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In Clisson, the natural wine fair is gaining momentum

Some of the organizers: Maël Le Gall, Fanny Massebieau, Pierre Orhon, and Anna Cloarec (missing Maxime Bouchet). ©Hebdo de Sèvre et Maine

called natural wine, natural wines or living winesmore and more of them are moving towards this type of viticulture.

With more and more fame : Michelin-starred chefs are putting them more and more to their menu and the best sommelier of the year is a follower 100%. These are wines from grapesfrom biological agriculture Where biodynamichaving suffered the minimal handling. If not the soil plowing. Those are wines who were raised with yeasts and natural bacteria Where nativewithout using oenological inputs, chemicals and without the use of sulfur or with dhomeopathic osages (no more than 3 grams). In short, practices that are very, very respectful of the environment », summarizes Pierre Orhon, manager of the Granit wine bar, Porte Palzaise, at Clisson and partner of the Bribes event whose 9th edition this will be held Sunday May 15.

28 winegrowers present

“It’s becoming a benchmark in the industry, especially since they started this show when we took the winegrowers for cranks”.

Professionals who cultivate only a few hectares. They will be 28 to have their drink tasted under the Halls (return to classic format after relocation to the stand car park in 2021, health crisis requires). With a strong consonance Loire “. This is the theme of this year. Cotes de Forez, Touraine, Anjou, Coteaux d’Ancenis, Vendee will have their representatives.

Muscadet will not be forgotten with three winegrowers whose first vintages like Victor Cossy at Maisdon-sur-Sevre, Antoine Delaunay at VertouPierre Goizet Saint-Fiacre-sur-Maine. “We also have our faithful who come from Alsace, from Ardeche and of Gaillac» smiles Fanny Massebiau, another organizer of the event within the association Broth.

Alongside the winegrowers, the Gulf cider house (Valves), Audrey’s juices and vinegars (Cugand) and the beer brewing dads (Clisson). But also the ceramists. They will be 7 to present their latest creations. “We always celebrate the contents and the containers,” assures Maël Le Gall. Moreover, the potter Katia-Line will carry out demonstrations. If the entrance is free, the purchase of a glass at 5 euros will allow a tasting.

A dose of culture in viticulture

If the Bribes honor the natural viticulturethe Bouillon association which organizes the show could not not add a dose of culture. During the day, several activities are planned.

As a common thread, the collective Strange Mirror will project videos on viticulture and Eric Loiseau of the company Mobil Casbah will offer sound capsules and will animate the market by going to the meet from winegrowers.

Videos: currently on Actu

Immersed in the audience, the Nantes choir La Débraille will sing its directory militant and committed; just as Kasper will walk his moving piano by distilling his songs rock, punk and jazz. At the end of the afternoon, the Festivithés theater company (Montague) will offer tastings of scripted blind wines.

A first sip on Saturday evening

Finally to end this evening, the Rennais of the Hawaiian pistoleros will offer a repertoire mixing western and Hawaiian music, an improbable mix of genres, but which gives delicious flavors (6:30 p.m.).

This wine and ceramists fair will be preceded by an opening evening Saturday May 14. It will start at 6 p.m. under Les Halles, with the opening of the exhibition of drawings around wines at the library Invisible Cities. Works by Antoine Héry and Brice Poil, two professional artists from Nantes. This will be before the screening of the documentary Wine Calling at 9 p.m., on a giant screen under the Halles, in the presence of director Bruno Sauvard.

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Released in 2018it illustrates the philosophy of natural wines, a bit rock’n roll (the title referring to the piece of clash London Calling). A transition for the next day.

Natural Wine Fair, Bribes, Sunday May 15 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., under the Halles. FREE ENTRANCE. Tasting (5 euros). 28 winegrowers, 7 ceramists. Music, videos, theatre, entertainment all day. Inauguration evening on Saturday May 14 with exhibition (from 6 p.m.) and screening of the documentary Wine Calling (at 9 p.m.) in the presence of the director (free entry, bring your chair and plaid).

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