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Le Nouvelliste | Two albums, twelve titles in two days: Baky keeps his promise

“Rap after rap again. Sing after, sing. When Baky, a member of the “Koudeta” team at the time, released this line in November 2017 on the beat of “Doub blan”, he especially wanted to tackle his competitor at the time, Roody Roodboy, leader of the clan “Zokoko”. It was a way of telling him that the real rapper was him and that Roody could not compete in this field. The rapper probably did not imagine that this sentence was going to split into 2 album titles.

In the meantime, many things have changed. “When I arrived in the United States, I sang “Doub blan” and the public looked me straight in the eye. But with “Si m te konnen”, for example, the reaction was completely different. He was much more expressive. I immediately understood that to conquer new markets, I needed something other than pure and hard rap, ”explained Baky on the set of Ticket.

“Rap ap rete rap” is therefore a bit like the Baky of the beginnings, of hardcore rap. While, on “Chante ap ret chante”, the native of Les Cayes explores other musical universes, pursues the challenge of singing. The other major difference between the two plates is found in the choice of themes covered. There is an impressive diversity at this level in “Rap ap rete rap”. In addition, these are mostly beautiful titles, masterfully imaged.

“Dènye lèt” addresses a subject of general interest, an evil that silently gnaws at more than one. “Depresyon” is the subtitle of the only music video to date on “Rap ap rete rap”. In this piece, Baky describes a dark period of his life, reproaches some and makes mea-culpa in other cases. “Bay bondye yon beat”, egotrip, diss. “Peyi gè” deals with insecurity, the distribution of illegal weapons in the country. “Kite m motivate w” is a small personal motivation bible, a booster for those who would like to give up along the way. These 4 titles do not include guests. The other 2 are collaborations.

With Tafa in the role of a 14-year-old girl, pregnant following a gang rape, Baky, in the skin of a 4-month-old fetus, holds a conversation. He tries to give reasons to his carrier, about to have an abortion, to keep him. “Kijan pou m ba ou lavi si mwen pa rete nan mwen? asks Tafa. “Si yo vle” brings together Baky, Steeves J Bryan, Trouble Boy and Medjy. This is a warning to “haters”, to those who would try to stand in the way of these 3 gentlemen.

“Chante ap ret chante” obviously aims to make the crowds sing and dance. Nothing better than love to do it. Baky sings “Zanj” and “Vid” alone. The first is for the one who takes you as you are, with all your imperfections, tries to make you better when you were rejected by everyone. “Eske se bondye ki voye w? / Èske se vre or egziste? Baky sings. “Yo di zanj pa ka viv sou tè sa a / Kisa w vin fè la? / retounen kote w sòti a”, continues the choir. The second speaks of the “emptiness” that one feels after having multiplied the failures in love.

Obviously for an album where we sing, the original rapper Baky has requested many more collaborations. We therefore find four feats on “Chante ap ret chante” while there were only two on “Rap ap rete rap”. Baky joins his voice to that of K-Dilak to sing “Yon vagabon chanje”, the story of a former player who comes across the lucky girl and is about to put the ring on her finger.

“Love pa peye bill” advises this man who only brings “love” into the home to manage a little to contribute to the financial costs. Kenny and Charlin Bato are present on “Bloke” to beg, next to Baky, the loved one to come back into their life after she has “bloked” them everywhere on social networks. A little in the same line, “Bay vag” with the participation of Oswald, also features an ex who has vacated the premises. However, there is her new guy who steps in to order “Bay vag” in the attempts to win back and keep her new territory.

72 hours after it was put online, “Dènye lèt” produced by Paska was seen by more than 900,000 YouTube users. As for “Love pa peye bill” produced by Medjy Toussaint and whose clip is signed Smitty, it reached 650,000 views after nearly 48 hours.

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