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Live Report: Dark Tranquility + Ensiferum – Music Box (Metz) – May 5, 2022

Dark Tranquility + Ensiferum at the Music Box in Metz – May 5, 2022

Damage Done Prod and the musical city had done things in a big way for this metal evening at the Music Boxes (BAM) in Metz. A double headlining that saw one another Ensiferum and Dark Tranquility, preceded by two other formations, april art and Tag my Heart, came to warm up the public. A beautiful evening and a good scrubbing in order of the honey cages.

Tag my Heart

It’s true that we like to use the good old expressions of Uncle Zegut after having spent too many years on the airwaves of RTL2; but it is all the more true that the evening was the perfect opportunity to send decibels galore, with no less than four groups who came to make the audience cringe. Okay, let’s be clear, let’s say that pogos and moshpits were more regularly observed than a good old ginche, but let’s move on.

In the beginning, at the heart of the BAM’s contemporary music room, was Tag my Heart, on track from 7:30 p.m. Describing themselves as “modern metal”, the quartet, led by their vocalist/screamer Isabel, got everyone started pretty well, with their syncopated rhythms and the drummer’s throbbing double pedal.

The public comes and goes between the large hall and the bar, warms up quietly and some take a little time before realizing that Isabel has fled the stage to finish her performance in the middle of the pit among delighted spectators.

april art

Change of set in record time, meticulous respect for the timings – as indeed throughout the evening – and then we go on from 8:15 p.m. to the performance of april art. New quartet, this time all dressed in red and from Germany. And new frontwoman at the head of the training. We take back the big sound, a rocky voice, it jumps a lot on stage and it displays many smiles.

Obviously, the group is as happy to be there as the public. It’s communicative, it’s a pleasure to see and their metal, rather easy listening and well done, easily wins the support of the room.


But, let’s be honest, the majority of the few hundred spectators present came to see the two main formations. And it is therefore the Finns of Ensiferum who invite themselves to the set at 9 p.m. The five members occupy the space well, drummer and keyboard in the back of the stage, the front being occupied by the two guitarists and the bass player rather overexcited.

It must be said that just by looking at the group’s Facebook, we quickly understood that the atmosphere is one of good humor and an infectious passion for their frenzied folk metal. On the one hand, Sami Hinkka on the bass headbangs like a bearded imp, while on the other side, Markus Toivonenthe creator of the formation, connects the shaggy heads and the draws of the tongue, making himself laugh a lot besides.

Between, Petri Lindroos singing seems almost fixed as the two others compete with grimaces and other facial expressions. On the music side, since we’re still here for that, Ensiferum sends a setlist of 10 ultra effective titles, after the intro of Seafarer’s Dream. The choruses quickly come to mind and the guitar riffs make you want to shake your head furiously. We also find the humor mixed with the Nordic legends of the combo through various titles (One more magic potion, In my sword I trust).

In no time, we arrive at game time and the group finishes us quietly with their usual Lai Lai Hei and From Afar. For once, we wouldn’t have spat on 2-3 more titles, but hey, we don’t sulk our pleasure, instead of the extra, we have another main course.

Dark Tranquility

It is therefore to Dark Tranquility ensure the end of the evening, already on track from 10:20 p.m. The Swedes, who appeared on the melodic death metal scene in 1989, are therefore regulars in the style. Yet we feel a mad desire to be there and despite the lack of light on stage, we manage to discern a few smiles.

It is especially through the words of its frontman, Mikael Stanne, that we understand all the happiness of being on stage again after a funny period. The opportunity also to defend their latest album, Moment, released in 2020 already. We will have the right to no less than four tracks, a quarter of the setlist, with Identical to none, Phantom days, The dark unbroken and Transient. In the end, the group will draw from eight different albums, with two emblematic songs of the group.

The first, Monochromatic stainstaken from Damage Doneand the second that I didn’t expect to see on stage one day, Punish my heaven taken from The Gallerytheir second galette, released in 1995. Mikael Stanne took the opportunity to pay tribute to their former guitarist, Fredrik Johanssonunfortunately passed away in January following cancer.

A lot of envy and generosity for the group, which the public gave back to them, although a little more sparse than for Ensiferum.

All in all, a very good date proposed by the Musical City and Damage Done Prod to the BAM in this month of May 2022, which saw hair and sweat once again coexist in a great crash of decibels. Can’t wait for the next one!

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