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In Saint-Ulphace, festival of French-speaking song, act II

Joël Favreau, the guitarist of Georges Brassens, will be in concert on June 10, 2022. ©Photo provided by CMR

Barely the first edition finished, patrick marty was already launched on the second. In his head, the programming was practically complete.

On June 10, 11 and 12, 2022, Louise and Patrick Marty are back with their international francophone song festival.

With the guitarist from Brassens

It will start strong, with Friday, opening day, a concert of Joel Favreau. This name may not mean much to you, yet it is the musician of one of the biggest stars of French song. “He was the guitarist of Georges Brassens”, slips Patrick Marty.

Always in the Brassens spirit, theexhibition installed in Sète which is dedicated to him will make the trip to the Sarthe. “She will be in the village hall all week of the event,” announces the organizer.

And as they are used to, they include schoolchildren in their concerts. ” The children of CE1-CE2 will have a Brassens workshop with Joël Favreau, and a restitution will take place before the concert at 7 p.m. »

During this evening, spectators will be able to discover the world of Nahel, a singer who will present his latest album, “J’roule, j’roule, j’roule”.

A group from Mayotte

On Saturday, the restaurant “The Brasserie du Midi” welcomes a new artist. After the Benin waves ofAdonis, last year – for those who had appreciated the singer will be back on March 26, 2022 in Roussigny -, it is Soulsnam, an artist from Le Mans. A little less exotic but her soulful voice should be appreciated by all.

Videos: currently on Actu

From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., same concept as last year, with an open stage. Whoever wants to sing!

Small novelty to close this open stage, a group will give a concert at the end of the afternoon. ” It is Your Zinc who will come, they are already well known. »

The day will end in Roussigny with a Belgian, “Saule”.

He’s a hit over there. He’s Vanessa Paradis’ arranger. He opened for Bénabar.

This artist is especially internationally known for his title, “Dusty Men”, with Charlie Winston.

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That same evening, a group from Mayotte, Del Zid will also take place on stage. “It’s very beautiful what they are doing”, launch the organizers.

The arrival of Michel Jonasz?

For Sunday, the day will begin with a flea market of vinyls and music organized by the festival committee. For Patrick, “this can become an incredible meeting place for collectors. At 11 a.m., it was in the church that the voice of Julia Pertuy. A Toulouse artist who will be accompanied by her cello.

The afternoon will continue at the Roussigny center with Pascal Mary. “We already have reservations for this show. »

And to close this festival, “a troupe created a show of covers of Michael Jonasz. In April, for a month, they will come and refine their work here,” announces Patrick Marty.

With the visit of Michel Jonasz in person?

He said he would come to rehearsals, if he can’t be there on D-Day.

All the shows in the center of Roussigny will no longer take place in the small hall, but in the marquee. “This allows us to expand our capacity,” they smile.

Francophone Song Festival, June 10, 11 and 12. Friday, June 10: 7 p.m., restitution of the school’s Brassens workshops. 9 p.m.: Joël Favreau, then Nahel. Saturday, June 11: 12 p.m., Brasserie de Midi restaurant, meal-meeting with “Soulsnam”. On the village square, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., open stage (Aleaa, BoNome tadpole and others…); 6 p.m., Your Zinc. 8:30 p.m., Evening concert at the Center Musical International de Roussigny, “Saule” (Belgium), “Le Groupe Del Zid” (Mayotte, Madagascar). Sunday, June 12: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.: flea market morning of vinyl records and local producers; 11 a.m., concert at the church with “Julia Pertuy”; 3 p.m., concert at the Center Musical International de Roussigny, Pascal Mary; 4 p.m., world premiere of the show “Jonasz au Grenier et autres Merveilles”.

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