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[Live Report] Blood Red Shoes and GLU at La Maroquinerie: a fire like that…

We had come to La Maro tonight, full of nostalgia for a time when Blood Red Shoes were the ultimate in loud, angry pop… And the miracle happened, the past fifteen years seemed never to have ever existed.

Blood Red Shoes at Leather Goods – Photo: Robert Gil

Blood Red Shoes, in 2008, it was one of our favorite bands, all categories combined: irresistible songs, heavenly vocals, a love of noise that we shared widely, what more could Steven and Laura-Mary ask for? And then the years passed, popular success never came, the albums were – a little – less convincing, and, ungrateful as we are, we gradually neglected this exceptional duo. Neglected, but not forgotten, and there are many of us, very many in fact, queuing on Thursday, July 21 in front of the Maroquinerie, sold out tonight, to see if our love has stood the test of time…

GLU Leather Goods RG8 p.m.: GLUE ! Behind this name that sticks, hides Michael Shumanbassist of Queens Of The Stone Agealready active at the head of the angeleno group Mini Mansions… With a solo project, which changes quite radically from what one would logically expect from him: songs balancing rapped vocals and lyrical pop, adventurous, melodic and sometimes a bit atmospheric. In short, a music that could be described as “well in tune with the times”, except that shuman adds to most of the titles a very, very rock guitar which squeaks, which throbs, which in turn disorients and excites. As in addition, he sings very, very well and has a real stage presence, he manages to achieve moments of real beauty. Unfortunately, solo on tapes (a priori he played all the instruments on these titles!), he gives us an original set, which turns out to be very sought after. We can regret a certain rigidity which paralyzes the emotion, but this evening a priori is only his 5th or 6th set, and with only two pieces published, we understand that he is still looking for himself and remains focused and careful. . Superb discovery nevertheless, and 30 exciting minutes.

9 p.m.: Laura-Mary and Steven announced a tour where they would celebrate the classics of the group, hence our surprise and slight disappointment to see them take the stage accompanied by two musicians and begin their set with three titles from the album Get Tragic of 2019. As long as we do, we would have preferred a visit to their latest album, ghost on tape… Well, if not, while we take our trouble patiently, we find that Steven Ansel, fifteen years later, remains a blonde drummer / angel with a divine voice and an insane hit. And Laura Mary Carter learned to smile (yes, yes!), but remains, despite his striking beauty, one of the least charismatic guitarists there is…

And then we come to the fourth title, Laura-Mary and Steven remain alone on stage, and we find the Blood Red Shoes of our memories: It’s Getting Boring by the Sea, a marvelous song, and deluge of guitar and frenetic vocals on a hysterical beat, instantly tipped the whole Maro into happiness. And furious madness. The pogo is general, the air conditioning seems to have given up the ghost, the sweat is dripping, the sound is daunting, and in a dizzying sound orgy, we remember how extraordinary this group is: ” Blisters! Blisters! Blisters! “.

2022 07 21 Blood Red Shoes Leather Goods RG

But the madness has only just begun: for about thirty minutes, the tension – and the temperature – will not drop a notch, and Blood Red Shoes will chain the wonders taken from their first albums: Cold, Don’Ask, Light It Up, This is Not For You…only absolute killings. The ears rolled by the hyper-saturated guitar and by Steven’s hysterical hitting, the back broken by the blows received from the hilarious pogoteurs, the concert becomes pure madness, of which we don’t want to see, ever, ever, the end…

2022 07 21 Blood Red Shoes Leather Goods RGBut everything has an end, as we well know, and the two additional musicians return, to resume the course of history, and return to the present: we are now visiting Ghosts on Tape, very nice album moreover, but obviously set back from what we have just seen and heard. Curiously, while our interest slackens a little, the little-known single God Complexwhose dark romanticism takes us back to the era of the Cure de disintegrationpresents itself as an astonishing promise of another possible path for the future of Blood Red Shoes.

We dare not hope for an encore, not on the setlist, but yes, they are coming back, and not for nothing: for the sublime I Wish I Was Someone Betterone of the best songs ever written by Blood Red Shoes (“ Made a mistake, I made a mistake / I wear the scars to show my shame ”) and wonderfully sung by Steven. And then for the complex and psychedelic Color Fadeseven perfect minutes concluding a set of 1h30 which will have proved to be one of the most intense, the most furious that we have seen of the group.

At the end, arm in arm, Steven and Mary greet us, looking deeply happy at this exceptional reception received this evening at La Maro from an ecstatic audience that was totally dedicated to them. No, a “fire like that”, we don’t see it every day…

Text: Eric Debarnot
Photos: Robert Gil

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