier-Beuf at RFI. © Laurence Aloir/RFI

Performed titles

– One for Daddy Oh Live RFI (Nat Adderley) trio harp, piano, drums

-Hope (text Emily Dickinson) from the album Smile

– Light Live RFI harp and accordion

-Cuban Smile Live RFI trio harp, piano, drums see the clip.


– Isabelle Olivierharp

– David paychabattery

-Tom Olivier-Beefpiano and accordion.


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