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Johnny Hallyday fans should be ashamed of their attitude towards Jade and Joy

Johnny Hallyday fans spend their time criticizing the attitude of Jade and Joy. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

Joy Hallyday is 13 years old, and after having kept her Instagram account private for a long time, she now appears in the eyes of the general public. Recently, a snapshot on which she gives the middle finger caused controversy and earned her many criticisms. The same as those regularly suffered by her big sister Jade. It might be time for Johnny Hallyday fans to understand that they have no say in the attitude of his daughters.

It has been almost 5 years since Johnny Hallyday died, and his memory is still well inscribed in the memory of his fans. At the time of his death, his youngest daughter, Joy, was only 8 years old. Many of the singer’s followers then felt a certain tenderness for the little girl orphaned by a father so young. But since the main interested party entered adolescence, the thoughts are no longer the same. The tenderness and the desire for protection turned into criticism as soon as her attitude did not correspond to that of a good little girl. And on social networks, the young teenager is already the target of very virulent criticism.

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Teenage girls insulted and humiliated by adults

On her account, Joy Hallyday posts the same photos as all teenage girls. Snapshots with her girlfriends, selfies, a few photos of her dad to whom she regularly pays tribute… But recently, she posted a photo on which she gives the middle finger. Not really surprising either from a teenager, but the shot was enough to stir the fans of the late rocker. “What a shame”, “A badly brought up little girl”, “Poor girl”, “Your father would be ashamed of you” … The rain of comments prompted Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter to close the comments on her publication, in order to be quiet. But the situation remains the same: adults did not hesitate to attack a child, on the pretext that they were fans of her famous father, and that they now pay him unhealthy attention.

However, these criticisms are not surprising: for several years, his big sister Jade Hallyday has also suffered them. Followed by more than 150,000 people on Instagram, the young girl is singled out as soon as she has the audacity to pose in a swimsuit, wear a short dress or a neckline. “Sexy”, “Sulphurous”, the comments against her are numerous and pose another problem: that of the sexualization of a minor teenager by adults. Adults who allow themselves to comment on things such as “It looks like a bitch”, “She is ready to do the pavement”, “She is vulgar”…

Johnny Hallyday “would have been ashamed”, really?

One of the main criticisms that comes up on the publications of the two teenagers is that their attitude would not have been the same if their father was still alive. That he would be ashamed of his daughters if he could see what they post on social media. Shame, really? It’s misunderstanding Johnny, who has always stood out for his “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” attitude, and has even been in trouble with the law several times. Moreover, as she said in the story, it was her own father who taught Joy Hallyday to give middle fingers to “haters”.

Jade and Joy Hallyday grew up in the spotlight and suffered criticism from an early age. Result: they are used to ignoring those who denigrate them, and do not intend to let it go. Criticized a few months ago because the strap of her dress had fallen on her shoulder in a photo, the eldest daughter of Laeticia Hallyday had made a small point with her subscribers: “Excuse me if you are sensitive to the slightest skin revelation, it’s only a strap that fell involuntarily.” All before asking Internet users to stop bothering him with their inappropriate comments.

Conclusion: the two teenagers are not accountable to the public for their deceased dad, and no one has a say in their behavior, except for their parents. Young girls do not hurt anyone and behave like what they are: teenagers. On the other hand, the adults who criticize them, insult them and seek to humiliate them should perhaps question the unhealthy and toxic attention they give to two children.

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