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Le Mans. Video: Barely nineteen, singer Houracem has several projects for 2022!

Houra Cem, a young artist living in Le Mans (Sarthe), spoke about his current projects on Thursday January 6, 2022. (©Actu Le Mans)

He calls himself Houracemlives at Changed (Sarthe) and works at Mans. Singer by profession, he confided Thursday, January 6, 2022 and evoked his journey while revealing that he is currently working on a new song…

Usually, he almost never separates from his guitar. On Thursday, this artist presented himself alone.

Here is the portrait of this young man of barely nineteen!

A Frenchman born abroad…

If Houracem is French and if he sings and speaks the language of Molierehe was born in Bulgaria.

“I was three years old when I was adopted by a French family,” he confides without feeling embarrassed.

A passion for Patrick Bruel

Music, he has always loved to listen to it and today he likes to play it. “I really like to sing and perform. I like that people can see me and hear me produce melodious sounds,” he says, a bit amused.

How did this vocation come to him? “Several people have told me that I sing well. And that confirmed me in my path. Moreover, the artist he prefers, the one who has always fascinated him, is none other than the very famous Patrick Bruel.

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I like his songs; I appreciate his tone of voice; I love his texts. When I was younger, I wanted to be like him and look like him.


First compositions at the age of twelve!

At twelve, this young artist began to compose his own songs. “I wrote and sang No to mobile in which I evoke the theme of cyberbullying.

The click during confinement

And it is during the first period of confinement, in 2020, that Houracem went back to composing his songs where we find a touch of variety and French pop. His texts and his songs, he writes and composes them alone!

“In 2020, I heard artists write and perform texts to pay tribute to everyday heroes. I thought that was a great idea. »

Inspired, the nineteen-year-old artist thus composed and sang Thank you. In parallel, he released five other songs. Gradually, he had the idea of ​​making his own album.

The Scrapbook; an ongoing project

Without losing his smile, Houracem specifies: “I am still working on my album. At the same time, I am currently in the writing composition phase. »

Regarding his opus, the native of Bulgaria has planned to bring together thirteen of the forty titles he has already written and sung.

He adds: “I am in talks with Hedayat Music. I am also trying to get in touch with the author and composer of the title Les Yeux de la Mama de Kendji Girac. »

My goal would be for us to work together on some of my titles in order to make musical arrangements.


“It would allow me to sell the album. »

Why did you choose the name Houracem?

Behind the artist name Houracem is Clément Houdayer. He explains why he chose this pseudonym. “Hou” comes from my name “Houdayer”. “Ra” comes from my first name when I was in Bulgaria. And I chose Cem because I was not a big fan of Clem.”

Other ongoing projects

At the end of 2021, I had also recorded Ici ou là-bas which is a song evoking migrants. I contacted a person who works in collaboration with Renan Luce. I explained to him that if they were interested, we could collaborate together on musical arrangements.


And to continue: “For me, the timbre and the style of Renan-Luce would go well with this title.

A singer-songwriter committed against homophobia

I am currently composing a new song which denounces homophobia. I try to tell the story of a homosexual high school student who is insulted and persecuted by his classmates.


And to add: “Today, there are many homosexuals who dare not admit what they are or who they are. And in this song, I mean everyone has the right to be whoever they want. Homophobia makes me angry. »

“No matter what people think of you. You have to know how to be yourself whatever the circumstances. »

If he is composing the song, he cannot give its release date…

An artist torn by his past…

” With Say Mom, I told the story of an adopted child who feels this need to meet his parents. He doesn’t know if they want to see him again. »

This story mirrors his own perfectly; he too would like to return to the country where he was born in order to meet the woman who gave birth to him!

Practical information: for more information, click here. To access his YouTube channel, it’s here.

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