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IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Heating in Darkness: 16,500 festival-goers for a successful 30th anniversary from A to Z

The two Toulouse brothers Bigflo & Oli filled the Chapi’tophe. (© Nicolas LEPIGEON)

“I love you Normandy! » With the concert, among others, of Pete Doherty, the curtain fell on the night of Sunday July 17 to Monday July 18 on this 30e Heat in the Dark festival. Four days and four evenings in a bubble out of time, of which here is the balance sheet.

A for Birthday: from the Brazilian punk-hardcore of Asfixia Social to launch the festivities on Thursday to the Spanish rock of Mafalda and the forró of the Coutances quartet Roda Minima to close the festival in an explosive atmosphere on Sunday evening: a wind of madness blew out the 30 candles.

B like Bigflo & Oli: the average age of the public has gone down a notch for the duration of a concert: the brothers from Toulouse gave Chapi’tophe a full Thursday and breathed in a lot of positive energy.

C for Heating in Darkness: the Quebec and poetic expression which means “to drive at night” gave its name to the event.

D like Dereuder: the founder is called Pierre Dereuder. A musician at the time, he had met counterparts from Quebec, hence a project between the two countries. The farewell musical evening led to this incredible adventure…

E for Eco-citizen: ecology, citizenship, women’s rights, social, solidarity… So many themes at the heart of the festival with workshops, events, conferences and an ever-essential community village.

F for Family: this is the term often used by officials to describe the CDLN team, with its 500 volunteers, and all the technicians, artists, security guards, etc.

Videos: currently on Actu

G for Gendarmes: it’s their big meeting, we saw them everywhere around the site and in the town, morning and evening, to ensure security and check motorists in particular (alcohol, drugs).

H for hip-hop: the musical style has become the majority and we feel it in the programming of festivals. Chauffer offered it in all its forms: assertive, festive, melancholy…

I as Illustrates: the rapper, above the spectators in the circular ring, was one of the highlights of this Odyssey scene.

J for Juno Reactor: the conclusion of the Saturday evening was hot in a Chapi’toph transported to another universe, tribal and psychedelic.

K like KT Goric: the princess of Swiss hip-hop had the formidable honor of opening the ball on Friday and her overflowing and communicative energy allowed her to succeed in this challenge.

L as Lyric: “We opened with the lyrical art of No(s) Dames, we try as much as possible to break down the walls to offer diversity. »

M for Weather: Chauffer is aptly named since it is (almost) always sunny. The high temperatures had booked their 4-day pass.

Some concerts in photos

N as Nomad Men: the Ethno Machine and the Boom Machine of this company wandered in mechanics and in music, bluffing everyone on the way.

O for Odyssey: this 4th stage in the shape of a circular ring is a new nugget, as the spectators glued to the artists Laurence Nerbonne, Rest In Gale or Roda Minima could see. Hope she comes back.

P for Range: the sandy expanse of Montmartin-sur-Mer is an integral part of the event: festival-goers invade it during the day, swim to cool off, and there are great sporting and cultural events.

Q as in Four days: it’s rare for Chauffer to last more than half a week, but the 30th edition and the return to normal conditions were well worth it. The festival-goers, especially at the campsite, ended up rinsed but happy.

R for Restoration: offering local products is the basis for an eco-citizen festival! Many dishes were home-prepared, there were also the traditional whelks-mayo, with a cider drink, calva in the little zef, or the local beer Moussette: a treat.

S for Security: the organizers point out that the company of security guards is chosen “on the human side, we even kiss each other when we see each other again”.

T for Stiff Heads: founded in 1984 (!), the mythical Parisian group replaced another headliner at short notice… Happily, because it showed that the magic always worked when its Ginette waltzed in the guinguette.

U for Urban Dance Squad: the Rudeboy played the hits of the Dutch rap rock group, born in Utrecht in the 80s.

V as Viagra Boys: unfortunately one of the black points: the cancellation of this Swedish headliner a few days before the festival, before several other groups to be replaced for more or less valid reasons. Hats off to the programmers for having made up for these packages so quickly.

W as WC: Chauffer’s toilets, a pioneer in dry toilets with Les Copeaux dans la Noirceur, is something! DJs also took turns to get festival-goers dancing at this key location. A success.

X as Xenophile: definition: who has sympathy for strangers; it’s in CDLN’s DNA. Thus, the fate of refugees and the migration crisis were addressed with the Odyssey of the Union, a sailboat taking the musical duo Trotski Nautique over several days from stopover to stopover, from Grandcamp-Maisy to Montmartin.

Y like Yeah! : the most heard word in the heart of the public in front of the sixty groups and artists.

Z like Zaho from Sagazan: “She’s going to be a hit, she’s magnetic!” At 21, her singular and powerful voice made the hairs stand up on Saturday.

Concert excerpts:


Isiah Morice and Annabelle Ledanoismanager and president of Heating in Darkness

News: What is your feeling, hot, on this anniversary?

Isiah Morice: There is fatigue but above all a lot of pleasure to have shared such a strong moment. It’s a crazy experience to create something so ephemeral but intense. We have the impression of having fully expressed, despite the very strong constraints, what makes our singularity, our identity. We will not be able to go further in the proximity with the public, in the things that we have experienced. They all worked, like the new circular stage where the audience was immersed, it looked like it was carrying the artists!

AL: We are almost sold out over the four days. We wear our name well: it got really hot! We have an audience that is still just as won over. It is the strength and the will of all these little builders of dreams that are our volunteers that make the anniversary a success.

With 16,500 people, is this a record edition?

I.M. : Yes, but for me it is also the most beautiful edition, a form of culmination. One has the impression of having made vibrate more than ever what one had to say. We want to make life magical, we work to make it a big hit all year round! When we see each other, we no longer have any anxiety, we want to hug each other. It’s the Odyssey, from assembly to disassembly.

AL: Heating, these are encounters from here and elsewhere. It’s a human adventure, we know we can count on each other and that’s why we get there. The construction is done with 500 people who form a real family, and even beyond a network with all the partners: security, gendarmerie, friendly festivals, artists, marquee builders, civil protection, etc.

What are the strong points and the small regrets?

IM: We have three pillars – societal, environmental and cultural – that make us stand up. There are always flaws, of course, it sometimes gives the impression of a porridge… But it’s a good cultural porridge, soft and artisanal… A chocolate porridge like my grandmother used to make it ( laughs)! The important thing is the added value, the human values, with this red thread that is diversity and how to make it exist. Our ancestors, who are not that old, were able to breathe this spirit into the festival 30 years ago. Our little regret is not having succeeded in highlighting them as we wanted, because we had to deal with a lot of constraints.

You regularly insist on the difficulties encountered…

IM: The outlook is difficult. We have the institution in general which does not know how to react to the difficulties, which only adds to them… We see it in other areas: environment, health… This is what we are undergoing. It’s very hard to put the festival in place. It makes the challenge even greater, on the other hand it wears out when we are tools to depressurize our society. Festivals are moments of relaxation and letting go, together.

Despite everything, will there be a 31st edition?

IM: I’m sure there will be one, but how will it register? The answer will not be provided by us alone… We cannot always hide behind a board of directors in Paris. We live in this territory all year round. We are defending a model that is not that of large cities, nor the industrial model. Times tend to prove us right.

AL: Next year, we will put on our 31 to stay here! To show the Conservatoire du littoral who we are and that we return the site as we take it at the base, even that we clean it before using it. We seek neither combat nor conflict, we want to be “with”. Heating is culture for everyone, and we want to keep these values ​​for the future.

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