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In Nord Beat 2022, 3 days of vacation in the heart of French Flanders

Located in Bailleul, 20 minutes from Lille, we were immediately tempted by the programming of the En Nord Beat Festival. We didn’t hesitate for a second to take our tent and our notebook to tell you about the experience of this evolving event in the North region!

Day 1. Friday, July 8. 7:50 p.m., a haven of peace in the city center

Arriving in the small Flemish town of Bailleul, we park in one of the indicated car parks and head for the event. Although it takes place in the center, the festival is located in a small corner between woods and greenery. Quick tour of the owner, the Big Bang Stage for the concerts, the Kosmos Stage and its marquee for the electro sets and a third stage that we can’t find… But on the other hand, many people are at the level of the toilets, which is strange given the low number of people present at the beginning of the evening. In the end, we discover that one of the toilet doors actually leads to this famous last stage. Located in the undergrowth, we discover a small 360° stage made of pallets. The place is beautiful. We start on the hats of wheels with Stacy.0 and Caemillion (Photo), him on his machines for a frenzied live techno. She, at the microphone singing hypnotic refrains.

9:34 p.m., techno and meals at low prices

Our bellies remind us that it is already time to eat, and surprisingly the prices do not exceed 7 euros. We opt for a hot dog and fried onions and sit on one of the many seats provided for the comfort of festival-goers. Under the marquee, the burning techno ofIrene Dreselher ceremonial dress and the flowery scenography are part of it, effective for digesting the meal well. At the Big Bang Stage, the Parisian rapper Georgia is also still just as warm, despite the passing years. He unpacks his verses with rage, the public goes crazy on each of the refrains that we all sing in chorus.

Roland Crystal (Photo)an artist we have never seen, starts his set on the Krosmos Stage, and his fans keep shouting his name. A microphone, a computer, a mouse, a guitar and off you go for more than an hour of crazy techno. The perfect mix between Salut C’est Cool and French song, a pure moment of pleasure and letting go.

Saturday July 9. 4:15 p.m., a holiday atmosphere at the campsite as at the festival

A paid campsite is offered a few meters from the festival to rest, but not only. For €7, it is supervised 24 hours a day, with breakfast, barbecue lunch, volleyball court, inflatable swimming pool, ventriglisse (Photo)

On the secret stage, Martin Blondelle does his show. Dressed in underpants and a bathrobe, a bottle of Suze in front of him and he takes us on a ride through various bawdy songs, but remixed in all possible and imaginable styles of electronic music. Very little Suze for us, the bar offers a rather nice beer menu with an inexpensive pilsner, the Anosteké voted best lager in the world in 2021 and an IPA, all three from the region.

A short tour of the associative village: free massage, karaoke, orientation games, screen printing stand, a beautiful prevention area… We loved the presence of Nina & Simone and their listening and advice truck on subjects such as life relationships, sexuality, violence, etc.

8:05 p.m., electronic music in the spotlight on this second evening

Tonight, we squat the Kosmos Stage, the line-up is delicious! Starting signal with DJ Pone, big name in beatmaking, multi rewarded. Despite the past quarantine, he turns the public over with his powerful bass music productions. The next artist is none other than Von Bikrav (photo), member of the famous Casual Gabberz crew. It’s not even dark yet, but it’s still time for a big hour of frenzied gabber. Security is on high alert and they’re right, we’re on fire. We jump, we shout, some find themselves lifted by the crowd, we literally burst the dancefloor under the devastating kicks of the artist. Little time to rest, the duo Tetra Hydro K arrived. We thought that a bit of dub would have rested us a bit… Well no. From the first tracks launched, it’s once again the dawa! Intense bass lines to make us vibrate, saxophone to take us away, we’re off on a trip we’ll remember. Closing of this wonderful day with Carpenter Gross and their unique style, between metal and electronic music. This enigmatic group offers us a dantesque show. The songs are epic, some last more than 10 minutes, how can the drummer keep up?

Day 3. Sunday July 10. 4:20 p.m., a Sunday reserved for children and older children

Last day, but that’s loaded. The Kosmos Stage will not be present, but the Big Bang offers us some very nice names! spunyboys offers us frenzied rock’n’roll. They have the looks, the attitude and of course the music to match. The leader, and his double bass, allow themselves all the madness: he dances, lifts it, climbs on it, plays upside down… A real acrobatic show. Although it is Sunday and it is very hot, the public is present to dance!

Common Gold, a trio of rappers from Brussels are also determined to get us moving. Catchy flows, well thought out humor, we really had a good time with them. A short break to grab our last hot dog of the weekend.

Today, there are many children and that’s normal. The event has organized everything needed for them to have a good afternoon: wooden games, giant board games and manual activities… We really want to join them, but the rest of the day is in store for us. more nice surprises for the last two closing concerts, and we are spoiled. First with The Little Smoke, their natural trance and their unique energy. We are used to seeing them at night, the scenography is much more beautiful, but too bad, it’s always a real pleasure to attend one of their concerts. Finally, to end this festival in style, nothing better than electro hip-hop. And it’s not with just anyone. But with the super training Chinese Man + Scratch Bandits Crew + Baja Frequencies + the two MCs Youthstar and Miscellaneous. We are witnessing the best songs of the groups, but with twelve hands, and it’s incredible. We can’t stay long because our train is waiting for us to go home… And that’s a shame.

The balance sheet

concert side

The crazy:

Roland Crystalhis techno is clearly from another galaxy

Perfect for tapping your foot:

Von Bikravgood gabber as we love

The best discovery:

Tetra Hydro K, dub, as energetic as it is deep

Festival side

We liked:

  • Free entry for children under 12

  • Food at a low price, nothing was over 7 euros

  • Good northern beer as we like

  • The “secret” scene in the undergrowth

  • Comfortable and secure campsite

  • The partnership with the SNCF to have train tickets at 1€ from Lille

We liked less:

  • Beer is a bit expensive for the region, almost 9 euros a pint. The pils when it was a little less than 6 euros

  • In rush hour, access to the toilets became complicated because of the passage to the secret stage

Drink prices:

– Beer: between €5.80 and €8.80

– Cocktail: €8.50

– Soft: €2.50

Food prices:

– Between €4 and €7 for savory with chip shop, burger (vegetarian burger), wok or hot dog

Festival prizes:

– €80 for three days + €7 for the campsite


We really had a great weekend at the En Nord Beat Festival. The line-up was enticing and did not disappoint from start to finish. The campsite was just great with a great atmosphere. The perfect setting. Delicious food and drinks. It’s clearly a great festival, not too expensive, with cutting-edge artists from various backgrounds, perfect for filling up on discoveries. We will come back, that’s for sure!

Story and photos: Nicolas Nourrit

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