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Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Stromae… The most anticipated albums of 2022

If we only talk about music, we can say that 2021 has spoiled us. Are we satisfied for all that? Absolutely not. Good news since this new year is promising and we allow ourselves the right to fantasize about several albums that we expect for 2022, confirmed or expected. Returns, projects already announced, surveys… From Frank Ocean to Beyoncé via Vald, Disiz, PLN and Nekfeu… Here are the albums we can’t wait (or want) to discover this year:

French-speaking outings:

Jazzy Bazz- Memoria (January 21, 2022)

The return of the Parisian rapper promises to be electric, and we can’t wait to be there. We admit that the feat with Alpha Wann unveiled in early January has a lot to do with it.

Vald- V (February 4, 2022)

Absent from the French rap planet in 2021, all the stars are aligned for a return of the sensational V. The five tracks of his first clip of the year and the ultra-gore visual of his last title “Anunnaki” speak volumes about his ambitions. Attention, QR Code required.

Stromae- Multitude (March 4, 2022)

After the dantesque performance he gave to announce his latest title “L’Enfer”, we can’t even imagine the level of artistic mastery that Stromae promises to achieve with Multitude. One thing is certain, the bar is high, very high.

Apple (confirmed for 2022)

Pomme, winner of the prize for female artist of the year at the last Victoires de la Musique, had shone with her latest album, Loopholes. After a magnificent cover of a song from the animated film Spirited away for Christmas, she announces the arrival of a third disc for this year. We look forward !

Disiz (confirmed for 2022)

We looked at the beauty of “Casino” and our reflex was to ask ourselves when Disiz’s last project dated. The answer is 2018 and after a long time of absence, it will definitely make a comeback this year. The rapper teased the release of upcoming singles and an album, we can’t wait.

Christine and the Queens

Nothing official for the moment, but we allow ourselves the pleasure of also expressing our desires and our expectations. Christine, or Chris, if you read us, we miss you so come back to us quickly.


Frankly, who can sit at the PNL table and tell them, “I’m more expected than you in French rap”? Who, friends? After the postponement of their event tour and obtaining a double diamond disc, it is difficult to imagine the two brothers remaining silent this year. At least we hope they won’t.


Well OK, if there is one who can sit at the NLP table, it is him. The return of Nekfeu is so awaited that his last album The Wandering Stars released in 2019 is still in the ranking of the most listened to rap albums of 2021. Who says better?


Although she is one of the most respected female artists in the French-speaking game, Shay is nonetheless one of the most discreet. As we speak, it’s been 978 days since his last album, Antidote, is out. Shay, please come back, France and Belgium need you.

Alpha Wann

Alpha Wann may have entertained us at the end of 2020 with volume 1 of his Don Dada Mixtapewe are still waiting for the successor to his masterpiece UMLA. Especially since given his Olympic form on the few verses distilled last year, we can expect heavy.


After the slap he gave us with the EP 140 BPM 2, we want more, always more. And no, there’s nothing masochistic about it.

The Rat Luciano

After several verses released on numerous projects in recent years and a legendary interview published in our columns, Le Rat Luciano, the legend of the Fonky Family, is finally preparing to release his second solo album, which has been awaited for more than ten years. We are not inventing anything, it is even he who said so.

Foreign releases:

Jack White- Fear of the Dawn / Entering Heaven Alive (April 8, 2022 / July 22, 2022)

This year, it is not one but two albums that Jack White promises us. The icing on the cake, we already have dates: The first, Fear of the Dawnadvertised as “hard” and “punchy“, will be released on April 8, closely followed by a project, Entering Heaven Alive, described as “very sweet” by its author and scheduled for July 22. To whet our appetite, the guitarist even presented a first live extract entitled “Taking Me Back”.

Pete Doherty (confirmed for 2022)

After Jack White, it’s the turn of another rock veteran to announce his comeback for 2022. The one and only Pete Doherty, one of the spearheads of the rock revival in the 2000s. No precise date announced for the moment, but a first title full of promise was released in mid-November, “The Fantasy Life of Poetry & Crime”.

rosalíhas – Motomami (confirmed for 2022)

Billed as conceptual, experimental and as “his most personal and faith-based album to date”, Motomami, the Catalan singer’s third album promises to be surprising. With such a speech of intent, necessarily, our curiosity is piqued.

J.Cole- It’s a Boy/ The Fall Off (confirmed for 2022)

after the shine The Off Seasonnominated among the best rap albums of the year at the next Grammy Awards, J. Cole has promised the continuation of his projects with the announced release of two successive albums for 2022. It’s a Boy and finally, to conclude his musical trilogy “The Fall Off Era”, The Fall Off. If these two projects are of the caliber of the first, it can only be grandiose.

Travis Scott- Utopia (2021 release postponed)

Initially scheduled for 2021, but probably postponed due to the dramatic accident that occurred during his Astroworld Festival, Travis Scott’s new album should indeed be released in 2022. More than ever in the sauce, the rapper has every interest to lay us a master class if he wants to hope to relaunch his career on a good basis.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean. That’s all. Just Frank Ocean. Do you really need to add anything? His first album Channel Orange will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year. Isn’t this the best time to send the sequel?


Barbados’ new national hero is fed up with being constantly asked about her ninth album. Well Riri, know that we are too, and we can’t wait for you to come back. Six years of absence since Antiit is much, much, MUCH too long.

Kendrick Lamar

Rumors have been swirling about Kendrick Lamar’s new album for months. But speculation is fine for five minutes, we want something concrete now. Especially since the few verses he signed last year on his cousin Baby Keem’s album are excellent. With a return to the stage scheduled for February for the Super Bowl, all lights are green for the return of the king.

Joey Bada$$

It’s been five years this year since Joey Bada$$ had the “brilliant” idea of ​​viewing a solar eclipse without glasses. Yes yes, Joey, we haven’t forgotten your bullshit. We haven’t forgotten either that it’s also been almost five years since your last album was released. But given the quality of the first extract from your next album and its clip, we are ready to forgive.


Bow down before her majesty Queen B. Pandemic or no pandemic, all it takes is a true and worthy solo musical comeback from Beyoncé to make 2022 a resounding success. Also, we would not say no to a comeback in good and due form of her husband Jay-Z or Childish Gambino, with whom she shared the poster on the soundtrack of the film The Lion King: The Gift.

A$ap Rocky

Last year, A$ap Rocky released on streaming platforms Live. Love. A$AP, his very first mixtape released in 2011. So we agree, nostalgia is good, but novelty is better. In this regard, his masterful verse on Nas’ latest album suggests a future high-flying album.

Dr Dr

Starring in the next Super Bowl halftime show alongside Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige, the Doc definitely seems to be back in business. After an EP dropped in GTA, he assured that he had finished his next album. Now, we cross our fingers so that he takes it out and that he does not redo us an Arlésienne à la Detox.

50 Cent

More busy growing his various businesses than making good music in the studio in recent years, Fifty has promised that he will finally release a new album in 2022. A project announced as the last of his discography.

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