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how Lesram asserted himself as a raw talent in French rap

Attitude, rhymes, technique and spontaneity: when rapping, Lesram is disconcerting. Due to the construction of his rich rhymes, his sentences which provoke more than telling images and the phlegm with which he poses his voice, Lesram has established himself as one of the most talented kickers of his generation. But what is certainly the most striking is that his style of writing, his technique and his worked flows were noticed from the beginning of his career, and even today, this spontaneity which is always faithful to him will leave almost believe in an innate talent. So between street stories and love of rhymes, focus on one of the greatest kickers of his generation.

A talent in the nursery

Back to the early 2010s. After the low period of the late 2000s caused by the death of the record, the disappearance of specialized magazines and the gradual arrival of the internet, French rap seems somewhat breathless. With its 5-6 recurring headliners occupying almost the entire exposure of French rap at the time, less famous artists struggled to live off the income of the industry, which seemed to have lost interest in music for good. French rap scene: its golden age seems already behind it. However, the alleys of the capital seem to be gradually reanimated by the passion of young passionate rappers: crowds form in discreet alleys and give way to open mics, freestyles and improvisations that bring together more and more curious people. Strongly influenced by the 90s, some artists like Nekfeu, Alpha Wann, Guizmo, Sneazzy or even Deen Burbigo rap on boom-bap productions, and with a certain freshness and passion.. In the middle of this nebula of artists from the four corners of the Ile de France, a rapper is gradually getting noticed for his writing and his technicality. It is none other than Marcel Valty, better known as Lesram.

From the age of 14, the young artist from Pré-Saint-Gervais is a real enthusiast. His fluency, rhyme construction and attitude are quite striking. But this talent does not come out of nowhere: it was born from the efforts made from an early age in music, a discipline that led him to meet many people.

Aladdin 135, M le Maudit or even PLK: over the years, he naturally evolved in an artistic environment with a passion and passion similar to his own. From now on, the young rookie is part of two important groups of the Parisian scene of the mid-2010s: LTF (for the Tontons Flingueurs) and Panama Bende, two entities of which he will be one of the most important pillars. With 3 LTF projects and two Panama Bende albums, Lesram enjoys some exposure in the French rap scene while standing out with his unique attitude. Wherever he goes, “Marsou” leaves no one indifferent. And his talent will carry him far.

A talent among the greats

After years of youtube freestyle, band tracks and a handful of rare solo singles, a solid expectation has built up around Lesram. His audience has grown over the course of his collaborations, and now he has a solid audience behind him who are firmly waiting for a first solo project. It is therefore in 2020 that Lesram will pass an important milestone. By unveiling a new track clipped on May 7, East-Side 2.0, the rapper seems true to himself while taking on an even more consolidated confidence: his rhymes are hard-hitting, his punchlines always more colorful, and his spontaneity more real than ever. Two days later, he will present his first 7-track project: G-31. With this mixtape, fans who were waiting for a solo Lesram project are served: on the 7 tracks, the artist does not present any featuring, only bangers. And among the tracks unveiled, one will hold special attention from the public: on a Jul-style prod, the rapper from 310 presents Red Dead, a hard-hitting track with elaborate phrases and rhymes that contrast with the joy of the prod.

That’s it, the Lesram machine is launched for good. And it is the same year that the rapper will benefit, in addition to this first project, from a spotlight that many would dream of.

A year after his last album, countless French rap listeners are already waiting for Nekfeu’s return. The artist, who has become an essential monster of the French-speaking scene, benefits from a monumental exhibition, and each release of a piece is experienced for the most part as a notable event. It is therefore on the first part of the Don Dada mixtape, released at the end of 2020, that Alpha Wann, at the helm of the compilation of tracks, will unveil San Andreas: a high-flying featuring bringing together Lesram and Nekfeu on a production with hypnotizing tunes.

The song is very well received by the public and allows him to enjoy a new exposure alongside one of the most listened to rappers in France, which naturally widens his fanbase. In the midst of artists like Kaaris, Freeze Corleone, criminal Kalash or even Deen Burbigo: Lesram has made a name for himself among the big names on the album, and once again, makes an impression with his strong musical identity.

On the strength of this dynamic which seems favorable to him, Lesram continues the pace. With his freestyle series “Wesh Enfoiré”, a name taken from his favorite gimmick, the artist unveils from the start of the 2021 school year a slew of songs with clips and a striking identity. Faithful to himself, Lesram keeps this strength of writing and narration that characterizes him to attract even more attention. Because he is preparing a big blow: his first project, Wesh Enfoiré, is in imminent arrival.

So on April 1st, Lesram unveiled a completely new 10 titles. More elaborate, more meticulous and more precise: Lesram’s music has also grown along with its author, in better shape than ever. With the support of two of his lifelong companions, Alpha Wann and PLK, the 10-track project stands out from his previous mixtape by its general color: the atmosphere is very coherent, and the songs build over time. listens to a global theme faithful to Lesram’s DNA. Between street stories and tales of wandering: Lesram’s pen is also evolving, and takes more time to dwell on the real stories that have made his neighborhood.

In “Wesh enfoiré”, Lesram mixes his influences with a certain balance: inspired by the storytelling of the 90s and current American sounds, the rapper notably offers on the title shared with PLK a hybrid piece halfway between stories of life à la IAM, scratches à la Cut Killer and production with influences from the American West Coast: big round basses, warm guitar chords and pitched voices, the instrumental signed Epon and Speedcross allows all the more to mark the contrast between the influences that make up Lesram’s music. Because the productions are also an important asset of the album: Hologram Lo, Mehsah, BinksBeatz, Matou or even Amine Farsi, all provided a work of goldsmith which leaves Lesram a neat playing field at the height of his phrasing which has become so special.

If from an early age everything suggested a great career ahead of him, fate seems to have written itself as planned. Today, Lesram’s love and passion for rapping, writing and investing has made him one of the most seasoned kickers on the French scene. With his hard-hitting rhymes, unique phrasing, and stories bigger than Warner Bros., Lesram continued to forge his identity with striking verses and gradually established himself as one of the most impressive rappers in the world. Paris and its surroundings. The young rookie is now big, so even if the hardest part seems to be over, the next steps in his musical career will only be more interestings. In any case, we will attend it, and in the front row.

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