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Little game of musical chairs at the municipal council of Concarneau – Concarneau

The estate of Jean-Claude Malo

After the resignation of deputy mayor Jean-Claude Malo, Claude Guillou, who was in 25th position on the list “My party is Concarneau”, becomes a new municipal councilor. The first deputy, Annick Martin, inherits trade and tourism, in addition to economic life and maritime and port affairs. Philippe Hennion becomes ninth deputy and remains in charge of municipal staff. And he gives up his function as special assistant at Lanriec to Valérie Guillou.

Development of cycling facilities

The municipality has decided to continue its cycling facilities. In 2022-2023, €102,000 of work is planned: markings on the ground, development of borders, materialization of zones 20 and 30, securing roundabouts, etc. For Elisabeth Janvier (CSD), this project “is well below the needs”. Among his demands: “Trails dedicated to cycling” and securing “modes of inter-district travel”.

Three studies in the Kerandon area

A third phase of the urban renewal program in the eastern part of the Kerandon district will be launched, led by Finistère Habitat. At the same time, two studies must be carried out by the City: one extended to the outlying districts of Kerandon and the other on the site of the former fire station.

An inventory of the energy status of buildings

Taking advantage of an update on the project to change the boiler at the Porzou manor, Jean-Loup Théry (CSD) expressed the wish for an energy inventory of municipal buildings. A technician is currently being recruited by the City to carry out this inventory, over three years.

A parking package for professionals

From this summer, a new parking rate reserved for professionals working in the city center will be put in place, in addition to the fixed prices issued for the fish auction car park. These packages of €80, limited to fifteen, will allow parking on the paid perimeter on the street without taking a ticket at the parking meter. The opportunity for the mayor to recall that “for ten years, in the parking lot of the auction, we have never had more than 80 subscription requests”.

Repair of the Ker Izella engineering structure

Work is needed on the Ker Izella work of art which spans the Saint-Laurent, on the border between Concarneau and La Forêt-Fouesnant, which threatens to collapse. The road was closed to traffic. The cost of the work (€180,000) will be shared between the two municipalities.

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Grant Discussions

Territory zero long-term unemployed

A subsidy of €3,000 will be awarded to Concarnagglo Territoire Zéro chômeur de longue terme. Elisabeth Janvier (CSD) sounded the alarm on the need to find permanent premises for the association, temporarily installed in the premises of the former Caisse d’Épargne. “Currently, the demand for premises is strong in Concarneau, recognized Marc Bigot, the mayor. This is a matter of concern. For the moment, we have no solution”.

Low tech lab

The €5,000 allocated for the low tech festival (June 25 to July 3), instead of the €20,000 requested, prompted Julie Dupuy (CSD) to react. “A dichotomy”, according to her, with regard to “the important issues to which low tech can respond”. The assistant Annick Martin however announced that the City would also support the accommodation of 17 people, within the framework of this event. Support, the terms of which remain to be defined.

BPGO Trophy

Another support which caused debate, the €8,000 paid for within the framework of an agreement signed with the company Ultim sailing, organizer of the recent BPGO trophy. “A convention when the event has already taken place”, pointed out Hélène Derrien (CSD), before the discussions deviated towards the criteria for allocating financial aid to private structures. On this deliberation, the elected representatives of CSD abstained.

And even more…

No debate, however, for the exceptional grant of €40,000 awarded to Les Filets Bleus for the 100th edition of the festival. Ditto for that of €1,500 to the Celtic circle Ar Rouedoù Glas, to participate in transport for a festival in the Bouches-du-Rhône; for €5,000 at Dance on all levels (Cap Danse festival in September); nor for that of €1,500 to the association B comme Baila which will organize a major mobilization event against breast cancer, the Concarn’Rose, next October.

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