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KVM, the lifeblood of a French RNB in ​​the midst of a renaissance

Photo credits: Tom Menetrey

Take some RNB vibes, add a conservatory run to it, top it all off with a big rap influence and you’ve got KVM. At 25 years, the young artist is one of the new sensations of the French RNB. Revealed to the general public via a sharing of Booba on his Insta account, KVM has since undertaken a great rise in power within the industry. In the space of two years, the Roubaisienne has sent a nice little panoply of singles and is already working on the conception of his very first project. Here are a whole bunch of elements that deserved a little meeting in our premises.

The American dream

Before being a young artist with great potential, KVM defines herself above all as a music lover. Fan of music of all kinds, KVM owes his passion to the members of his family, his first prescribers: I have always been immersed in music, thanks to my parents. My mother sang and my father always had good taste. He listened to a lot of Michael Jackson, James Brown, etc. I also have big sisters who are from the generation above. They listened to a lot of RNB, old school, Biggie, Tupac etc. There is also the conservatory stage in my family. We all had an instrument at home. Me in this case, I made the viola for example. »

The music theory, a formative passage for the young artist but which was not necessarily her first choice: ” To be honest, it was my mother’s choice. Because she sang and it was like a thrill for her to play an instrument and go to the conservatory. Parents like to make their children experience what they did not experience when they were younger.. I didn’t have a life like my friends at school. “An era with a frantic pace but whose singer sees the benefits over the years:” On Monday until 10 p.m., I was at music theory. On Wednesdays too, I played my instrument. I also had a viola and orchestra lesson and that was it every week. So yeah as a kid, you go out of one school to go into another. But growing up, I’m so thankful. »

I didn’t have the same life as my friends at school

Unlike the majority of its colleagues, the click, the trigger that pushes KVM to launch into sound does not happen following an event directly linked to the world of music… But during a trip to the UNITED STATES : ” Before I started, I went to the United States and that’s where it all started. I went to Los Angeles for my studies, I met people, I saw a lot of things. And it was when I returned to France that I understood that anything was possible. »

A stay made as part of his school curriculum, which notably allowed him to increase his field of possibilities. ” It was as part of my International Business License. We had to do an internship. And in fact, I had already had an experience in Arizona. I loved it so I wanted to go back and experience the whole thing alone. Over there, it was a very enriching experience but not in music. Inevitably I evolved there humanly and professionally. I moved a lot. I did Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon etc. I met people, I did the BET Experience where I saw Meek Mill and even Nipsey Hussle at the time. It may have motivated me to give me the means to aim higher » declares the artist.

Validated by Kop

If the United States had the gift of lighting the flame present in KVM, his debut in music was not as fast as expected : “ I didn’t get started right away. There were several months, three months to be very precise, where I thought about what I really wanted to do and how. I always wanted to make music, but it’s something that I always pushed back because I come from Roubaix. For me, Roubaix is ​​not Paris, there are no labels and record companies. »

A long introspection whose outcome turns out to be positive for the Roubaisienne: “ Finally I started with the advice of my relatives and I put my first cover on Insta, Going Bad by Drake and Meek Mill, and it took off. Since then, it has remained. I did covers and medleys because I saw the need to stand out. »

Sign of an appreciated musical proposal, KVM will even end up experiencing its greatest exposure by being shared on the networks by the Duke of Boulogne in person : “At the time on Insta, Booba reposted a lot of people. So I took the opportunity. I made a medley, I took PGP’s production, I took several sounds from his discography and he sent me straight back. I had a lot more visibility, subscribers, comments, everything broke. »

I did covers and medleys because I quickly understood that it was necessary to stand out

And where the general public could expect a fluid sequence accompanied by a mountain of success, KVM experienced its first brake at this precise moment: “ Me when he reposted me, I had nothing. I didn’t even know what a topline was. I didn’t even write. Admittedly, I had DMs from producers even though I was already contractually bound to someone. But artistically, I didn’t know myself at all. Unfortunately or fortunately, I did not bounce on the buzz because I had no mastery of my art at all. Because if Booba, let’s admit it, had contacted me for a collaboration, what would we have said to each other? ‘Cause clearly, I really didn’t know how to do anything. The new challenge for KVM now? Take this mandatory step at the start of any musical career: the modeling of an artistic universe…

The first day of the rest of his career

Aware of the new challenge raised by the search for its musical style, KVM wasted no time before getting into action. ” It’s simple, it went through work. We all went through YouTube and the Type Beats, I bled all that. I was looking for myself a lot. I remember, sometimes I put “Type Beat Tory Lanez” on Youtube. I assume that your artistic universe manifests itself through hard work. You create it for yourself and that’s exactly what happened to me » admits the artist. And now, when asked about the definition of her style, the answer is clear: ” Today I am in the RNB category. I sing, then where it’s a little different is that I attach a lot of importance to the text and that I have very rap influences. »

But then, how to justify all these years of non-productivity? Here too, the answer is rather clear on the side of the Roubaisienne: “ Why didn’t I release anything between Closed Case and what I had done before? Quite simply because there was this artistic universe, this direction that I had to manifest and that takes time. Personally, it lasted two years. It was just enough time. »

I assume that your artistic universe manifests itself through hard work, you create it on your own

Now fully in possession of all its faculties, KVM seems more than ever ready to dive into the deep end: “ Now, I know that we will quickly follow up. Because everything is there. The sounds are there, the project too. After that it will not prevent me from continuing to work, from going to the studio. If I have better sounds, they will necessarily take priority […] We plan to release a project for this year, maybe for fall/winter. We are thinking about the tracklist and potential featss. »

And when the potential release of an album is put on the table, KVM is more cautious than euphoric: ” I assume that I am still in development. It’s no use for me to release an album, I prefer to do an EP. And after when everything is square, we can talk about an album. In any case it is planned, that’s for sure. But for my producers and me, it makes more sense to release an EP first. »

End of the mystery, so see you at the end of the year for the long-awaited release of KVM’s first project. Hoping that this step will be the first deadline of a golden itinerary for the artist…

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