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[Live Report] Global Charming and Tigers & Flies at the Supersonic (Paris): the enthusiasm of the first times

We had come to see the very young people of Tigers & Flies, which we are starting to talk about, but we fell under the spell of the Dutch from Global Charming who gave us one of the best concerts of recent weeks. Rock magic that constantly renews itself… An endless (happy) story.

Global Charming at the Supersonic – Photo: Eric Debarnot

When you’ve already listened to too much music and seen even more gigs in your life, it’s often hard to get excited about the mainstream artists or bands that trigger, often rightly, the passion of younger people. And we realize that the most exciting thing is to feel in a visceral, impromptu way, the pleasure of discovery: that of being glued to the music of people we had never heard of, and of whom we expected nothing. Demonstration this Friday, August 5 at the Supersonic, which reopened after its work to improve the sound in the room with the Dutch from Global Charming.

We came this evening to discover live the young Mancunians who are starting to make the buzz, Tigers & Fliesand a quick listen to their songs provided us with our share of references: we weren’t going to do it to us, we who were there when orange-juice where the Pale Fountainsthen Shack had injected soul and jazz into the New Wave. But we had it all wrong, which is great news…

2022 08 05 Tigers and Flies Supersonic9:30 p.m.: … Because Tiger & Flieson stage, all brass instruments forward – trumpet and trombone – it is above all a joyful b… chaos, and in this it rather joins the latest English wave, from Black Country New Road at Black Midi. But more shy, more unstable, immature and therefore charming. The musicians indeed seem very young, and very happy to be there – despite the cost of the trip (Brexit screw! the plague is the price of gasoline!) but also the logistics with the right clothes wash or change: as they have chosen a uniform look, white pants and red shirt, we understand that it is not easy. Note that Risha, the little trombonist, is actually wearing her McDonald’s (work?) shirt. And it’s this kind of thing, their smiles, their pleasure in playing that will win us over in no time at all…

That’s not a good reason, do you think? Oh, but what if! Rock is exactly that, five almost still teenagers who launch themselves and face the world with fresh, joyful music, and with even a few catchy songs, like Well, their little tube. And then who, on stage, are not afraid to have fun above all else, in particular by placing the brass instruments at the forefront of the music to create a festive atmosphere (well, we could also ask them if they have ever listened to the Boo Radleys ?). As for tomorrow? We don’t know, we’ll see…

This beautiful affair lasts 35 minutes, with a last title added in extremis, when they realized that they still had time to play. We probably didn’t see the “future of Rock’n’Roll” tonight at the Supersonic, but we had a wonderful moment of innocence, energy and hope.

2022 08 05 Global Charming Supersonic10:30 p.m.: As a result, the coldness and seriousness of Global Charming (clever name, but which doesn’t really suit them at first sight), the Amsterdam quartet, we don’t really like. We want to resist, like, in front of these musicians who don’t smile, who don’t say a word to us. And who begin a cold, mechanical set, technically virtuoso in the construction of wobbly rhythms and dissonant sounds, but a bit academic, forced. Come on, let’s go, we brandish our references of always, Wirethe XTC first albums, and we’re ready to close the subject and move on.

Except that, On Line Store, the 4th song amazes us: there is something astonishing that is taking place, there is inspiration, breath,… magic! And the set gradually increases in power, and here is the audience of the Supersonic who capsizes: the bass is extraordinary, the two guitars knit together epileptic constructions (uh, it could be epileptic, a construction?), the imperious vocals and cold pour into our blood an exciting poison. Half an hour has passed, and everyone jumps in the air, wiggles mechanically and frantically, and vibrates to this increasingly pleasurable music. A punk acceleration and it’s madness in the room: there won’t be a second, but the shift towards hysteria has indeed taken place. We recognize a congruence of Global Charming with the best scene in Brooklyn (bodega, The Wants). The coup de grace will be dealt with the last title, Celebrationa bomb of pleasure that can evoke, in a less playful way, the B52’s beginnings. It’s just huge.

We come out of there with the enthusiasm of the first days, the first times. And if only for that, we will once again thank the great people of the Supersonic, its improved or not (… and the lights, then?), who offer us this kind of sensations.

Text and photos: Eric Debarnot

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