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Les Sables-d’Olonne: discover the program of free concerts for the next few days

It’s the return of electro sets on Tanchet beach this Thursday, July 21 with Jef K. ©DR

All summer, the City of Sables d’Olonne program of free concerts four nights a week. Classical, jazz, pop, electro… Eclectic styles, so that a wide audience can enjoy and discover these nationally and internationally renowned artists. Here is the schedule for the coming week.

Thursday July 21

From 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tanchet beach: Jef K (electro). A fervent representative of the French electronic scene since the 90s, Jef K continues to pour his groove through an excessively rich musical culture, from funk to hip-hop, via soul and disco. Veteran of the French scene, activist of the national and international House since the 90s alongside the big names of the French Touch, the artist is pleased to set down his turntables at the Little Atlantique for an evening that promises to take your heels off the waxed floor to engage your body in a decidedly disco-funk set. In collaboration with Beach Sets.

Friday July 22

At 6 p.m. under the Masc crossing: Emile Parisien (jazz). Émile Parisien plays it solo! Its incisive sound, its vitality, its virtuosity and its inventiveness are usually put at the service of the collective (from the duo to the sextet) and its artistic affinities. But Emile Parisien is also one of the musicians who constantly give new directions to their instrument, in the tradition of Sidney Bechet, John Coltrane or Steve Lacy. The spearhead of the revival of French jazz is betting on an unprecedented exercise, that of the solo, of playful dialogue with oneself. An essential figure in creative and inspired French jazz, Émile Parisien traveled through the beginning of the century like few have been able to do. The alto and soprano saxophonist has applied himself to exploring tradition and history while going far beyond them. An evolution that owes a lot to the curiosity of Emile Parisien, whose profile as a rising jazz star has gradually refined to reveal a more complex artist with a sharp mind, beyond obvious appearances. In co-production with the Vague de jazz festival.

At 8:30 p.m. in the court garden: Kutu by Théo Ceccaldi (jazz). Kutu was born from the meeting in Addis Ababa of musician Théo Ceccaldi and two fusional voices, those of Ethiopian singers Hewan Gebrewold & Haleluya Tekletsadik. A journey to the heart of the feverish nights of underground Addis 2020, where hyperactive youth seizes ancestral music to better free themselves from it. From today’s poems, from a collection of tribal rhythms, Théo Ceccaldi imagines a telluric set where improvisation and vocal flights intersect, supported by a powerful rhythm and a line up with contagious vitality: electrocosmic keyboards, hypnotic basses , exalted dances and stellar voices… An incandescent ethio-trance combo, where the freedom of jazz mixes with the raw depth of Azmari sounds. In co-production with the Vague de jazz festival.

At 9.15 p.m. in the court garden: Noé Clerc Trio (jazz). The Noé Clerc Trio formed in 2018 with bassist Clément Daldosso and drummer Elie Martin-Charrière weaves a jazz with multiple energies tinged with lyricism and poetry. The universe of these three emerging artists borrows from the traditional melodies of the Black Sea, from the impressionist composers. This is a virtuoso and resolutely modern encounter between three instruments rarely brought together. Since its creation, the group has won international competitions (“Léopold Bellan” in 2018, “Jazz à St-Germain-des-Prés” in 2019) and performs regularly in France (at the “Sunset Sunside”, at the “Jazz à St Germain-des-Prés”, at the “Gare Jazz”) and abroad (“Studio Five” Sofia, Bulgaria). Their first album “Secret Place” which will be released under the NoMadMusic label, features sometimes urban, sometimes wild landscapes, talks about encounters, travel and invites you there. In co-production with the Vague de jazz festival.

Tuesday July 26

At 9.15 p.m. in the court garden: Oscar Anton (pop). Starting from scratch last January, Oscar Anton quickly rose through the ranks to draw the first lines of an independent success story. His pieces quickly captured curious eyes and ears. It is in particular the song “Nuits d’été” – recorded with his sister during the first confinement and put in image by their mother during the authorized exit time – which went viral as soon as it was released in April 2021. A buzz that has continued to grow with new releases: tens of millions of plays and views, hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks and millions of listeners around the world have been able to enter its “Home Of Sanity”.

At 10:30 p.m. in the court garden: Gaspard Royant (soul). Gaspard Royant is finally back… from the future! He has seen it all: the future of soul music and that of humanity. He made an album of it, his 4e. It will appear in the spring. It was locked up in the studio for 2 years that he pushed all the cursors to give body, sound and soul to his vision. Result: a luxuriant album, superior to the sum of all its influences (Blue Eyed Soul, Pop 60s, Soft Rock 70s, Electro 90s and Hip hop 00s) thus propelling soul to the XXIIe century.

Videos: currently on Actu

Wednesday July 27

At 8:30 p.m. on the forecourt of the Saint-Nicolas priory: “Immersion” by Solène Péréda (classical). “A sound bath, a dive into the world of the piano”, the formula becomes reality! Solène Péréda, concert pianist, invites you to experience classical music even more intensely by deploying “concerts everywhere and for everyone” in “Immersion” by adding sound to the concert piano at 360°! A grandiose concert that allows a completely different approach to sound, the perception of the listener and the musical world that surrounds him. Through the singular experience of a dozen composers (from Beethoven to Debussy) and the interpretation of their major works, the concert performer, Solène Péréda offers you a program on nature and the sea, in line with the concert venue: the large pier of the lighthouse and the Saint-Nicolas priory. Enter the heart of the music and vibrate in resonance with the piano and the artist! A tailor-made musical journey for the general public as well as for the discerning music lover.

The Wave of Jazz festival in Les Sables-d'Olonne is Friday July 22 with, here, T
The Wave of Jazz festival in Les Sables-d’Olonne is Friday July 22 with, here, Théo Ceccaldi. ©Aurore Fouchez

Free concerts, without reservation.

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