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Lana Del Rey unveils a new title, Sia confides in her depression and Stromae adds dates to her tour… All the music news!

Lana Del Rey unveils Watercolor Eyes, her new title for the Euphoria series (AUDIO)

Revealed to the general public thanks to the huge success of Born to Die in 2012, Lana Del Rey quickly entered the world musical landscape as one of the most talented and influential singers of her generation. A while ago, the singer unveiled Chemtrails Over the Country Club. Landed several months late, this long-awaited opus which includes no less than eleven titles including White dress and Tulsa Jesus Freak was followed, several months ago, by another album entitled Blue Banisters. A comeback for the American singer who had been rather discreet in recent years and who, despite the delays in “delivery” that have become usual, is determined to share with us the full extent of her immense talent. Last blow? A new title unveiled in the Euphoria series.

Indeed, unveiled only a few hours ago, a video of the title Watercolor Eyes has just been published on YouTube. A piece which is accompanied by the mention “original soundtrack of Euphoria on HBO” in order to make it clear that the singer wrote and interprets this title only for the famous American program. We were also able to listen to an extract in the promotional video for the third episode which should be broadcast on January 23rd. On the other hand, we do not know if the title will be revealed in its entirety during this highly anticipated new episode. A program carried by actress Zendaya who spoke a few days ago about this very disturbing new chapter of the series: “I know I’ve said it before, but I want to repeat to everyone world that Euphoria is aimed at an adult audience. This season, perhaps even more so than the last, is deeply emotional and deals with subject matter that can be difficult to watch. Only watch it if you feel comfortable. Take care and know that either way you are still loved and I can always feel your support. »

Faced with the success of its tour, Stromae adds additional dates!

A few months ago, Stromae was back in stores with the title Santé. Once again, the singer of Belgian origin arrived exactly where we did not expect him. That is, everywhere. Eight years after the huge success of Racine Carré, his second album, which had sold more than 2.5 million copies, the interpreter of Papaoutai is indeed back. His third opus, Multitude, should land in March 2022. But in the meantime, it is with the piece Enfer that the artist has literally broken the internet. How ? By simply inventing the first song interview. Guest of Anne-Claire Coudray in the JT of 20 hours of TF1, the latter interpreted his last tube in response to the very personal question of the journalist on his state of mental health in recent years. An absolutely moving performance that immediately created a buzz on the web and revived the memories of the public and professionals of the immense talent of this extraordinary artist.

While Stromae has already announced its presence this summer at several festivals including the Vieilles Charrues on July 14, 2022, it will also perform in many cities in France from June 2023 (yes, you understood correctly, this is not not for now!). In addition to his visit to Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Paris or Toulouse, the singer who had offered an exceptional live performance with Coldplay several years ago will also be in Nantes for not two but three exceptional concerts. Indeed, as he has just announced on his Twitter account, Stromae has added a date on March 31, 2023 at the zenith of Nantes. For his European fans, the latter has also just announced a date in Amsterdam on April 14, 2023. Early meetings for which tickets are already available by clicking here. Don’t wait too long, the artist’s tour may be the musical event not to be missed!

Sia confides after the controversy over her film: “I was suicidal, I relapsed”!

Initially, Sia’s project had everything to please! Matured like a real dream in the mind of the singer, this ambitious film featured little Maddie Ziegler as well as Kate Hudson and Leslie Odom Jr. In the feature film, the famous American actress plays the role of Zu, a unstable personality who learns that she has to support, with great difficulty, Music, her autistic half-sister. Finally, it turns out that the two sisters manage to forge a bond thanks to the power of music… Delayed due to the health crisis, the film was finally released in several countries around the world. And if the difficulties linked to the health crisis did not help its take-off, it was above all a big controversy that definitively tarnished the image of the project.

Indeed, it was the choice of Sia’s casting that posed many problems! At the heart of a controversy for several months, the singer had even been asked to cancel the release of her film. Why ? Because she would not have chosen an autistic actress to play the role of a young girl with this disorder on the screen. Indeed, initiated by Hannah Marshall, who defines herself as autistic, the petition specified that the choice of Maddie Ziegler by the director was not judicious: “As an autistic person, I ask that this film be canceled. This is extremely offensive to myself and autistic people. Sia showed no remorse for her inaccurate and hurtful betrayal of the community.” Very strong words that had greatly hurt the Australian artist who then officially apologized. Final results? The movie was a total flop!

Asked a few days ago by the New York Times, the interpreter of Unstoppable recounts his descent into hell following the criticism that targeted his project. “I was suicidal, I relapsed and I went to rehab” confides the singer to the famous newspaper. While she had justified herself by saying that she wanted to work with a neuro-atypical person, but that the role was too demanding. The initiative eventually had to be abandoned. “The character is entirely based on my neuro-atypical friend,” she says. “He found it too stressful to be non-verbal, and I made this film with nothing but love for him and his mother.” A big blow for the Australian star who seems to have passed this difficult period. “I promise I listened,” she ends of the whole story.

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