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Interview with Les Vulves Assassines, as a prelude to discographic novelty.

At the time of the release of “Do you want to fuck? “, accompanied by an offbeat clip, which precedes an album planned for the start of the school year, Les Vulves Assassines answer Will Dum’s questions…

1. Les Vulves Assassines, on disc, they…murder!! But who, exactly? Who, in our poor society, has the signal honor of being “envulvered” by your trio?

A little bit everyone… obviously we attack a lot of reactions of all kinds and our class enemies, but not only. On the first album, our personal development friends took it for their grades. On the next one, some will feel targeted by our song on a certain form of fashionable environmentalism which seems counterproductive to us since it does not really question the social and economic aspects of the problem.

But then we grew up, we changed our tone a bit, and now we tend to politely ask him to die rather than smash him with a crowbar. The same goes for Paul, this dynamic young executive who is even given one last chance in the face of the inevitable revolution. In our second album, we became a little nice.

2. I reviewed on Muzzart Godzilla 3000, your first opus which dates back to October 2019. Musically, it’s as enjoyable as it is fun! What brought you to such a patchwork?

Incompetence. No matter how hard we looked for a style, we never found it. It’s never what you’re trying to do that comes out in the end. As a result, our final songs are not at all representative of our initial ideas. That’s what makes this disjointed side.

3. Does this musical bazaar have any connection with the societal mess we are currently experiencing? Is it intended to put it at a distance, to mitigate its impact?

Surely a shrink would find something like that to say. Maybe there is even a social subject to dig into. We don’t know, we haven’t studied intelligently.

4. Who does what in the Vulvas? Who do you surround yourself with to generate this tasty and crazy musical clash?

The music and the lyrics are us 3: MC Vieillard, DJ Conant and Samy. In general, after thinking about an idea together, we divide the tasks; MC Vieillard writes a draft of text, DJ Conant makes a draft of composition and we finalize with two. Guitarist Samy then arrives to add her touch to the arrangements. It’s really teamwork, and sometimes come along with friends, like Alexis at the musical saw, or Geuda. If we make music instead of doing a real job, it’s also for this side of camaraderie. Then it’s Gaga, our sound engineer, who does the mixing and who follows us in concert for the facade sound.

5. You just released “Do you want to fuck?”, complete with a clip that goes off the rails. I adore him because he says, in an almost light tone (musically), worrying things. Is that finally Les Vulves Assassines? Denounce in a form of lightness, in a delirium endowed with meaning?

Since we didn’t know how to make music, we didn’t form a band to make music. When we’re working on a new song, we always wonder what important subject we haven’t talked about yet. We are really here to give a boost to the revolution. It’s pure and hard Marxist feminist propaganda, we just set it to music because people read CGT leaflets less than they listen to music (for the most part, surely, but that’s the same thing sociologist).

6. This piece also announces Das Kapital, your new “risk-taking” album, which will be released when I buy my new school bag, at the start of the school year or so. What can you tell me about this new galette?

Congratulations on your promotion! We wanted to make “the album of maturity”, but we dreamed a little… We are moving towards maturity but we are not there yet. We tried to do something more listenable than the first, always with the aim of reaching more people and expanding our ranks. The album is less disjointed, and less… certainly that we censor ourselves a little, or at least we weigh our words a little more, that makes it something a little less light but surely more accomplished. The big difference, compared to the first album, is that there we know that people will listen to it. So we tried to avoid possible misunderstandings…

7. What inspired you, moreover, this title of “Das Kapital”? You hope capital, this Das Kapital? Dirty ? Radical ?

We hope capital yes, like its namesake of 1867, the best seller signed Karl Marx. One does not go without the other.

8. I like your values, keep it and make them last (yes I know, it’s not a question…)

Ah William…

9.Have you ever, in view of your incisive approach for certain castes at the bite-me-the-knot, to have angry feedback from those whose brains remained in the gutter?

In general, those who don’t like it don’t come to tell us, so we always have the illusion of being unanimous. In truth we know that there are people who are shocked, sometimes, at our concerts. We find it funny because we have the impression of being super cute compared to what can happen on other stages at the same time. But when it’s guys, it surprises people in the public less.

On the other hand, it is not a story of the brain or the gutter. It’s just a matter of taste and habits, so we don’t take it badly (big up Armand’s mom). We nevertheless had some rather violent articles in the Nazi press. Again, it’s not a brain story unfortunately, they seem to have even bigger brains than us, given their strategy, their progress and their results in the elections.

10. Das Kapital, will you send it to me for a chronicle (devil (La belle langue de Molière), I couldn’t help scratching)? Who will he go out to anyway? Because if it’s at Atypeek like Godzilla 3000, I think it has its place perfectly!

We’re releasing this second self-prod album this time around, even if Christophe d’Atypeek Music continue to be present for us and help us a lot. We will be distributed by the Other Distribution because they are very nice and thanks to them, we will release it on CD and vinyl. Do you want the CD or the vinyl?

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