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how the ‘quirky’ star split the armor in front of the world

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stéphanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is a woman of character who has brilliantly established herself on the music scene, with an extraordinary sense of showmanship and staging by dressing, by example with a dress made of meat or arriving in an Easter egg on stage.

“In concrete terms, it’s probably the star that we saw land in an enormous way in the 2000s. We didn’t expect it, we were convinced that after Beyoncé, there would never be a star again. of that level. And there she came and she redefined the way to be a pop artist in the 2000s“, says Romain Burrel, former editorial director of Stubbornjournalist at Inrocks and to Number in Flavie Flament’s summer podcast, These women who said “no”.

“The looks of Lady Gaga, it was 25 photos a day where she was not wearing the same outfits, it was necessary to follow. And she had understood that precisely, with social networks, we were going to enter a new temporality. So she said, ‘I want to be an artist of that time. But once you’ve been everyone, who are you ? What do you have left? “And at some point, you may have to take a little slap or two,” continues Romain Burrel.

After “Artpop”, Lady Gaga will “drop the makeup”

This slap that Romain Burrel talks about, Lady Gaga will have it in 2013 with her album artpop, “which has been somewhat misunderstood”. “It’s an album that I love and I know that the fans who will probably listen to us also love it a lot, but it’s not going to do enough according to its record company. We’ll say it’s a commercial slap and she’s going to question herself and she’s going to drop the makeup a bit. She will look for herself and it’s difficult when you’ve built yourself up so quickly”, continues Romain Burrel.

“Artists now who exceed the third, the fourth album who remain at the top, they are rare and they are rare. And Lady Gaga, precisely, he is one of the few artists who really left his mark on it, but also who recovered, I would like to say, in his own way tell his own story, analyzes the journalist Inrocks.

This is how Lady Gaga, against the advice of some telling her not to make movies, brilliantly embarked on the career of actress. The public discovers her without make-up and extremely touching and brilliant in A Star is Born, by Bradley Cooper. His song, Shallowwill win, among other things, the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2019. “She took power in an environment that could have devoured her,” adds Flavie Flament.

She had the courage to speak out about her mental health

In 2014, Lady Gaga revealed that she had been raped at 19 by a producer and has since suffered from post-traumatic stress. She was a victim of school harassment, she opened up about her eating disorders. “She’s a free woman because she’s a woman first and foremost. self-made, who had a hard time (…) with a desire pegged to the body which is that of being an artist. (…) In any case, one thing was certain, it is that Lady Gaga was very early Lady Gaga, I think, in his head, even before having found his name”, develops Romain Burrel.

In 2020, with his album Chromatica, Lady Gaga looks back on the dark periods of her life and the assaults she suffered. “Speaking up about your mental health and talking about it openly could have been seen as a kind of admission of weakness a few years ago. She will control the thing saying, ‘I’m going to talk about it. I will say that I have mental health problems, we can talk about it”, explains Romain Burrel.

For Lady Gaga, “‘every American, every American should have this conversation with their children because we have the right not to be well. We are not machines and besides, that’s probably where the most creative aspect of my personality comes from’ (…) and it’s very brave to say it. Breaking armor like this is very, very rare. I think that alone shows how much she has an inner strength that is incredible“, concludes Romain Burrel.

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