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Hip-hop from Elsass, an essential springboard for Alsatian flow

On RBS radio, on Instagram or at parties… Hip-hop from Elsass has been showcasing regional talents in rap, trap and other RnB since 2018. An essential medium for bringing the local scene to life.

Tireless. This Saturday July 16, at the end of the afternoon, Pierre Liermann is not behind the microphone of Radio Bienvenue Strasbourg (RBS). Dressed all in black, cap screwed on the head, the animator is busy at the Wagon Souk for the last evening of the season of the protean media Hip-hop from Elsass. At the end of the courtyard located rue des Remparts around 8 p.m., the founder of the project attends the final adjustments of the sound balance. At his side, the host of the evening Ugo Ayss and two young artists who will perform this evening, Guig’z and Kya.

“I don’t do favouritism. I try to give as neutral an overview as possible. I see myself more as a filter that only lets through projects that are at least professional. Knowing that 95% of local artists are not paid for what they do. »

During the evening at the Wagon souk (document submitted)

Alongside Pierre Liermann, Mulhouse rapper Ugo Ayss plays the evening entertainer after devouring a chicken mafé sold at free price at the Wagon Souk. It is nearly 9 p.m. when the artist from Haut-Rhin announces a first concert by a colleague from 68: Guig’z has come to Strasbourg to present his project “Salut ça rappe”. In an old-fashioned boom bap style, the 28-year-old rapper recounts a life spent between Mexico and Dijon, in a style full of second degree and arrogance. Accompanied by backer (second rapper) Prof Kush and DJ Dee Juli 1, this is his third concert in Alsace. He describes the value of projects like Hip-Hop From Elsass:

“I arrived in Alsace in 2018. I didn’t know anyone. I met Prof Kush and Dj Dee Juli 1 through a wild open mic under a bridge. In Mulhouse, it was the MNE radio station that gave us visibility. And here it is the same. By considering what we do, giving us exposure and hosting parties like this, Hip Hop From Elsass gives us a launching pad. »

Kya at the microphone of the Hip hop from Elsass stage (Photo Takkami / Hip hop from Elsass / doc submitted)

“Giving voice to people in the shadows”

Scheduled after Guig’z, Karla de Cronenbourg, alias Kya, is also playing for the third time in Strasbourg. After a concert at the Pelpass festival and a performance at the Strasbourg african fashion week, the 26-year-old student welcomes the existence of Hip-hop from Elsass: “in Alsace, hip-hop had a hard time spreading out so it This media is great, highlighting artists from Strasbourg to Mulhouse”. A polyglot rapper (between English, Cameroonian and French dialects), Karla got into music thanks to a writing workshop organized by the Cultural and Citizen Artistic Factory (Facc) in the Neuhof district. It was then in the recording studios of the Facc at La Meinau that Kya was able to record his first project, “Evasion stellaire” in March 2022.

At the end of the evening, Vannel at the microphone (Photo Takkami / Hip hop from Elsass / doc submitted)

The last part of the party begins shortly before midnight. “It’s the climax of the evening, when the magic happens,” promised Pierre Liermann. A dozen artists, rappers as rappers, follow one another at the microphone. The relatives of each artist, more or less beginners, are there to support. They then form a compact and motivated crowd, ready to give strength to the buddies who perform.

A season ends tonight for Hip-hop from Elsass but the RBS host intends to continue the project at the start of the school year:

“We will continue to develop events so that people continue to discover rappers near their homes. And we will also continue to give voice to beatmakers, DJs and sound engineers, in general to all those who remain in the shadows. »

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